The beginning of the year is the perfect time to summarize your business success from the previous year and prepare for some innovations. That does not necessarily have to be a complete change but rather a slight improvement. As a reliable moving company, you probably use email CRM for movers, which can benefit your business in many ways — from saving you time to ensuring your customers don’t miss out on anything. Therefore, knowing how to use email to improve your moving business and communication with your clients is important. If you want to know how to do it this year and email marketing trends for 2023, keep reading.

Why is it important to use email marketing?

With the popularization of other digital networks, it may seem that marketing via email is somewhat outdated. That assumption is entirely wrong. Email is still one of the most important means of marketing, and it is exceptionally efficient when you use CRM email marketing for movers. With the numerous features and benefits a CRM can provide, you can get automated help in your marketing efforts. By combining email marketing with CRM, you obtain a more accessible way for your business to grow. Of course, all of this means that you must keep improving your email marketing and be familiar with the trends.

Email written on gray surface
Use personalized emails to grow your business

Some of the trends that are going to be essential and that can quickly help your moving business grow include:

  • Personalization of the email
  • Making the emails interactive
  • Using games
  • Adding user-generated content
  • Paying attention to data protection

Personalization is one of the crucial email marketing trends in 2023

It is no secret that people tend to pay more attention to everything when they are addressed directly. The same goes for email personalization. This trend has been used for quite some time, but it will still be number one in 2023. Data collected from various questionnaires show that people are more likely to buy a product when they get a personalized email. Otherwise, they don’t even read the emails. Of course, sending customized emails doesn’t only mean addressing a person by their name. Instead, you should be able to send them emails based on their age, gender, location, and the things they prefer. Thanks to CRM email usage, you will have access to this information.

How can you make the most of personalized emails?

Instead of only writing the customer’s name as a greeting, use it a few more times throughout the message. That way they will know it’s written for them. Also, track the time and see when they engage the most so that you can precisely automatize emails to be sent at that time. Whenever you have a discount or an offer they have previously used or asked for, let them know. After all, CRM with email automation for moving company is a powerful weapon for personalization, and this is one of the best ways to use it.

A person using their computer and reading about email marketing trends for 2023
Email marketing trends for 2023 will help you engage more clients

Making the emails interactive is also one of the 2023 marketing trends

Whenever a customer clicks on and opens an email, that increases the chances of your moving company being hired. Research by Litmus shows that more emails opened means up to 8 times greater earnings. There is no better way to make your clients open an email than to send an interactive one.

This is especially useful if you want the customers to rate your company or participate in one of your surveys. Add star ratings, interesting questionnaires, and videos of your new offers. This is the best way to get feedback while at the same time, your clients get a useful offer or information, but interestingly.

Make games

One marketing trend closely related to making interactive emails is making different catchy games that will increase customer engagement. Not only will they engage, but they can have some benefits while you make your company grow. It is a win-win situation. Some games you can create and use are scratch cards or spinning wheels. You can add discounts on a particular moving service or lower overall costs for the winners. You can even make a competition at the end of the year where those who participated during the year can win a free or 50% discount to move. Again, CRM email integration for movers plays a key role in making the usage of this trend possible.

Add user-generated content

One of the email marketing trends includes user-generated content. It is no secret that clients look for recommendations from other customers and read moving reviews before hiring a company. You can make that step easier for them and make the company have benefited from it by adding texts, videos, photos, etc. by other users who are satisfied with your service.

Pay attention to data protection

You must use clients’ personal information to personalize your customers’ experience and send effective emails. The good news is that they are almost always willing to share their location, preferences, and basic information. On the other hand, you must be very careful when using your clients’ data because they must follow the California Consumer Privacy Act, first and foremost. Make sure you know the law and make your clients feel safe when sharing personal information.

A woman smiling and reading emails
People love interactive emails

Don’t hesitate to use email marketing

Even though sending emails to make your company grow may seem obsolete, you have seen after reading this post that it is not the case. Email marketing trends are something you should follow to improve your business. Use all the digital resources you have, implement them in your emails, and you will see the development of your business soon.


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