When you consider everyday technological advancements and innovations, tasks such as keeping track of your daily activities become basic. By investing in and installing the proper moving company CRM software, you can ensure that your moving business is always on schedule. It simply becomes a matter of how best to ensure that. In this article, we explore the best ways to implement CRM into your daily business routine as well as the six fundamental integrations that will help you keep track of your daily schedule with CRM.

Top 5 practices to keep track of your daily schedule with CRM

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Learn how to keep track of your daily routines with CRM.

You need to think about your moving company CRM as a business partner. By combining your experience and its capabilities, you can manage and maintain a successful business together. Whether we’re discussing keeping track of meetings with clients, internal communication between different departments, the ability to work on your website simultaneously…it can all become much simpler to handle with the implementation of CRM solutions.

CRM systems are put in place to help you keep all this part of your daily activities. And so, here are some of the best practices to consider when implementing CRM into your everyday activities and procedures:

Adding new contacts

By ensuring that your list of contacts is constantly up to date, you can maintain a strong engagement rate with quality leads. With CRM solutions in place, you can update your contact list daily, making it easier to keep track of all potential leads, current leads, past and present customers, etc. To keep track of your daily schedule with CRM, you need to make it a habit to sift through your list of contacts daily, adding new ones while updating old ones with new information.

Make your CRM accessible on your mobile phone

It can be difficult to have 24/7 access to your daily activities when you are on the road. And with the right CRM software in place, you don’t have to worry about that. You can access your dashboard through other mobile devices so long as you have the login information. You won’t need to risk losing clients or missing deadlines because you will have your office on the road with you. If you want to keep track of your daily routines with CRM, simply access it through any device or operating system. Some CRM platforms can even sync with your Google account, making it even easier to log into.

Update listings

Tracking and updating your business listings on a daily basis can be much simpler with the use of CRM software. Not only can you keep a record of all your listings but you can also publish new listings through the dashboard your CRM system provides. You can rely on your CRM to help you stay current on your listings and those of your business.

Document all your activities

One of the best ways to stay on top of things still resides in the most basic of tasks – taking notes. Whether you are meeting with clients, talking to customers over the phone, or communicating with business partners and suppliers over email – it all comes down to documenting it. By doing so, you can keep track of all your ongoing activities and daily routines. By using your CRM system to do so, you can remain organized, knowing that all your conversations and communication with others is located in one place.

Integrate your CRM

Businesses rely on the use of CRMs to help them boost their overall performance, making day-to-day operations more productive and better organized. By integrating your moving company CRM with platforms and apps that are commonly used in the moving industry, you can maintain daily activities through a variety of channels and networks. Whether we are discussing mobile phones, analytics, scheduling apps, quote estimate calculators, MailChimp…CRM helps you keep track of your daily schedule on all of it.

Six CRM integrations that will help you keep track of your daily routines

CRM integrations
There are six CRM integrations that can help your daily productivity.

To touch more on the last of the practices, integration of your CRM with other software can boost productivity and your work routine on a regular basis. So, here are some of the essential integration you should focus your CRM on for additional results:

#1: WordPress

By improving your moving company website with the right software solutions, you can automate the lead generation process, boosting revenue in the process. The way this feature applies is that you gain the ability to create customizable forms on each of your landing pages, helping you collect data on a regular basis and to measure the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

#2: Google Drive

Having the option to store files in the cloud can help safeguard your daily plans and activities. By integrating your CRM with Google Drive, you will be able to store all types of files while transferring data at a more impressive rate. Whether you want to share files with your staff online or offline, integrating your CRM with Google Drive can help you do that. And in doing so, you are far less at risk of misplacing or losing permanent access to relevant documents and spreadsheets.

#3: Google Calendar

Using your calendar to mark events and activities is an important aspect of any niche, especially one that involves providing services to others. That is why it is so important to always maintain a clear insight into your business calendar. By integrating your CRM with your calendar, you can keep track of your daily schedule at all times. Additionally, you can improve your planning and coordinating abilities without having to go through multiple apps and schedulers. This integration is a great solution for any business struggling with the everyday organization of schedules and timesheets.

#4: Google Contacts

As we explained earlier, the update of your contact list can contribute to better day-to-day communication with your leads, prospects, and customers. Your CRM ends up saving you time, manpower, and money by taking over the grunt work of managing all your contacts and automating the entire process, making it both time-efficient and cost-effective. This ultimately leads to greater productivity in teams and more regular achievements.

#5: Financials & Card Processing

Having a good ability to track the financial aspects of your business is another daily routine that you can simplify with the implementation of CRM solutions. One of the fundamental advantages of this integration is that it includes features such as:

  • Gaining insight into customer purchase history
  • The flexibility to send invoices from any device
  • Offering a clear line of communication with staff and your accountant
  • Making future predictions based on demands and purchase history
  • Tracking expenses and invoices from all devices
  • Access to bill management tools
  • Creating and sending quotes and payment reminders

#6: Sales Pipeline

Having all your sales-related communication in one place can ensure a smooth and informed process of converting leads into customers. It offers you the chance to store and organize all your email communication with leads and prospects from the point of generating them to the point of them becoming clients, and every step of the way after that. With this feature, you are able to organize your sales department, recognize potential obstacles, and improve productivity on a regular basis.

Start boosting your daily routine and productivity today

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Make your everyday routines simpler and more efficient with the use of CRM integrations.

The coordination practices and integrations that you can get from CRM software can provide you a clear path to taking your everyday functionality to the next level. And it all comes down to the ability to keep track of your daily schedule with CRM. Whether you are looking to manage personal or customer data, analyze buying habits of consumers, improve your internal communication process, automate daily tasks, boost sales, or strengthen your marketing activities – CRM integrations can help you get there.

  • Start your moving business on a path that will help it increase productivity by contacting MoversTech today and signing up for our CRM plans.

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