Using CRM to help boost your marketing is hardly a new idea. Numerous moving companies rely heavily on their CRM system to tackle email marketing and manage customers. But, what if we told you that you could also use your CRM to help manage your PPC marketing? In this article, we will cover different ways how CRM boosts PPC campaigns and why doing so is well worth the investment.

Ways how CRM boosts PPC campaigns

For those that are new to online marketing, we will give a quick rundown of what PPC stands for. If you are familiar with the concept, feel free to proceed to the next paragraph. There you will learn how a CRM system can aid in your marketing efforts. If you aren’t well-versed in PPC, we strongly suggest that you read up as much as possible, before you invest any serious funds in it. Even relatively basic marketing campaigns can be fairly complex.

A person reading up on marketing and learning how CRM boosts PPC campaigns.
Read up on marketing strategies before you make any serious investments.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is a form of marketing where advertisers (in this case you) pays a fee for each click on their ad. You pay your fee to search engines like Google, where they host your ad. If your ad is well made and presented to the right people, you will soon see a big increase in online traffic. But, if your ad is misleading, or doesn’t show your company in the right light, you won’t get much of out paying for every click. Therefore, it is important to understand the underlying principles of PPC before you invest in it.

Gathering customer info

The first way in which a CRM system can aid you is by giving you a centralized, robust system for gathering customer data. You can hardly replicate data you gather through a CRM system by using other software. This is why a good CRM system is invaluable when it comes to PPC marketing. By knowing what your audience is like you can look too perfect your ads. Furthermore, you can learn how to personalize ads according to customer preferences, and ensure that they are effective.

Proper sorting

You can hardly overestimate the importance of personalization in modern marketing. Whatever type of marketing you are considering, personalization will be a vital part of it. And seeing how much more effective it is than old-school marketing, you can hardly argue otherwise. This is one of the reasons why CRM email marketing for moving companies is so effective. And it is also the reason why it is necessary for you to have a good CRM system, even when it comes to PPC.

A marketing manager trying to segment the customer base.
One of the ways how CRM boosts PPC campaigns is by providing easy segmentation.

A CRM system will allow you to effectively sort your customer base. By doing so, you will know when, how, and with what to engage your customers. Generic marketing content simply has no pull in the modern marketing landscape. After all, people are bombarded with marketing left and right. So, if you want people to find your ads engaging, they need to be personalized. Trying to utilize PPC without personalization will only leave a big hole in your marketing budget, and little results to show for it.

Lead generation

Since you are already considering PPC, you likely know how effective it can be in generating leads. Maintaining and nurturing leads tends to be easier through either emails or social media. This is also why using the right lead tracking software for moving companies is so important. But, even if you solely focus on lead generation through PPC, you will still need a CRM system. With one, you will be able to identify your leads and engage them with the right content. As such, you won’t struggle with lead generation and enjoy a steady stream of customers.

Tracking the effectiveness of your PPC campaign

Important KPIs for marketing.
You cannot improve your PPC if you don’t understand and monitor its KPIs.

A well-made PPC campaign will soon show its results through a notable increase in quality online traffic. But, this is the ideal scenario. If you are new to PPC, you will likely struggle a bit before you find your marketing style. In order to shorten this struggle as much as possible, it is important that you track the performance of your PPC campaign. With a CRM system, you can set up KPIs and see where the issues occur. By doing so, you can identify the right problem at the right time, and address it before it costs you too much. Even if your PPC campaign is successful, we still suggest that you continue CRM monitoring. After all, marketing trends change. And you will need to continually adapt to them if you wish to see results.

Effective re-engagement

Seasonal discounts and special offers are a great way to re-engage your customers. After all, moving services don’t have to be a one-and-done deal, but a repeated need. But, in order to know whether a PPC re-engagement strategy is worth your time, you will need to know your customer base. By knowing who you are dealing with you can identify their moving needs, and predict when they are likely to need them. If you know this, you can easily set up your PPC to make the right offer at the right time. Do this right, and you are bound to see a notable increase in revenue, as well as an increase in your customer base.

Final thoughts

While there are plenty of ways how CRM boosts PPC campaigns it is important to understand that a CRM for packers and movers is a tool. While it can be fairly robust, it won’t magically solve your PPC for you. Therefore, it is paramount that you educate yourself on PPC and that you understand what CRM actually does for you. Only by doing so can you make full use of your CRM and improve your PPC to its highest potential.

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