Ecommerce has substantially grown during 2020 and 2021, mostly due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Companies are realizing how important eCommerce really is, and they are focusing on improving this element as much as possible. Some businesses are even transferring all of their sales to eCommerce, to reduce additional expenses. Let’s see the importance of CRM for eCommerce businesses, and answer the most obvious question – does it help?

Understand the possibilities of CRM for eCommerce businesses

As soon as you implement CRM software, you will understand how many amazing features it has. The first thing you need to do is to explore different types of data in your CRM and how to use them. Thanks to this data, you will be able to grow your eCommerce business fast.

The elements of CRM for eCommerce businesses we are going to cover today are:

  • the importance of customer segmentation and customer demographics;
  • access to client information;
  • understanding of supply and demand;
  • the benefit of analyzing payment types;
  • eCommerce automation;
  • better time management;

Once we understand how these features affect your business, it will be easier to see why CRM software is simply a must for any eCommerce business. The benefits of this platform are too good and offer flexibility and customization. Let us analyze them in more detail and learn the best way to use them.

Customer segmentation and demographics

If you are using the internet or social media, you probably noticed how the banners you see on websites are showing advertisements about the products or you are looking for. That does not surprise, since various apps have the ability to collect data about your internet research and use that to analyze and determine your needs as a customer.

Two girls looking at a store window, representing consumer demand.
Customer demographics will help you to determine targeted groups and segment your customers by different factors, resulting in a more unique experience.

CRM software helps you to create customer profiles, collect that specific data, and use it for various CRM reports you need to create and monitor. As a result, you get to research customer demographics and segment your clients into different groups, based on their age, interests, sex, and many other factors.

Customer segmentation further allows you to make improvements on the eCommerce platform that will reflect the needs of your clients.

Access to client information

Probably one of the most useful elements of CRM for eCommerce businesses is that it allows you to keep all of the customer data on a single platform. This makes access to client information significantly easier.

Let us just look at retail for a moment. It might come as a surprise, but the sales agents usually spend only around 10%-11% on actually selling products to clients. The rest of their time they spend on collecting customer data, doing analysis, and looking for the best approach to sell.

A person working from home, symbolizing the ease of access for customer information provided by the CRM platform.
Easy access to customer information is the reason why CRM is the best tool for building teamwork and managing customer data.

With the help of CRM, you are introducing a shortcut that will do the research for you, and provide easy access to the results. Your marketing team and the website developers have the same information. Consequently, they can work together to create a unique eCommerce experience for your clients, and boost sales efficiency.

Understanding of supply and demand

By analyzing sales on your eCommerce platform, you know what products or groups of products people buy the most. When you feed that data into the CRM database, you can form a full picture of the demands of your clients. Furthermore, you automatically know how to monitor the supply in your warehouse facilities.

By tracking the supply and demand, you are making sure that the flow of work remains consistent. You can instantly know if there is a change in customer demand, or if there is a shortage of products that are being sold the most, and you need to re-stock.

Payment type analysis

Since eCommerce shopping is such a popular option, there are multiple payment options. People can use credit cards, specialized internet cards for eCommerce purchases, platforms like PayPal or Payoneer, and many other options. Furthermore, eCommerce websites also have their own payment systems, electronic wallets, shopping with customer loyalty points, various voucher discounts, etc.

A person holding a credit card and looking at an eCommerce website on a laptop.
Flexible payment options are the reason why eCommerce is so popular. By tracking them with the help of CRM, you get to understand how customers spend their money.

All payments feed directly into the CRM, and you can use that information to analyze what payment type is the most popular. That way you can decide whether to focus all your efforts on the most efficient payment channels or maybe try to focus on other options as well.

You have a lot of flexibility to customize the experience and make it unique for every individual customer.

CRM helps you to achieve eCommerce automation

It is pretty clear that CRM streamlines business operations. With it, you can automate eCommerce processes and sales with ease. As a result, you get to manage your time more efficiently. Furthermore, you reduce redundant operations and free up some time for your employees.

That allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. There is no need to worry about technical details.

CRM software is the key for growing eCommerce in the years to come

There is no need to outline the importance of eCommerce sales. The future brings many changes in how businesses operate. Companies will have to shift their day-to-day processes and adapt to the changes caused by the pandemic.

Word "future" written on a cracked, gray, concrete-looking surface, symbolizing the importance of CRM for eCommerce businesses.
CRM software is the key to growing eCommerce businesses in the future.

CRM for eCommerce businesses is the key to survival. Its fantastic options provide space for growth and expansion. Furthermore, it is a fantastic tool that will increase customer conversion and improve the quality of your products. It is an investment worth making! With that in mind, do not waste time thinking about it, and find a solution with the support of MoversTech today!

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