If you’ve researched online marketing with any due diligence, you’ve probably run into the concept of email marketing. Even we’ve covered it before in order to highlight how useful emails are for modern marketing, and why they still play a major role. But, what we haven’t gone over is how useful it is to have CRM email tracking for movers and the various benefits you can reap from integrating it. So, to help you better tackle your own marketing, we are going to use this article to do just that.

Using emails in modern marketing

Since we’ve already gone over the benefits of CRM email marketing for moving companies, we won’t go into much depth here. To give you the broad strokes, emails play a major role because they have a distinct feel to them. Even though you have various different ways to contact your customers, emails still hold a distinct spot. Namely, they are both personal and professional. A personally written email implies time and effort, which customers always value. And, even to this day, a professional email is still seen as the preferred way of B2B communication. So, overall, you can hardly hope to communicate with your customers in any serious capacity without using emails.

Benefits of using CRM email tracking for movers

A Gmail inbox.
Once you understand the value of emails and their use, you will know why you need to utilize CRM email tracking for movers.

So, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at the benefits of using CRM email tracking. Namely, while we’ve established that personally written emails are useful as a marketing tool, you can hardly expect your CR team to write each and every one of them. Once you adopt an email marketing strategy, you will soon see that a decent amount of your emails will be automated. This is an essential part of CRM email integration for movers, as it frees up your staff to tackle aspects that cannot, or should not be automated. So, to keep track of all those emails and how effective they are, you will need to rely on email tracking.

Increasing email effectiveness

Once you automate your emails, it won’t cost you much to send them. After all, most messages that you send to your customers will be fairly generic. Like asking them to rate your company and thanking them for working with you. But, just because those emails don’t cost much, it doesn’t mean that they are worthless. Some emails will go unread. But others will bring a smile to your customer’s face. Your job is to find out which is which. To reap the benefits of your email marketing campaign you need to make sure that your emails are effective. And the only way to do that is to track them actively. Doing so will outline which contacts are worth pursuing, and which are dead ends.

Ensuring impactful followups

Even a generic email can bring a smile to your customer’s face. But, besides simply bringing a smile, you can use the email for further marketing. A satisfied customer will likely recommend you to their friends and family. And, if they need further moving services, guess who they are going to call. And all of that can be brought on by a single email. As we mentioned, emails are seen as a more personalized message. Therefore, this little touch of personalization can be all you need to put the cherry on top of decent moving service. This, in turn, will ensure stellar reviews and recommendations for your customers.

Understanding your customers

People often make the mistake of thinking that emails are a one-way form of communication. If you use them superficially, then yes, they are a one-way form of communication. But, if you take a more in-depth look and use a bit of email tracking, you will soon use emails to also get information about your customers. Namely, emails, just like any other form of marketing, need to customize to your audience.

Different arrows pointing to audience, showing one of the main uses of CRM email tracking for movers.
In order to be effective, your marketing needs to be tailormade for your audience.

A good email strategy manages to strike the right chord with its target audience to achieve maximum impact. But, creating such a strategy usually entails a bit of trial and error. Namely, you need to try different email formats and different timings for sending your emails. To know whether you’ve devised the right strategy, you ought to track your emails.

Target marketing

A person in professional attire talking on the phone.
Email tracking helps you both build and maintain professional relationships.

This precision in marketing is another reason why emails are so useful and why CRM email tracking for a moving company is essential. After you’ve run your marketing campaign for a while, you will likely find contacts where you should invest more resources. As a moving company, you may find a business that requires regular continual transportation, and that can yield you terrific revenue over a long period of time. But, to find such a company you need to make good use of emails and their versatility. By easily identifying interesting parties you can research them and grow to understand their needs. This, in turn, will allow you to cater your services to their needs, which is a big step towards a long-lasting partnership.

Saving time

The final benefit of CRM email tracking for movers is that it simply saves time. The main difficulty your customer relations team will run into is that they simply don’t have enough time to manage all the customers properly. But, with CRM email tracking, you and prioritize different customers and make sure that no time is wasted. This is one of the major benefits of CRM software for movers in general, as moving companies usually want to have a small, effective customer relations team. So, to give your team the necessary time frame to operate, you really ought to track emails and prioritize your customers in a meaningful way.

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