Email marketing campaigns are still a very popular advertising strategy. Even though we have other, more advanced tools at our disposal now, people are very comfortable with emails. Because of that, it is crucial to take email marketing to the next level. That’s the only way to keep up with other approaches, and still get good results. Today we are going to discuss how to use CRM to boost email marketing campaigns. The unity of these two tools creates many possibilities. Let’s see how and why!

Organize relationships with your clients

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The better you organize customer profiles, the higher the chances are your email marketing campaigns will have a positive result.

If there is one area in which CRM dominates the market of business tools, that is customer data management. Finding effective ways to use customer data has always been, and always will be a crucial aspect of any business. That’s where the secret of success lies.

CRM platform offers standardized templates for customer accounts. With a variety of options at your disposal, you can easily build and manage customer profiles in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, you can optimize every profile to match the unique needs of individual customers. This level of flexibility will supply you with all data you will ever need to build a successful email marketing campaign.

Email marketing campaign automation

Another reason why you should use CRM to boost email marketing campaigns is that it allows you to fully automate all processes. The easy-t0-use interface and flexible features will help you to:

  • store customer data;
  • organize customer contacts;
  • split your customers into different groups based on their interests;
  • schedule times for sending emails in advance;
  • blacklist or whitelist customers if needed;

The sooner you automate your email marketing campaigns, the easier it becomes to manage everything. As an added benefit, you will save time and reduce redundancies for every next time you wish to start a new campaign.

A single platform for all your data

Everyone who had to manage large batches of data at one point in their career knows how tedious and difficult that process is. That is even more true if your data is scattered across multiple platforms.

CRM software uses a single database for all of your data. You can create user profiles and share access with all teams. This approach also makes updating customer profiles with new information easy as a walk in the park. You won’t have to worry about outdated information or even duplicate data. Having clean files about your clients will make the communication easy and straightforward.

CRM helps you to deliver personalized content to your clients

We mentioned earlier how CRM gives you an option to separate your clients into different groups based on their interests. This feature is simply imperative for any marketing campaign. Long gone are the days when companies would send out generic emails, offering the same products in the same way to all of their potential buyers. Today, we know that the buyer persona is different from one person to another. With that in mind, it is safe to say that all of your clients want a personalized approach. While it is hard to send millions of personalized emails, you can at least create different emails based on your targeted groups of customers.

For example, if you are targeting young people from the age of 15 to 20, you need a different approach from the one you will use for people in their 30s. That’s why the CRM feature to split your customers into categories allows you to deliver personalized content to every group. You will notice how the success rate of your campaigns grows the more you use CRM to boost email marketing campaigns.

Track the statistics of email marketing campaigns like never before

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Reporting and analytics of CRM software will help you to measure the success rate of your email campaigns.

Not only that CRM software helps you to boost your email marketing campaigns, but it also allows you to completely analyze everything that happens. It feeds the data back into the system, and you can use advanced reporting features to see how your campaigns are performing. We already mentioned that email marketing exists for a long period of time now. There are many other ways to advertise your business. Some are even more efficient, depending on the type of customers. With that in mind, you cannot afford to finance an email marketing campaign that does not bring you results.

Record customer feedback

If you use the reporting features of CRM to track the success of your campaigns, you will see what customers are positively responding to what campaigns. You can record their feedback as a part of customer profiles, and use that information to improve future campaigns.

CRM is a highly customizable tool

Depending on your needs and the size of your email marketing campaigns, you can set up a CRM platform by using only the features you need. You can customize it to match your needs, and avoid spending money on full features that are only collecting dust. As your company grows and you need more flexibility, you can always transition to a full service CRM solution.

Small business or a large brand, CRM software can help you out

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All companies use emails in everyday communication, both with clients and employees.

CRM software is usually a tool that large companies use to improve client relations, sales, and many other aspects of their business. It is one of the essential tools for brand building. Nevertheless, even small businesses need CRM. If you consider that you can use CRM to boost email marketing campaigns and increase the conversion rate which will result in growing your company, it becomes clear why CRM is useful for everyone. It is an investment in a brighter future for your company. When it comes to improving customer relations, no price is small to pay if you can benefit from it.

That’s why you should use CRM to boost email marketing campaigns

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should use CRM to boost email marketing campaigns. This amazing software will help you to reach out to your clients and advertise your business in the most efficient way. CRM is the future for all marketers, don’t be the last one to find out!

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