There is hardly a business out there that doesn’t benefit from having a decent email marketing strategy. Seeing how effective emails are at customer retention it should come as much of a surprise that they have a terrific ROI. But, to truly make the most out of your emails, you need to make sure that you gather the right email data. Unfortunately, doing so is usually seen as an added difficulty, which certain businesses even choose to avoid. Well, to help you from making that mistakes, we are going to cover the benefits of email verification.

The benefits of email verification

The more you work with emails, the more you will learn about all the benefits of email validation. Unfortunately, some benefits are quite precise and require extensive knowledge of email marketing and CRM email tracking for movers. So, we will use this article to only go over the more notable benefits. As you’ll see, even these are enough to show why email verification isn’t an option, but a necessity.

Ensuring data accuracy

Email marketing written on a laptop.
In order to both implement and keep track of email marketing, you need to have accurate data.

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit of email verification. Namely, having accurate data. Be it for email marketing, CRM email integration for movers, or for evaluating your marketing efforts, having accurate data is invaluable. Simply by knowing whether the emails that you have are accurate, you can make sure that you don’t waste your resources. And, if you are monitoring the performance of your email campaign, you will get much more credible numbers if all the emails are valid.

Reducing email bounce rates

An email bounce is when an email is sent, but not delivered to any particular address. This often happens with fake email addresses, as your delivery service will only tell you that your emails have been sent. But, there is where email verification steps in. Good email verification software has various methods on how to verify whether an email is real. Therefore, with one in play, you will see little to no email bounces.

Getting accurate insight about email marketing

No long-term email marketing campaign can be effective without oversight. No matter what type of strategy you opt for, you need to follow how effective it is. Only by doing so can you learn, both about email marketing and about your audience. But, to make any of that possible, you need to have accurate data. Fake emails can hinder your data, and even make your results unreadable. So, to avoid this, the best course of action is to prevent the potential input of fake emails.

Protecting sender reputation

Once you start an email marketing campaign, you need to worry about the sender reputation. In simple terms, the sender reputation is a score that you get based on how effective your emails are. These are based on various factors like the percentage of people that categorize your emails as spam, or the proportion of the outgoing emails that bounce. The better your sender reputation is, the better your emails will perform. Luckily, one of the better ways to cover sender reputation is to simply verify your emails.

Better customer management

A customer manager enjoying their work, showing one of the the benefits of email verification.
One of the benefits of email verification is that it makes customer management a whole lot easier.

One part of customer management is handling customer complaints, requests and questions. This is an important part, but a part that is relatively straightforward to deal with. What is less straightforward is learning about your customers and seeing how you can orient your marketing to cater to their needs.

While there are numerous tools you can and should use for this job, few are as effective as emails. Emails present a clear, unfiltered line of communication between you and your customers. No other place allows for their direct feedback, and for your direct input. Therefore, it should come as much of a surprise that getting email CRM for moving company is always a good idea. And that it is in your best interest to ensure that your CRM team only works with valid emails.

Providing your sales team with a reliable database

In a similar fashion, your sales team will rely on utilizing valid emails. Namely, all sales team base their research on gathered data. From standard sales data and service performance to more robust customer data and its various iterations. As we mentioned, you can collect a big part of in-depth customer data through emails. But, to collect quality data, you first need to make sure that the emails you are targeting are valid.

Evaluating email collection methods

Network showing digital marketing solutions.
If you run an interesting blog you may even convince your audience to subscribe to your newsletter.

Most companies use various methods to collect emails. Apart from outright asking your customers while talking to them, you can also provide benefits to them signing up for your website. Service discounts, complimentary packing supplies, free online quote… These are all trade-offs you can give in order to collect email data.

But, to see which method is effective, and which one isn’t, you first need to make sure that you only collect valid emails. When it comes to the benefits of email verification, this is one of the important ones as it ensures that you don’t make the mistake of offering discounts for nothing.

Increased ROI from your marketing campaign

ROI stands for the return of investment. In simple terms, it this the project of the amount of money you make from your investment. When it comes to marketing, it usually refers to the revenue that you gained from investing in a certain marketing strategy. And, as we mentioned before, email marketing has a terrific ROI. But, to help keep the ROI high, you need to implement email verification. Yes, email marketing is cost-effective. But only if you are only targeting your audience. Fake or otherwise invalid emails will soon see you wasting your marketing resources. And before long, your ROI will plummet.

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