The increasing competition in the moving industry pushes all the companies to compete for every customer. It becomes more and more challenging to find efficient ways to outsmart other moving companies. One of the ways is to stand out from competitors with software. Let’s see what software apps and tools are best to use to improve your moving business.

Types of software for movers

Using movers software helps you to reduce the workload and provide a better customer experience. However, the array of moving software tools is large. If you have a limited budget, which is often the case, you want to focus only on the tools that will efficiently grow your business in a reasonable period of time. Spending money on everything you see will only make things harder because you will have to handle multiple platforms at the same time.

Businessman holding a lightbulb with AI in the background.
Moving software allows you to take your ideas, and automate them to save time.

With that in mind, moving software that you should focus on includes:

  • customer service software;
  • leads management tools;
  • inventory management;
  • mobile phone app for customers and employees;
  • shipment tracking;
  • education tools for customers;

Let’s go through this list one by one and see how these tools can help you to outshine your competitors.

Customer service software

Customer service software for moving companies plays a crucial role in client communication. The basic features include an IVR machine that helps sort and redirect calls. You can also record them and use the data to improve customer satisfaction.

You can also use IVR to record answers to the most frequent questions and save time for your customer care agents. Have in mind that running a support phone line is now easier than ever. You don’t need actual phones, only a pair of headphones you can plug into the laptop or a PC, and you are set.

Another feature of customer service software is that you can develop a ticketing system in case your customers want to open a request but not use the phone. For example, a client might be wondering what is happening with the shipment of their belongings. They can submit an inquiry via a customer support ticket and get an answer via e-mail or a text message.

Leads management tools

Leads management for movers is another crucial task that is better done with the help of software. Your leads may come from PPC advertising, third-party companies, or organic SEO. There is also word-of-mouth advertising that is usually the most fruitful strategy.

Managing leads manually is a tedious task that requires a ton of time. There is also a lot of room for human error. If you purchase software that will help track, organize, and manage leads, you will increase your conversion and save employee time.

Inventory management software

Illustration of inventory software with warehouse in the background.
Manual inventory management is tedious and prone to errors. Switch to a software version now.

This type of software is more useful for people who own a warehouse. However, there is also a need for inventory management in the moving industry. If you also rent storage units, it would be a good idea to create an inventory of everything stored inside. Furthermore, moving trucks, hoisting equipment, and packing materials also count as your inventory.

You need a system that tells you how many operating vehicles you have, what equipment is currently not available for new customers because it is already in use, and so on.

A mobile app for movers

Your future customers will appreciate a moving app. Imagine adding features like a moving scheduler, shipment tracking, virtual moving estimate, mobile payments, best moving routes, and many other ideas. You can also use that app to help employees pick up and mark tasks when completed, see future assignments, etc.

Another reason why a mobile app is so versatile is that you can integrate it with your website and social media platforms. It offers so many choices. It does cost money to make it just the right, but the overall benefit is worth the effort. Stand out from competitors with software for mobile phones, and give your clients more value for their money.

Shipment tracking

An illustration of the map of the world and a blue truck in the front.
Help your clients to track the delivery of their belongings anywhere in the world.

If you are using your own freight&cargo delivery system, you need tracking software. Not just for customers, but for your sake as well. In case you have a few shipments happening at the same time, you need to know instantly if something goes wrong.

When your clients call to ask about their belongings, you want to have the current situation and the solution in case there is a problem.

Education tools for customers

We already mentioned a mobile app for movers that offers so many options to your clients. If you are running a blog or a database of moving guides, you can offer it to your clients for free. Any time they need a piece of advice or guidance on how to approach a specific moving task, they can turn to your educational software and learn.

This is a good strategy that shows you care about educating your clients, not only making money. You want them to understand how things are done.

CRM – a tool that groups all of your required features

Customer relationship management software is a unique platform that helps track all of your customer communication. Through it, you can create customer profiles, group clients into categories, track leads, collect customer data, do analysis and customized reports, etc. You name it, CRM will deliver.

Best of all is that CRM easily integrates with your website, social media platforms, a mobile app, and it collects data from all sources. If you already have multiple databases for all of the above, there are procedures to quickly migrate to your single platform.

Another reason why you want CRM software is that it makes business automation possible. You can cut redundant tasks, prevent human errors, and save time.

Stand out from competitors with software that will rapidly improve your business

Once you automate your business and add all of these amazing features, your clients will see the difference. The moving industry is changing, and customers are expecting more. Stand out from competitors with software improvements, and you are more likely to endure during this difficult period. You need to become the moving company of the future that everyone wants to work with!

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