Customer satisfaction is the defining factor of how successful a business will be. With every passing year, the bar is only getting higher and higher, and companies need to find a more efficient way to satisfy the needs of their clients. Moving companies across the United States are facing the changes caused by the COVID-19, and they need to go the extra mile and secure the safety of both employees and customers. Luckily, this guide to measuring customer satisfaction has everything you will ever need. Let’s jump right into it and see how to know if the level of your service is high enough!

From an unsatisfied customer to a closed business

The reality is harsh, but over 85% of the people will change companies after one bad experience. That costs businesses a lot of money, and there is no room for mistakes. Do a reality check on your own business and look at it from an angle of a customer. Is there any room for improvement?

Two hands passing a wooden smiley face token.
Customer feedback is crucial for improving the business.

If you are unsure if any of the services need tweaking, it is crucial to measure customer satisfaction and find out where you stand. Otherwise, you are risking a situation where the loss of customers and lower ROI may make you close your business for good. This guide to measuring customer satisfaction will help you to avoid that situation.

Here is a little checklist to follow:

  • Know your goals and define a plan accordingly;
  • Research different types of customer satisfaction surveys, pick the most efficient one, and customize it to meet the needs of your company;
  • Think about how and when to approach your clients and trigger the survey;
  • Analyze the results;
  • Repeat the process after some time;

Using software to measure customer satisfaction is a good approach

This guide to measuring customer satisfaction would not be complete without mentioning the importance of using the right moving leads software. Technology plays a crucial role in this process. A CRM platform is the right tool to use, since it allows you to create customer profiles, document everything, and do thorough analysis and complex reports that will help you to analyze the results of your surveys.

How to define goals and plan a customer satisfaction survey?

Before you start doing any campaign, ask yourself, why am I doing this? What is the purpose of the project? Everything we do with our business requires money, time, and effort. If collecting data about your customers has no end purpose, it is better not to do it at all. You will only end up spending your fundings and wasting energy on projects that have no goal.

Depending on your industry and business, you might have an array of different goals. However, when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction, the only important question to answer is, what are you prepared to do if a customer is not satisfied with a segment of your business? That’s the goal you need to define.

Creating the perfect survey for measuring customer satisfaction

Person ranking service on laptop with stars icon.
Measuring the level of service by giving a grade from 1 to 5 is very common.

When you start researching different ways of measuring customer satisfaction, you will discover that there are multiple customer satisfaction survey types at your disposal. To save you some time, we have narrowed down the choice to our top picks.

  • The Customer Satisfaction Score or CSAT survey is a way to measure customer satisfaction on a scale from the lowest to the highest grade. It usually asks customers to rate the level of satisfaction from 1 to 3, 1 to 5, or 1 to 7.
  • The Customer Effort Score (CES) is very similar to CSAT, but it has one huge difference. It measures how easy it is to use the service. It happens often that customers are satisfied with the product, but the complexity of it makes it hard to use.
  • The Net Promoter Score survey (NPS) is used to ask customers if they would recommend your business to a friend or not.

Furthermore, you can do surveys before releasing a new product to see how your customers feel about it. Also, there are post-purchase surveys that measure the level of overall satifaction with the purchase process.

When you understand all of these different types, you can easily customize your survey to meet the needs of the business. Focus on unique questions that specifically target your customers and the services your company offers.

Timing your surveys

Woman in car being interviews to give her customer feedback.
When measuring customer satisfaction, timing is crucial. You don’t want to spam your clients every day with different surveys.

Remember that companies constantly bombard customers with surveys. You need to time them correctly to avoid creating a feeling of spam. Do not be pushy, give your customers some time to process information. Set up one survey approximately seven days after they subscribe or purchase your product. Then, send another one about a month later to see if they are still satisfied with the product. Finally, you can create a schedule for every 3 months to trigger the next survey and make sure your clients are still satisfied with the product.

Just remember that the first survey should happen quickly after the purchase because customers forget how they felt if you let them wait for too long.

Analyzing the results and tweaking your services

We spoke at the beginning about having a plan and using CRM software as a tool for measuring customer satisfaction. This is where all of those strategies come together. Once you have your survey results, use MoversTech CRM for movers to feed the data into the system. The reporting and analytics tools will help you to get the results and see what services need improvement. Now is the time to put your plan into motion, and correct anything your customers are not satisfied with. Remember that this is a process that requires repetition. It is not something you do once and that’s it. Customers change all the time, and your business must change with them. Otherwise, they will look for a different vendor.

Guide to measuring customer satisfaction explained!

If there is one takeaway for today, that is to be patient and thorough. Every customers’ opinion counts, so do not dismiss any of them. The success of your company depends on measuring customer satisfaction and implementing changes when needed.

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