Moving companies often struggle with marketing. Apart from running a website and promoting your brand with uniforms and vehicles, there doesn’t seem like there is much to do. Well, if you want to take online marketing seriously, there are ways in which you can easily outline and effectively engage your target audience. In modern marketing, most of these methods rely heavily on personalization. This is why we will use this article to show you how to boost marketing personalization with CRM data in an effective way.

Boost marketing personalization with CRM data

In modern marketing, personalization has pretty much become a necessity. Long gone are the days when you could set up a blog, talk about moving, and expect customers to come flooding in. Today, in order to acquire and maintain a sizable customer base, you need to tackle personalization with due care. Luckily, with modern CRM software for movers, doing so can be surprisingly straightforward.

Personalization in marketing means that you are creating content that specifically targets members of your audience. In fact, your audience should be the primary focus of your marketing. The more you learn about them, the more you can determine what their preferences are. And catering to those preferences at the right time is what proper personalization is all about.

Monitor and analyze your customer base

Analytics, showing one of the benefits you will gain once you boost marketing personalization with CRM data.
Once you boost marketing personalization with CRM data you will know who your customers are.

Marketing personalization starts with monitoring and analyzing your customer base. By setting up parameters for gathering CRM data, you can learn what your audience is truly like. In most cases, a large part of your audience will fit a certain profile. Perhaps you are located near a college, and a big chunk of your customers are students. Or, you may be located near a nursing home, and you need to move the elderly. Whatever the case may be, it is in your best interest to learn who your customers are. If you’ve been running your business for a while, you already have an idea of what your customers are like. But, by gathering CRM data you will have hard facts you can reliably use.

Improve segmentation

Special Deal limited time offer.
The timing of the offer is just as important as its content.

Once you’ve gathered CRM data you can proceed to segment your audience into different groups. Ideally, you will address every customer with personalized content perfectly designed for their needs and requirements. But, unless you are a B2B company that only deals with a couple of clients, this simply won’t be viable. All professional moving companies need to segment their audience in necessary groups that you can later target with marketing. Factors like:

  • Age.
  • Occupation.
  • Education level.
  • Family status.
  • Living situation.

All these can be quite valuable in determining which offers to make. To use previous examples, you can offer your student customers discounts at the beginning of a new semester. Or you can offer your elderly customers discounts for winter storage or assistance with decluttering. If you monitor your customer base for long enough, you will learn how to predict their needs and seemingly always make the right offer at the right time.

Effective CRM personalization

CRM personalization doesn’t only mean making offers. Once you start tackling it, you will soon see that having ample CRM data makes the everyday running of your company a whole lot easier. For instance, if you need to deal with customers, it is quite useful to have prior data about them. If you know their issues, you can quickly come up with effective solutions.

On the other hand, if the customer turns out to have been bothersome in the past, your customer management team can avoid wasting time and energy on them. Freeing up your CM team is one of the main reasons why people pay good money for specific customer management software for moving companies. Through it, customer management teams have more time to assist both marketing and sales.

Lead tracking

Another ruse of CRM is for effective lead tracking. As we said, the purpose of CRM software isn’t only to help you with your current customer base. But, to also enable you to find new customers. Tracking leads, for instance, is a tried and true method to gain new customers. Lead tracking can help you find members of your audience who seem interested in your company but have not yet opted for it. If you then track their online journey you can learn when to make a CTA and successfully convert them into a paying customer. With lead tracking software for moving companies, you can automate this entire process and see your conversion rates skyrocket.

Email marketing

Gmail page.
If tackled properly, email marketing can be quite effective.

One of the most effective methods of marketing in the moving industry is email marketing. For both re-engaging your audience, and for acquiring new customers, email marketing can have terrific ROI. And, the only way to properly automate it is through CRM personalization. Only once you’ve gathered enough customer data to segment your customer base can you avoid having generic emails that end up in the spam folder.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous ways to boost marketing personalization with CRM data. Fortunately, you don’t have to use them all at once. Our advice is to consult with an experienced marketing professional. With their input, you make an estimate of your local competition and see how to orient your marketing campaigns. Ideally, you will outline who your main audience is before you start creating online content. By doing so, you can orient your brand accordingly and tackle brand development with no hiccups. By now you should have a good idea of how important marketing is for a moving company. So, try to get all the necessary tools for your marketing team to do their job well.

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