Streamline Dispatch

Dispatch with Precision and Ensure Everyone Is on the Same Page

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Plan Efficiently.
Execute Flawlessly.


Easily track, manage, and assign movers and trucks for optimal utilization.


Assign resources to jobs with ease through a dedicated operations calendar.


Keep your crew updated with automatic notifications about job assignments and changes.


Allow movers to check jobs and details on the go with the built-in Crew Access App.

Coordinate your team
in real-time

Monitor your resources, create pre-made teams, and assign resources to jobs through our customizable crm dispatch software.

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Eliminate unnecessary
back-and-forth with
Crew Access

Let movers check their upcoming jobs and access all necessary details from their phones in just a few clicks.

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Keep your team

Keep your team
informed with
automatic notifications

Ensure movers and crew members are instantly aware of their assignments, moving dispatch changes, or updates.

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Transform the
way you plan with

Reshape your planning approach with full visibility of your movers and trucks and stay informed and efficient no matter where your team is.

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Manage Your Moving Business
More Efficiently

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Frequently Asked

How can my moving company benefit from CRM?


Centralized customer database, appointment scheduling and dispatch, inventory management, reporting, and analytics.

Can I use MoversTech on the go?


MoversTech is a cloud-based moving company CRM software that can be used on any computer or mobile device that has access to the Internet.

Do I need a lot of training to use the CRM?


MoversTech offers a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and lots of customizability. The software is designed to minimize the learning curve, but some initial training might be required. Our dedicated customer support team is at your disposal for any help or questions throughout the onboarding process.

Can MoversTech be customized for our company's needs?


There's a lot of flexibility with MoversTech, allowing you to tailor the moving CRM software to your needs. Starting from custom fields and moving through stages all the way to reporting capabilities.

Will the CRM help with customer communication?


Our platform will help you streamline customer comms and track all emails, phone calls, claims, and other interactions. We can help improve service quality by setting up automatic follow-ups and notifications through email and SMS.

Does the CRM integrate with other platforms/software?


Absolutely! We can integrate with most other systems commonly used in the moving industry, allowing you to establish a seamless data flow

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