With more than half of today’s internet traffic originating from mobile devices, it is clear how essential it is for businesses to adapt. In order to establish their online presence and authority, grow brand awareness, stay ahead of the competition, etc. – companies need to adapt. Whether you are looking to boost sales, save time and resources, improve long-term relationships with customers, or simply have a better grasp of your marketing processes, CRM is one of the finer solutions. And when it comes to such a solution, MoversTech CRM for moving companies is definitely the way to go. Today, we explore some of the primary reasons why moving companies benefit from a mobile CRM strategy.

What is Mobile CRM?

  • Mobile Customer Relationship Management is a CRM tool that enables your employees to access the platform from mobile devices.

This is a software solution for moving companies that allow employees to gain access to relevant customer data outside their office space through a mobile CRM app or a web-based browser with cloud CRM. It is a way for your team to save time and resources while out on the field. Therefore, it can be very important for service-oriented businesses.

What is the role of Mobile CRM in the digitization of businesses?

The reasoning behind this concept lies in the very first sentence of this article. More and more people are using mobile devices for their online needs. Whether you are a customer, employee, or business owner – having the option to access all the data you need via smartphones or tablets has become a necessity. Some might consider this a spoiled notion, but it is a simple matter of technological advancement.

The world is changing and so we change with it. We embrace the modern and fast-paced way of life. Not only do we embrace it, but we desire it. And so, as wireless networking enables an increasing number of people to work and shop from anywhere, it is the use of Mobile CRM and other tools that offers a strong connection between a business and its customers. Convenience, efficiency, and a positive user experience – all are traits that should describe a Mobile CRM solution.

12 ways how moving companies benefit from a mobile CRM strategy

Omni-channel tech
Discover another way how your moving business can prosper from the use of mobile technology.

#1. Get real-time solutions

Time has become a currency in society today. Customers expect time-efficient solutions to their problems and demands. And to provide them with that, your staff needs the right tools for the job. With the use of a mobile CRM strategy, you will be able to keep up with all the demands of your customers without losing additional time or resources on:

  • Moving quotes;
  • Planning and coordination;
  • Insurance policies;
  • Schedule changes;
  • Additional costs;
  • Customer reviews;
  • Claims, etc.

And when you can offer up instant solutions in a timely fashion for such scenarios, you gain the ability to build long-term relationships with customers.

#2. Boost sales

  • Studies show that over 60% of companies that implement mobile CRM strategies meet their sales quotas.

How is this possible? Simple – by providing your sales reps with instant data access, you save them the time of having to go through the data. The time they save is the time they can then use to interact more with customers. By spending more time interacting and less time having to prepare, your sales team nurtures long-term relationships with potential and existing customers. All this results in more sales your business can put in the box at the end of the day.

#3. Improve the productivity of your moving company

By giving your sales team wireless access to customer data, they are able to reach out and close deals without everyday delays such as traffic, lunch breaks, commuting, etc. Salesmen and marketers always tend to put a lot of their success on timing the approach they have just right. And the way moving companies benefit from a mobile CRM strategy is through the ability to exploit perfect timing.

#4. Energize your conversion rates

We already explained how your sales team becomes more productive and delivers better results through the use of mobile CRM. A higher conversion rate for your business is a logical outcome of those conditions.

  • Your team creates reports on the spot, in real-time.
  • You can record all interactions with customers and add them to your database instantly.
  • Scheduling appointments with customers becomes a much faster process.

And when you put all this together, it becomes much harder to drop the ball, thereby leading to a touchdown in terms of conversions.

#5. Better time management

You can’t hope to boost productivity without grasping a firm grip on your time management capabilities. And moving companies benefit from a mobile CRM strategy in terms of the ability to manage time. By having access to all devices without spatial limitations, your employees are able to maintain better control of their time. And by not having to waste additional time when looking for relevant data about moving jobs, customers, history of services, etc. – they can focus on other important actions instead.

#6. Maintain a strong presence among competitors

You will not be the first moving company that has adopted the use of a mobile CRM solution. But that doesn’t mean that you should be the last. Competition is harsh in any modern industry. And if you want your business to survive, you need to follow trends and invest in the improvement of your moving business. The longer you wait to make your move, the higher the chances are that you will lose out on a lot of leads and moving jobs in the process.

#7. Better internal communication

You can’t hope to run a successful business without a perfectly synchronized team to spin the wheels. All parts of the machinery that is your moving company are important and vital to long-term growth. And with the use of mobile CRM, you can establish a strong communication channel between different departments without your company. Your employees will lose less time having to get in the same room with each other to communicate certain information.

Additionally, you will lower the chances of human error such as neglecting to communicate certain details that might prove crucial later on. All this leads to better internal collaboration and teamwork.

#8. Better results from your marketing campaigns

Going mobile with your CRM goes hand-in-hand with the need to have responsive digital marketing solutions for your moving business. In fact, the role of a CRM system can be detrimental to such efforts. We spoke previously of the benefits of CRMs in digital marketing. An essential part of creating engaging campaigns that will generate leads lies in the ability to deliver those campaigns to personal devices. A mobile customer relationship management strategy can help your moving business accomplish that and much more:

  • Close deals more efficiently.
  • Generate better data access for customers and employees.
  • Get instant feedback from customers.
  • Improve customer experience, etc.

#9. Share and streamline information

Why bother with dozens of different sources when it comes to the information that you store when you have a centralized system. Moving companies can benefit from a mobile CRM strategy by eliminating the need for utilizing multiple apps to share and inspect documents. This offers more flexibility for your employees, resulting in a more effective way to streamline important information.

#10. Manage projects hands-on

A lot of people today complain about the inability to handle multiple tasks when using mobile devices. The introduction of a mobile CRM system provides mobile users with the ability to multitask without having to visit the office. Instead, you can use cloud-based sharing and file storage to collect and save all business-related data on the spot.

This shared database will give you the ability to analyze, review, and use any documents you need – all with a single mobile application. And that is exactly the hands-on approach that can give you the shortcuts you need to boost productivity. Whether you want to manage multiple projects, allocate resources, or coordinate calendars, you will be able to do so no matter the circumstances.

#11. Make informed decisions

With the use of mobile CRM solutions, you can maintain a deeper and wider control of the data you collect. We’ve already explored the many ways this reflects your business in terms of productivity, conversion rates, marketing, teamwork, etc. However, the fundamental benefit here is found in the simple matter that you can access all the data you need via your mobile phone. And this can result in making better business decisions based on more personalized relations with employees and customers.

#12. Helps you put your employees first

Moving companies can benefit from a mobile CRM strategy through the overall satisfaction of their employees. Simply by automating the data entry process and having the ability to create on-demand analytics and reports, your employees will have all the resources they need to operate on a daily basis, no matter where they are. That is why CRM plays such an essential role in the online development of your moving business.

How do your customers benefit from a mobile CRM approach?

Two people looking at their phone.
Customers have just as many benefits from mobile CRM solutions.

The twelve ways in which moving companies thrive from the implementation of mobile CRM solutions can speak volumes to the influence it has on customers as well. After all, there are multiple ways in which customers feel the difference here:

  • A more personalized approach from the company;
  • Less time wasted on having to provide past data;
  • Answering their specific needs with due diligence;
  • Flexible and responsive way of communication;
  • A higher sense of trust and reliability.

Start embracing modern solutions consumers expect from your business

Mobile CRM illustration.
Get a real-time experience of how moving companies benefit from a mobile CRM strategy

With mobile CRM, field service staff, customer service employees, and sales professionals can manage customer relationships effectively from anywhere. Leveraging a mobile CRM strategy can be beneficial for your moving business for all these reasons and many more. Take your chance to create deeper, better, and more positive relationships with its customers. Contact our team today and get more insight about the uses your moving business has from mobile CRM.

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