Generating leads for your moving business is a difficult job. Spending energy and resources to create marketing campaigns is a part of every business. However, one of the common issues that often happen is that generated leads get lost somehow, and they never convert to paying customers. The number of lost leads can go as high as over 80%, and that is a lot of revenue to potentially miss out on. If that happens, all of your marketing efforts were in vain. The best way to capitalize on your moving leads is to start using a lead management system.

How a lead management system can help your business

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Lead management software will save time for your employees, and increase the overall efficiency.

We will talk about a whole array of benefits that leads management for moving company owners brings to the table. A lead management system will make your business better. Some of the most important areas to improve are:

  • lead organization;
  • lead response time;
  • distribution of leads;
  • tracking leads;
  • customer communication;

One of the best systems to use is customer relationship management (CRM). Let’s see how this useful software impacts all of the above-mentioned areas.

Organize leads for your moving business

Once your marketing campaign starts bringing results, you will see that the number of leads is going up. However, not all leads are of the same quality or importance. You may spend two weeks working with one customer who, in the end, decides not to hire your company. Also, you may spend five minutes with a client and sell a couple of different services.

You need a way to tell what clients have a high chance to convert, and that system is lead scoring. You create various categories that define your business goal. Every time you can assign one of the categories to a lead, you reward them with points. When you start adding points together, you will see what leads scored the most points. That’s how you can tell what client should be a priority.

Moving company CRM software will help you with organizing your leads and developing a scoring system.

Do not lose leads due to late responses

If you are a customer trying to hire movers, how long will you wait after sending an e-mail to one moving company before you send it to a couple more? Will you perhaps send all e-mails at the same time and see who responds first?

Request response time is a serious area that you need to work on. People do not like to wait. If your leads are not organized, you might miss a message or an e-mail, and respond in an hour or more. That is considered bad customer service.

With the help of a CRM system, you can automate your replies and make sure that you never give a late response to the customer.

Leads distribution

Is your moving company covering only the local neighborhood or the entire city? Are you also providing long-distance relocation services, and working internationally? Covering large sales territories is almost impossible without using the software.

A CRM system allows you to assign leads to sales agents, and manage the entire process. This is the best project management software for movers you can buy on the market today. With it, you can optimize lead distribution both geographically and chronologically. All of the sales agents will get their leads in a timely manner. Furthermore, they will never be overloaded with work.

Tracking leads

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It is a long road from obtaining leads to converting them into customers. The right software can help you get there faster.

Another crucial element of working with leads is lead tracking. Having leads and working with leads are two completely different things. Each lead goes through a couple of phases of the customer journey. In the end, that lead will convert to a customer, or decide to go elsewhere.

As a business, you need to know at what stage your leads are. Each stage requires a different form of approach. With that in mind, you need to track your leads.

Improving customer communication

Through all of the stages of the customer journey, you are constantly improving communication. You are building and maintaining relationships, and making sure that the leads have everything they need. Leads can request information, send replies to your free offers or discounted services, visit your website, send messages on social media, and much more.

An illustration of a person giving a five star rating.
The satisfaction of your leads depends on the level of attention they receive.

All of these actions require immediate attention, and they are a part of the communication profile with that customer. CRM lead management system plays a crucial role here because it allows you to create customer profiles and collect all of the mentioned data.

While building relationships, you are also creating a complex database of all the important information about your leads.

How to approach the process of implementing a lead management system for your moving business?

Let’s spend some time talking about the implementation process. Before you purchase any software, you need to define your business priorities and goals. Different systems have different features. You need to spend a lot of time figuring out what features are best for your business needs.

One of the mistakes would be to purchase a full plan that has everything. Instead, you should ask to see a demo first. Get some training lessons for your employees and see if the software makes things better. This is a crucial step before purchasing anything.

You can always upgrade to more features later, but there is no need to overspend at the beginning. You need to have your budget in mind.

Key takeaways

As we can see, there are many benefits to using software for leads management:

  • you can organize leads into categories and do lead scoring;
  • lead management software helps with reducing the response time;
  • another benefit is that you can distribute leads evenly among the sales agents and help with workload distribution;
  • tracking leads during their journey is another crucial element;
  • finally, as you are communicating with your leads, you are building strong customer relationships;

Implementing a lead management system in your moving business is definitely a step you need to consider. It will greatly improve leads processes and increase conversion rate.

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