Workforce optimization software – what is it and why you need it?

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Between movers, assistant movers, storage managers, dispatchers, customer service agents and marketing managers there can be quite a few people helping a moving business run. So, should owners let their workers do their job as they see fit and manage them the old-fashioned way? Or should they utilize modern systems to improve productivity? Well, there is a good reason why many business owners invest in workforce optimization software and why you should consider doing so.

What is workforce optimization software?

As the name suggests, workforce optimization software (WFO) is a digital system that you use to help your workforce run better. Many industries rely on this software to help manage workers in various ways. WFO will help your company run smoothly and likely reduce overall running costs when appropriately used.

A satisfied mover.
If you wish to improve mover productivity, workforce optimization software is a must.

So, does this mean that you only need workforce optimization software to run a moving company? Well, unfortunately, no. While this software will help you manage workers, it won’t do much regarding customer management. For that, you need to get moving company client relationship management software and ideally use it in tandem with WFO software. 

Benefits of using WFO

Let us take a closer look at all the benefits of WFO software. Remember that these benefits come after proper implementation and use of WFO software. So, don’t expect you to see them instantly after installing them. Instead, read up on the benefits and keep them in mind while researching different WFO software. The better you understand what WFO software can bring, the easier it will be to find the suitable one for your company.

Satisfied employees

At first, employees are usually reluctant to learn about new systems. With everything, they have to deal with daily, learning and operating new software seem like a needless bother. But this is only temporary. After a while, all hardworking employees will enjoy the fact that they can rely on WFO software to manage their workload. One of the main reasons for this is that they will know that their hard work is seen and appreciated.

Happy movers and clients taking a photo.
Having satisfied employees usually leads to having happy clients.

It is often the case that some workers are more productive than others. While there is nothing wrong with some workers simply being more productive, it isn’t fair to reward all workers equally. Unfortunately, without a WFO system, you won’t be able to monitor who works hard and who doesn’t.

Productive employees

Keep in mind that WFO software monitors worker performance and provides systems to improve productivity. The better you can monitor what your movers do during a job, the better you can outline where their productivity drops. WFO software can also utilize worker reports. There, they can outline how the job went and where they believe each worker slacked off. The more detailed these reports are, the better you, as the owner, will be able to sieve out poor workers and motivate them to improve.

Reducing human error

Human error is a part of any company. Regardless of how much oversight you and your workers have, there will always be some mistakes that slip through. While you cannot outright eliminate these, you can look to minimize them to a great degree. In this instance, WFO software does come quite handy.

An excellent example of this is when dealing with customer data. Between inputting, copying, and updating customer data, there is a lot of room to make mistakes. While customer care software for movers will centralize this data, reducing some errors, a lot can be misinterpreted or poorly handled. Fortunately, WFO software can help quite a bit in this regard. While it won’t always stop your workers from making mistakes, it will track their work and let you find out when the mistake was made and by whom. This will enable you to quickly check important info and correct mistakes.

Tackling manegerial burnout

If you’ve ever had to manage multiple teams, you’ve likely experienced executive burnout. Even a relatively modest company has tons of data to be processed, prioritized, and updated regularly. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a shock that people who manage workforces must address burnout more often than not. Especially during busy seasons like summer and autumn. Here is where WFO software comes in handy. Once your managers learn how to use it, it will become an invaluable tool. With it, they can do their job more efficiently and automate significant parts of worker oversight.

A satisifed manager, showing the result of workforce optimization software.
The less data your managers have to tackle, the better.

Try, test, and decide

You’d be wise to at least give workforce optimization software a try. There are free options out there that can give you an idea of what more expensive; specialized WFO can do for you. From developing weekly schedules and agendas to constructing long-term plans for business development. WFO will improve your workforce and allow you to function better. You will gain valuable business data that you can later use to make intelligent business decisions. Keep in mind that a WFO will also lower the running costs of your business. By overseeing all the upcoming projects, you can optimize where your workers are and when they tackle each project.

Finally, we would again advise using WFO in tandem with CRM.  While they tackle different aspects of a moving company, both are necessary to help it function well. WFO will help your workers organize their efforts and increase productivity. While CRM will help with moving company leads management and overall customer satisfaction. Once you combine them, you will ensure that both your workforce and your customers are satisfied and that errors and oversight are minimized.



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