Social CRM is an advanced strategy for communicating with your clients and collecting customer data. There are many reasons to connect social media with CRM software. Let’s talk about what those reasons are, how to set up the process, and much more!

Customer support through social media platforms

Using social media for business purposes has become a very successful strategy. Since customers use social media on a daily basis, it is only logical to make it a part of the customer support process.

The integration with CRM is valuable because you can feed customer feedback, complaints, and other questions directly into the CRM database.

The ability to interact with customers in real-time

Customer communication, especially in the moving industry, often happens via emails. It is best to have everything documented in case a client needs it for reference. While CRM email integration for movers plays a crucial role, social CRM has even more benefits.

It is often a lot easier to communicate in real-time with clients. They often have questions that require an immediate response. This is why social media is so important in customer communication. Sending an email requires time, and you also need to wait for an answer.

Advertise your business where the customers are

Person pointing at data and graphs with pencil.
When creating a plan, you need to consider CRM data and the location of your clients.

Running marketing campaigns and organizing various projects depends on the clients. You need to advertise where the clients are. Since a marketing campaign is created with the help of customer data, and it also collects more information, it is obvious that CRM plays a crucial role. Furthermore, since we know that customers spend a lot of time on social media, that is only a reason more to use this integration to advertise your business via the most efficient channels.

Setting up your social CRM

To successfully integrate social media with CRM, you need to follow a couple of steps:

  • create a social listening program;
  • focus on social interactions;
  • load the data into the CRM database;

Let’s see how to do this in the most efficient way.

What is social listening and how it works

Social listening is the process of tracking mentions of your brand. This includes any conversation about your company, services, or products you offer to the clients, key employees, and important keywords.

These social conversations are crucial for building your online identity. That’s why social media has a huge impact on your business. It is the perfect channel where people can talk.

The part of social CRM integration is to collect all of the mentions of your business. Use the data you gather for future projects.

Connect with the CRM database

As we mentioned, adding these social interactions into the database is a crucial step. If you don’t own moving company CRM software, this is the perfect moment to get it. You need a strong database to manage all of the information your teams collect via social media channels.

Why CRM is the right choice

When starting new projects that include data manipulation, one of the most important parts is to integrate the data with the capabilities of the database. CRM is very popular because it easily integrates with almost everything, especially social media.

Illustration of a hand holding a CRM icon.
CRM is the best when it comes to flexibility and versatility in collecting, storing, and managing customer data.

It often happens that companies already use a database, but the integration process is more complex. If you own a different system, it is worth considering switching to customer relationship management software.

How social CRM helps with project management

Running business projects within the company heavily relies on customer data. The main purpose is to provide a better service. Project management software for movers offers an array of features and functionalities to help with the projects. A huge benefit is that you can also integrate it with social CRM. Help the project managers by providing crucial data via the CRM database.

Hard truths about social CRM

Even though social CRM has amazing benefits for your moving business, there are a few challenges ahead. First of all, every change may be difficult and uncomfortable. If you are moving from one system to another, this will be challenging. However, this change is also important. CRM is the perfect match for your needs, and the long-term benefits should be the main goal.

Second, have in mind that you won’t see progress overnight. The entire process requires careful planning. Furthermore, collecting and analyzing data also requires time. What’s important is to be patient and diligent.

Another thing to have in mind is the sheer amount of data. There is no question about it, you will at one point start to feel overwhelmed. However, when that happens, you need to learn how to recognize what is important and what is not. If you start collecting everything, you will quickly lose yourself in rows and rows of endless customer information.

Pick your platforms carefully

When talking about social media platforms, it is important to know what apps your clients use. Even though it might be tempting to start integrating with five or ten social media platforms, managing them will not be an easy job. What you should be doing instead is focusing on one or two platforms. Use the most popular ones among your customers.

A grid of icons for different social media platforms.
You need to choose which social media platforms to integrate with your CRM.

Once you understand how the process works, you can always include more platforms. It is vital to take baby steps until you get the gist of it. Social media requires constant attention, and once you start using it, there is no chance for a break. That’s why you need to be mindful of the number of platforms you are integrating with your CRM.

Connect social media with CRM software and help your business grow

Once you connect social media with CRM software, you will notice slow but steady progress. The most crucial thing to remember is that this process requires time. However, the benefits are completely worth it. You will collect customer data with ease. Also, customer support teams will improve communication with clients. Finally, all of your projects will gain valuable information. With that in mind, focus on integrating CRM with social media, and enjoy the long-term benefits!

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