Nowadays, running a successful (moving) business is about how your customers feel and act. Their experience (UX) is something your company should focus on. Due to the latest technological advancements, customers have become more informed and engaged. Many businesses use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, various tools, and solutions to handle this new type of consumer/customer. Customer relationship software for movers can improve your company’s relationship with past, current, and future customers, but it can also enhance how your employees communicate. Today, we’ll briefly discuss how you can use moving CRM to improve internal communications. Stay tuned!

Why is internal communication important?

First thing first, let’s consider why internal communication is so important. Here are the most obvious reasons.

#1 It keeps your people up-to-date

This one’s probably the most obvious of apparent reasons why internal communication is crucial. The people inside your company need to be up-to-date with all the upcoming events, changes in policy or headcount, and the overall state of your business. There needs to be a sense of transparency: everyone has to know what’s going on (as people don’t like to be kept in the dark).

MoversTech internal communication dashboard
Use moving CRM to improve internal communications and ensure everyone’s “on the same page.”

#2 It keeps your people engaged, too

Top-down messaging (usually in mass emails) is boring (no one reads these emails anyway). However, thoughtful two-way conversations that inspire engagement motivates your employees.

#3 It builds your company’s culture

Essentially, the central role internal communications play within your company is that they become a manifestation of the company’s culture itself. In other words, a proper internal communication strategy will breathe some life into your workplace culture. Once done poorly, it won’t have a good effect on your people.

#4 It keeps your people motivated even through the most difficult of times

In times of trouble, internal communication is critical: communicating faster to the right individuals and teams inside your company will decrease the overall stress level and create a decent atmosphere for getting things done. It will help alleviate rumors and gossip: everyone will be on the same page.

#5 It puts the focus where it’s supposed to be

Lastly, let’s say that internal communication will help align and guide your company’s teams on how to come up with priorities and distribute effort. Clear lines of communication present in your company will guarantee your employees are aware of deadlines. Therefore, they can set up time schedules to achieve them.

Okay, so that’s, among other things, why internal communication in your firm is so important. Let’s see how you can use moving CRM to improve internal communications within your (moving) business.

woman holding a box and smiling
Using CRM software will remind your employees where the focus is.

How to use CRM to improve internal communications?

CRM can help you improve internal communications by tracking customer communication and enabling team members to use that info to handle client requests. Internal communications are better since everyone can access the information inside a centralized location.

Streamlined communication

That’s right, CRM software will improve your internal communications by providing your teams with a way to communicate accurately and promptly. Here we’ll give you an example: let’s say you own or manage a moving company with several branches, which might even be located in different states. You, as a company owner, want to make sure every staff member in each of the branches has access to important information about your clients in one place.

Without a CRM system, there’s a good chance that important customer or job-related info wouldn’t have been relayed to all team members. All in all: since everyone can have this info at the tip of their fingers and add the necessary information by themselves, internal communication is better with top-quality CRM software like MoversTech CRM.

Automatization of internal communications and reminders

And here’s another way your CRM software will upgrade how your employees and teams communicate. CRM will enable them to send automated communications. For instance, they can use pre-built templates and quickly make their messages. Messages that will, later on, be emailed or sent in this way or the other to your internal teams. You can significantly boost your sales efforts with CRM. Your sales representative and production teams will benefit from this the most.

Other benefits of using moving CRM software

Since we still have space left before reaching the end margins, let’s consider other benefits of using CRM software.

It helps you understand your customer’s needs in the most efficient manner

As pointed out earlier in the text, the contemporary customer/consumer is much more aware than its 20th-century counterpart. They, of course, use social media, and most won’t hesitate to leave online reviews. You’ll understand their needs better by being present in places where your customers tend to be.

man writing on paper inside of a moving van
Understand your customer’s needs better by using CRM tools.

Also, if you’re coming from the moving industry, you should read a bit about the benefits of lead tracking software for moving company and learn about how to track and manage your moving leads more efficiently.

You’ll have a chance to form stronger personal relationships with your customers

Once you start to use CRM tools to personalize your communications, you’ll enjoy the ability to form stronger bonds with your trusty customers. You’ll be able to collect valuable data that flows through various channels. We’re talking about emails, social media, and, of course, your company’s website.

Final thoughts on the subject of using CRM to improve internal communications

Alright, dear readers, that’s all we’ve prepared today on how to use moving CRM to improve internal communications. Hopefully, you understand that top-quality CRM software can significantly boost your company’s internal communication besides facilitating your external communication with trusty customers. Therefore, we see no point in using these fantastic tools!


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