Most moving companies know how important it is to effectively manage customers. Without doing so, you not only stand to poorly service the ones you have, but you also lower your potential of finding new ones. As we’ve often pointed out, proper customer management relies heavily on CRM systems and their utilization. This is why, in this article, we will elaborate on how CRM helps boost your conversion rate and makes overall conversion a whole lot easier.

Conversion rates explained

Some of you may be unfamiliar with what conversions are and what the rate of conversions signifies. With that in mind, we will first give a brief explanation of conversion rates. Simply put, conversion is when a member of your audience converts into a customer. While they are only viewing marketing content, you can consider them as audience members. But, once they decide to do business with you, they are defined as a customer.

  • The conversion rate is the number of people that convert from audience member to customer.

So, if your conversion rate is 10%, this means that every tenth lead actually ends up becoming a customer. It should be fairly obvious that your goal is to have as big of a conversion rate as possible.

Different ways in which CRM helps boost your conversion rate

Unfortunately, boosting your conversion rate is rarely easy or simple. In most cases, you need to have a deep understanding of your audience, and make a compelling argument as to why they should choose you over your competition. These reasons are why tackling conversion rates was only possible for companies with large marketing teams and abundant resources. Fortunately, with modern CRM for packers and movers, even small moving companies can tackle conversion rates with surprising effectiveness.

Learning more about your customers

A person working on statistics.
CRM helps boost your conversion rate by allowing you to determine important factors that make up your customer base.

The first benefit of utilizing a CRM system is that you get a better understanding of your customer base. All moving companies have some idea of who their customers are, what they like and dislike. But, without a developed system, this understanding is superficial at best. With a dedicated CRM system you can gain in-depth knowledge of your customer base and come to an understanding of who you are actually trying to convert. You can sort your audience by various demographic factors and outline which marketing strategy is most likely to lead to conversion.

Understanding customer behavior

On a more personal level, CRM also helps tremendously with conversions. Namely, the process of conversions isn’t as robust or haphazard as people believe. An unintuitive website, a poorly timed CTA, even a poorly optimized ad…all of these can deter your audience from doing business with you.

The most effective way to see whether you can make any improvements on this front is to monitor customer behavior. By tracking what leads them to your website, and what convinced them to engage with you, you can see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. This is why lead tracking software for moving companies is so important. More often than not, there is a point where a big part of your audience loses interest in your brand. And you’d be surprised how a small alteration to that point can have tremendous benefit to your conversion rate.

Personalized marketing

A person opening an email on their phone.
When used properly, emails play a big role in increasing conversion rates.

Having good conversion rates isn’t all about setting up your online presence. It also entails engaging and reengaging your audience in an effective way. In this task, emails have shown to be quite effective. They allow for a high level of personalized marketing, and help grow relationships between brands and customers.

That is why it has become a necessity to use CRM email marketing for moving companies, and why companies that don’t usually fail and engage their customers. Email marketing is especially useful in re-engaging your customer and convincing them to use your services time and time again.

Integrating sales with customer management

In modern commerce, sales and customer management teams have become inseparable. On one end, the sales team needs to have in-depth knowledge of the customer base in order to make the right business decisions. On the other, customer management teams need to be able to call upon company services to satisfy customer needs and boost conversion rates. The better your sales and customer management teams are connected, the easier it will be for your company to answer customer needs. To make any of this possible, you need to have a well-made CRM system.

Freeing up your customer management team

A freed up customer management team working, showing how CRM helps boost your conversion rate.
A CRM team working on boosting conversion rates.

No matter how you approach it, boosting conversion rates takes time and effort. Even if you wish to adopt a simple tactic, you still need to delegate people to it and monitor their performance. The only way to make enough room for such a project is if you manage to free up your customer management agents from the daily tool of responding to customers’ demands. Fortunately, in this aspect, CRM can be invaluable. With even a half-decent system you can make customer management much more streamlined and automated. So, do yourself a favor and get one. This will free up your agents and give them the necessary time to work on boosting conversion rates.

Final thoughts

So far, we only listed different ways in which CRM helps boost your conversion rate. But, it is important to mention that you cannot solely rely on CRM in order to tackle them. As previously stated, conversion rates are a complete sign of how well you understand and manage your audience. If you have a good idea of what your customers are like and you know how to approach them, you can use a CRM system to great effect. But, at the end of the day, it is only a tool. And, as such, it can only be as powerful as the person using it.

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