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Even though it looks like finding moving leads is an easy task, in reality, it is way harder than it seems. Not that you cannot find leads that easily, but finding quality leads is what matters most. While there are many sources at your disposal, you only want to spend the energy and resources on the most efficient ones. That’s why we want to talk about leads management for movers, and teach you how to organize your moving business and acquire a constant stream of customers.

Why leads management for movers plays a crucial role

Every business needs a lead generation strategy. Without it, you would only be swimming in the dark and hoping for some luck along the way. That’s not a way to run a business, especially when we talk about the moving industry. Your clients are in need of quality service, and they only want the best. That’s why you need to establish a presence in your industry, and help people to find you.

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The one who is at the top of the industry gets the most organic leads.

Today, the most common way people look for services is with the help of the internet. You need to do everything you can to get to the top page on Google and be everyone’s first choice. Again, you don’t want to rely on luck.

Another important aspect of leads management for movers is that a good strategy will slow down or prevent customer churn. When the numbers start to go down, you need a fresh batch of new clients to compensate until you solve the problem.

Where do moving leads come from?

We mentioned how there are many lead sources at your disposal. Let’s see what they are, and how they are different from one another.

Pay-Per-Click leads

PPC leads are good if you have money to invest in this strategy. How it works is that you buy ads through Facebook, Google, Yelp, and similar platforms. While they do bring results, Pay-Per-Click leads can also be a double-edged sword. You need to optimize business ads, track performance, and tweak every little thing on a weekly or even a daily basis. Furthermore, you need to know your math. If you spend more than you get in return, you are only wasting money. That’s why it is crucial to do the initial calculation, come up with a budget, and track performance. If the strategy performs well, you can pour more money into it. If it underperforms, you need to re-evaluate your investment.

Third-Party leads

Third-party leads come from third-party companies that work with many clients. When a client is looking for movers, a third-party company redirects them to multiple moving companies. The competition is fierce, and the percentage of closed deals is only around 3%. Your sales team needs to be quick in their response, and provide complete transparency. That is the only way to stay ahead of the competitors. This approach is good if are looking for a quick job if you are struggling to find work offseason. However, it is a bad long-term strategy, and you should not be relying on third-party companies selling leads to build your business.

Organic leads

Organic leads are the best, but also the most difficult to find. In simple words, an organic lead is when a customer finds you naturally through research. The reason why organic leads are the hardest to acquire is that you are not paying anyone to find you leads. You need to be out there on your own, promoting your business and building visibility for your company. Organic leads are a result of:

  • quality SEO strategy;
  • using software solutions┬áto analyze customer satisfaction;
  • attending seminars and local events;
  • doing networking on social media platforms;
  • being recommended by friends, family, coworkers, or previous customers;

As you can see, lead generation is a complex process. It takes time, energy, and resources to get the job done. If we are to rank these 3 types from best to worst, organic leads take the first place, with PPC leads being second, and third-party leads finishing at the bottom of the list. Since we only want to focus on the best and most rewarding strategy, let’s talk more about how to get organic leads.

Improve your SEO

When it comes to SEO, keyword research is crucial. A good way to improve keywords is to analyze top companies in your area. See what keywords they use, and try to make improved versions of them. Focus on your local neighborhood before growing to other markets.

Vector image of SEO optimization.
Getting SEO right should be your first priority.

When you have a list of keywords, you can start creating content in the form of articles and social media posts. Use the keywords to build a natural SEO structure. Furthermore, work on your on-page optimization. Use short and meaningful URLs, pictures, and videos with all attributes, and link to other areas of your website.

CRM is your best friend

Using moving company CRM software is what keeps you ahead of the competitors. A CRM platform allows you to create customer profiles, do targeted research, and even track and analyze your leads. Growing a company without customer relations management software is virtually impossible today.

Local events are good for promotions

Local SEO is one of the most important elements of leads management for movers. Keep track of any local events and create an advertising campaign. Being present will help you gain visibility and let locals know that you mean business.

Networking on social media platforms gives plenty of online exposure

Person holding a phone with social media icons all around it.
Social media platforms are good at acquiring exposure and organic leads.

Social media is one of the most efficient ways of spreading awareness of your moving business. Furthermore, it is a fantastic tool to advertise a blog. If you grow your social media channels, getting organic leads won’t be a problem.

Word of mouth is the best advertisement

The best way to get organic leads is through recommendations. Satisfied customers will always recommend your business to their friends and family. However, if you don’t provide quality service, that can also be your downfall. With that in mind, always get customer feedback to prevent potential issues with future clients.

Start working on your lead management quality today!

We hope that this ultimate guide to leads management for movers has all the information you will need to grow your business. Remember, the best strategy is the one that gets the best results. You need to experiment and adjust your approach based on customer response. And MoversTech CRM is a solution that can help your moving business do just that. Contact our company today to schedule a demo!

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