Boosting sales efforts as a moving company is rarely an easy thing. Most of your customer base only relies on you for your moving services. Therefore, by trying to push sales, you are going a bit out of your comfort zone. But, there are ways to improve your sales efforts and yield a revenue increase in a relatively short time frame. In this article, we will explore how to boost sales efforts with CRM and why doing so ensures good ROI.

Understanding CRM

Before we delve into the specifics of using CRM to boost your sales, we first need to understand what CRM stands for. CRM is short for Customer Relations Management. It entails all the different ways in which you manage your customers. From the ways in which you sort them into specific groups. To the ways in which you communicate with them. In essence, every aspect of your company that deals with customers are (or at least should be) connected to your CRM.

What companies use CRM for

While there are theoretically countless uses for CRM, companies usually use it for:

  • Improvement of customer service.
  • Organization streamlining.
  • Marketing research.
  • Customer relationship.
  • Sales improvement.

Therefore, even if you don’t plan on tackling sales as a moving company, it is still worthwhile to invest in a decent CRM system. Leads management is an important aspect of any moving company.

A magnifying glass looking at customers.
Identifying and managing your customers well is paramount.

And as such, it is worth streamlining and optimizing. With a good CRM system, you can make your customer service agents much more efficient. Therefore, they’ll be able to conduct better market research and improve customer relationships. This will ensure that your company policies are in line with your target demographic and that you keep a close tab on what your customers actually want.

Does CRM connect to sales?

Companies that depend heavily on sales couldn’t function without a robust CRM system to support them. Without knowing who their customers are, they can hardly hope to promote their products in an efficient manner. Long gone are the days when you could simply put up a catchy commercial on the TV and wait for the customers to come.

Nowadays, you need to outline who your customers are, what their online behavior is like, and figure out how to engage them. All of that is only possible if you are running a well-optimized CRM system specifically designed for your business model.

A person smiling while looking at a laptop, showing what happens when you boost sales efforts with CRM.
You can not only boost sales efforts with CRM but also improve marketing and enable better business practices.

A good client relationship management software for movers is naturally connected to the sales department as it allows the sales team to plan future promotions. Furthermore, the customer relations team will have a much easier time handling customers if they know what the sales team can offer. This is only one of the reasons why a clear connection between sales and customer management is essential.

Boost sales efforts with CRM as a moving company

Now that we have an understanding of what CRM is, we can look for ways in which it can boost your sales. If you have experience with running a moving company, you probably already have a few ideas on how to utilize a CRM system. Nevertheless, we will go over the most effective methods that you ought to consider.

Outlining who to target

No moving company can service everyone, especially when it comes to sales. Your sales agents need to identify who your company’s main customers are, and then proceed to engage them with proper sales offers. Since you are a moving company, selling products is unlikely to be your main source of revenue. But, it can do wonders in promoting your brand and motivating people to do further business with you. Movers that do sell products tend to have much better customer retention and terrific brand recognition in the local area. But all of that stems from you being able to outline your customers and engage them effectively.

Notifying customers

People using packing supplies.
Selling packing supplies is all about knowing when to time your promotions.

It doesn’t take much experience with sales to learn that the timing of your sales is just as important as its content. If your sales agents are to see any considerable success they need to know the best times for engaging the customers. Fortunately, with decent customer care software for movers, you will be able to outline when to promote your products. By establishing a relationship with your customers you’ll be able to predict when they’ll be in need of your items.

Tracking sales results

Developing a sales strategy is rarely a one-and-done endeavor. In most cases, you need to experiment and learn from your mistakes in order for your sales strategy to grow. Here, again, is where a CRM system can come in handy as it can track customer behavior along with the sales report. By learning what your customer do while they are on your website, you can see where the main sales funnels are and if there is something holding them back. With some experience, you’ll be able to properly outline how to make your sales funnel as effective as possible.

Final thoughts

So far we’ve only given you the basic ways in which you can boost sales efforts with CRM. Besides these, you can also utilize emails for product promotion. In which case, CRM email tracking for movers will be quite useful. Furthermore, you can identify customers that are likely to purchase products along with your services. Therefore, you can ensure that you are getting as much possible revenue from your customer base. All things considered, every modern moving company needs to utilize a CRM system. So, if you haven’t so far, we strongly suggest that you consider implementing one at the earliest date.

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