When moving companies decide to upgrade their customer service they usually opt for either VoIP or CRM. Both these systems bring a notable improvement to the quality of service that the company is able to provide. And the data they are able to manage. But, to get the biggest bang for your buck, we would strongly encourage you to consider VoIP integration with CRM. In this article, we will cover the benefits of integrating the two and why doing so is by far the best option.

Understanding VoIP and CRM

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. What it essentially does is that it replaces your landline service for phone calls with the internet. Once you start using it, you can use the internet to make and receive phone calls from customers. This, as you can imagine, gives you a ton of options. The Internet Protocol allows you to monitor various aspects of phone call data and use it in various ways. And it enables you to monitor your customer service agents, and see if there is any room for improvement.

Computer screens with internet.
When set up properly, VoIP integration with CRM opens up a ton of options.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is one of the best types of customer management software for moving companies as it gives a ton of tools to improve your everyday dealings. By gathering and centralizing customer data, CRM gives moving companies an easy way to keep track of their customers and ensure that all their needs are well met.

Benefits of VoIP integration with CRM

So, on the one hand, we have a piece of software that will ensure that all your calls are treated as internet packages. On the other, we have a system that will effectively manage various types of customer data. What are the benefits of combining the two? Well, as it turns out, proper VoIP integration with CRM will ensure that you have customer service that other moving companies could dream of. Here is how.

A new way to gather customer data

A laptop screen showing data gathered by VoIP integration with CRM.
While you will have to review it from time to time, most of the data gathering is completely automated.

Gathering customer data is the backbone of any successful moving company. In order to manage, engage and properly service your customers, you need to know what they are like. And there is only so much you can learn from face-to-face interactions. Most of your customer data will come by monitoring their behavior while they interact with your company online.

By integrating VoIP with CRM, you will also make their phone calls a part of that data gathering. Certain demographics are more likely than others to use phones to communicate with you. But essentially, most of them will give you a call at some point. And once they do, you’ll be glad that you have an automated system to gather vital info.

Realtime CRM update

The great thing about VoIP and CRM integration is that you don’t have to manually input new data. The system itself will do data input for you. Of course, you ought to review the data once in a while, just to make sure that your system is doing what it’s supposed to. But, for the most part, data input and sorting will be completely automatic. This frees up your customer service agents to tackle more complex issues. They can test different customer engagement strategies and experiment with ongoing trends. By doing so, they will not only improve your customer management but also give you valuable marketing insights.

Personalized approach to customers

The main idea behind CRM and VoIP integration is to have a personalized approach to customers. This means that you’ll be able to avoid generic responses to customer requests and generic marketing content. Instead, you’ll be able to come into the 21st century and introduce proper personalization when dealing with customers. VoIP provides a new layer to segmentation, which will provide a crucial step towards better personalization.

Improving customer management team efficiency

It isn’t always easy to track how effective your customer management team is. Yes, there are certain KPIs you can track. But even with those, you will only get a partial idea of how effective your team is. Fortunately, by being able to track the KPIs of their phone calls, you can see how well your team members actually perform.

A laptop screen showing data gathered by VoIP integration with CRM.
Certain KPIs can be quite helpful in improving the effectiveness of your customer management team.

Keep in mind that besides customer management, CRM is an excellent lead tracking software for moving companies. And the reason for this is that it gives your employees the tools necessary to engage customers in a meaningful way. But, every tool is only as powerful as the person using it. With VoIP, you can monitor the phone calls that your employees make and see whether they are using the CRM benefits to their full extent.


Last but not least, it shouldn’t go without mentioning that marketing can be made far easier by integrating CRM with VoIP. First and foremost, you’ll get all the necessary data for a marketing campaign. Whether you plan on using email marketing, or standard promotional content, you’ll be able to optimize so that your customer base actually finds it interesting. With VoIP data you’ll also be able to track how effective your marketing is, and whether it is reaching the right audience. When it comes to long-term marketing campaigns, it is paramount that you track their effectiveness. And that is precisely what CRM and VoIP integration will provide.

Final thoughts

The final thing to consider about VoIP integration with CRM is that, while it can be quite beneficial, it can also be costly. Therefore, we would advise you to first do ample research and see which system suits your company. There is different CRM software for movers and some may suit your company more than others. Also, don’t shy away from discussing CRM and VoIP integration with the CRM provider. More often than not, you will learn something new.

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