We’ll take a guess and say that there’s no need to emphasize the fact that plenty of work goes into a moving business. That’s especially evident once the moving season begins nearing its peak. Think about all the clients & relocations a moving company deals with within that period and you’re hair will turn grey in a matter of minutes. Of course, we’re only kidding. However, one shouldn’t underestimate all that stress. Is there anything an average moving company can do to manage its workflow with greater efficiency? As a matter of fact, there is! In the article you’re about to read, we’ll introduce you to a comprehensive guide to workflow management for movers.

What is workflow management?

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Workflow management is all about optimizing the tasks within your (moving) company.

First things first, it might be good to hear what exactly we mean once we say workflow. Okay, so a workflow represents the sequence of industrial, administrative, or various other processes through which a certain piece of work, a task, goes from the beginning (initiation) to the end (completion). Good.

And what is workflow management? The syntagm workflow management symbolizes the identification, organization, and coordination of a certain group of tasks that need to result in a designated outcome. Here’s the thing: basically, it’s all about optimizing, enhancing, and automating workflows whenever possible in order to boost output, do away with repetition, and decrease the number of errors.

Okay, so now that we’ve got that one covered, it’s time we dive into the main dish. Without further ado, here’s our comprehensive guide to workflow management for movers!

The benefits of workflow management automation for movers

There’s no need to emphasize the fact that in order to better manage the workflow, a moving company has to ask for assistance in the form of workflow automation software. So, what can you automate with a certain piece of software if you’re a moving company? Well, not you literally, but you get the point. Anyway, you can automate data entry & analysis, certain parts of digital marketing for movers, and even – particular forms of customer service.

The main point is to figure out which tasks follow a certain logic and pattern. Once you do that, you can utilize software to handle some parts of the work instead of your employees. It’s all about saving some precious time you’d otherwise spend on repetitive tasks which aren’t anyone’s favorite.

How exactly does workflow automation for movers save you time?

Why’s saving time so important for movers? Well, while certain tasks inside the moving industry aren’t still ready to become automated, having some extra time will mean you’ll have enough space to take on more clients, and eventually – increase your profits. So, yeah, any form of automation (where it’s possible) is more than welcome. For instance, you should consider implementing customer relationship management software for movers. Okay, let’s further elaborate on how workflow automation for movers saves you some valuable time!

#1 Minimal time wasted on menial tasks

We’ll take a guess and say this one’s the most obvious benefit of workflow automation. Anyway, implementing some workflow automation software will save you some good amounts of time simply by decreasing the number of hours your trusty employees need to spend on certain menial tasks that a computer can handle as well.

#2 Better communication between your employees

A black phone.
With workflow automation software, you’ll ensure better communication between your employees.

Here’s the thing: without workflow automation software (such as CRM email integration for movers), you’re relying on your employees to persistently report their work to you. And it’s really not only about saving some time here, this system is a pretty unreliable one. That’s because humans are simply, well, humans, and they tend to forget stuff such as sending an email, or they don’t provide you with all the info you need.

Needless to say, automation removes those issues completely. Each one of your employees, and yourself, can access the identical workflow automation software and keep an eye on what the other parts of the team are doing. All in all: you’ll cut down the most-of-the-time-unnecessary internal communication. Therefore, you’ll greatly decrease the chances of miscommunication.

#3 Automation offers swift and efficient solutions to each problem

Keep in mind that our intention wasn’t to sound like some futurist prophets or anything similar. We’ll consider the age-old fact of human error once again. So, humans tend to do things in a certain manner simply because they’re used to it, out of habit. Even if they encounter a more efficient way to get things done, they sometimes tend to ignore it in favor of their habit. Machines, on the other hand, got no issues with this. Technology will always opt for the quickest, most efficient way to handle a certain task.

#4 Minimal risk of human error

A person holding their head in front of a laptop screen.
Unlike humans, machines aren’t so prone to make mistakes.

We’ll try to be short here. Anyway, even your best employee is sometimes prone to make a mistake, something which computers won’t do. Here’s an example from the industry:

  • Think about the quote calculator you’ve put on your website. What would you say, will it mess up the numbers or ignore the weight of a certain item? That’s right, it won’t! 

The fewer mistakes, the less time it’ll take you to correct them.

#5 Higher productivity

The last thing we’ll mention on this list is productivity. In other words, you’ll want to know that a computer is much faster than folks once we’re talking about repetitive, menial tasks. So, yeah, the automation software you’ll utilize will be more productive than your employees.

Time to implement workflow automation software

As you could’ve read, the software we’ve talked about is absolutely worth the investment, no doubt about it. However, it’s not like you can implement it in a manner of seconds. The first thing you’ll need to do is to figure out which of the tasks you’re able to automate. Now, software can’t help you move furniture, but it might prove very useful by keeping your customer database updated. Also, keep in mind that CRM email tracking for movers is a great automation tool. With it, you’ll reap plenty of benefits you’re able to see by clicking on that link.

Lastly, your employees will have to go through the process of onboarding/retraining. They’ll either have to figure out how to handle the new software you’ve implemented or move onto some different tasks. Whatever the case – they’ll need a new set of responsibilities inside the company. Okay, so with that, we end this piece on workflow management for movers. For more useful information about the inner working of CRM software solutions and how your business can benefit from them, make sure to read some of our other articles or contact our team directly.

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