Email automation is the process of creating and sending one-size-fits-all emails to your clients. It is a common strategy in today’s business world. It is important to understand the difference between automated emails and transactional emails. While transactional emails are triggered after a customer takes an action, like purchasing a product, automated emails are something that you are sending to the customers on your own. Let’s see the benefits of email automation for movers, and how to do it in the proper way.

Email automation increases efficiency

Simply speaking, it is easier to send one hundred emails with a press of a button than to send each email separately. That’s why email automation is so efficient. Let’s say you are using a CRM system to keep track of your clients. Every time you add a new client to the system, you want to send a welcome email. If you focus on CRM email integration for movers, you won’t have to waste time and resources doing it manually. This is a good way to make sure you don’t forget about the welcome email.

Email automation improves user experience

A black keyboard with a blue button named "Newsletter".
Creating newsletters is the perfect example of how to use email automation to share information with your customers.

When customers start looking for moving services, they want information about:

  • moving services;
  • cost estimates;
  • packing their belongings;
  • moving schedule;
  • shipping items;
  • using storage units, etc.

These are just some of the examples of what information a client might look for. Instead of letting them wander your website and blog, searching for the answers, you could help them with a series of automated emails.

Start sending emails with useful links every day. You can also create newsletters that serve the purpose of guiding clients. For example, if someone wants to learn how to efficiently pack, create a packing newsletter. If they subscribe to it, the customers will start receiving emails about efficient packing tips.

This is a really good way to help them find the information quicker.

It’s important to keep users interested

A person writing an email flow chart on a whiteboard.
Companies that sell products online use automated emails to solve the abandoned cart problem.

Once a client visits the website, you don’t know if they are currently planning a relocation or only inquiring about the possibilities. What you don’t want to happen is to never hear from them again. Automated emails will help you fulfill this goal. Use them to keep visitors interested and offer information.

Use email automation for marketing purposes

Creating simple surveys is the best way to collect information from your clients. You can automate emails to ask questions to your customers and get answers important for your marketing campaign. We already mentioned how CRM plays a crucial role in collecting customer data. CRM email marketing for moving companies offers endless possibilities.

You can use it for advanced customer segmentation, or retargeting. Furthermore, imagine doing mass email campaigns when presenting new services and the amount of time it will save you.

Keep track of customer emails

Another form of email automation is to know if your clients took any actions. When you send an email, you don’t know if the customer read it or not. You also don’t know when they opened the email. You can easily solve this problem with the combination of automation and CRM email tracking for movers.

There are so many advanced email tactics in marketing today. They all serve the purpose of getting to know your customers and providing better service.

Use automated emails to show that you care

One of the downsides of automated emails is that they might start to feel spammy if not implemented properly. If you bury your customers in hundreds of emails every week, they will start to hate it. Besides the usual business emails, you can also add a personal touch.

A good example is sending birthday emails to your clients. This is a good way to show that you care about more than just business. You can also ask customers about how satisfied they were after the relocation. See if there were any problems during the process. Let them know you care about their wellbeing even after the purchase of the services. the customer journey does not end with them paying.

Merry Christmas on laptop screen.
A simple holiday email will show how you care about more than just business.

You can also use automated emails to send free gifts or discount offers. Everyone likes gifts, and this could be a good way to surprise your clients when they least expect it.

Automated loyalty emails

If you have a loyalty program for your customers, emails will play a crucial role here. You can send them additional information about special deals and promotions. People like to feel like they are your most important clients.

Email customer support

A lot of moving companies implement a customer support system on their website. It is important to have a channel for the clients where they can report any issues or ask about potential problems during the relocation. Create automated emails with FAQs and answers. This will help speed up the process, and maybe save time for your clients as well.

Understanding the benefits of email automation for movers is crucial for your business

Let’s do a quick summary at the end. The most important benefits of email automation are:

  • efficiency increase;
  • improving user experience;
  • keeping your clients interested;
  • improving email marketing;
  • keeping track of customer actions;
  • getting to know your customers;
  • use automated emails to show that you care;
  • support loyalty programs and customer support;

The key takeaway for today is that email automation saves precious time. Both for you and your customers. These benefits of email automation for movers will greatly improve your business. Automation is a necessity today, and we can find it in all business spheres. With that in mind, focus on improving this process. You will see over time how it makes things easier. Once you get used to having more time you would otherwise spend on sending emails, you will see the true power of email automation.

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