Over 4 billion people use emails every day, which is half of the global population. Furthermore, if we compare the number of emails to the number of Facebook and Twitter accounts combined, it is three times larger. From all of that, we can safely conclude that emails are still very popular, both personally and in business uses. That’s why today we want to talk about driving email engagement with content. It’s essential to find clever ways to engage clients through emails. In this article, MoversTech explores how to create content that will maximize the results of email campaigns!

The use of customer relationship management software is crucial

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The number of email accounts is larger than the number of some social media accounts.

Since the idea is to drive email engagement with content, we need to understand the requirements of consumers. The best way to do it is through email CRM for movers. CRM is very important for customer engagement since it allows companies to collect data about customers. Not only contact information but also their likes and dislikes, areas of interest, purchase habits, previous deals, and so on.

Creating a database of customer information is the first step to creating personalized content.

Create personalized content

There is a reason why it is important to split customers into different groups. For example, if you are offering services for both senior relocation and moving to college, you cannot advertise those services in the same way. You need a different approach.

Personalized content specifically aims at targeted groups of customers to provide the highest value for each audience. The most important CRM email integration for moving companies is integration with the marketing team. They will use emails to connect with consumers and present tailor-made offers and deals.

Focus on creating a subject line that conveys value

When an average person receives an email, the moment they read the subject line is when they decide whether to open it or not. This small piece of information has a huge impact on your entire email campaign. This is how the customer will know whether an email is relevant to their needs or not.

Writing subject lines is similar to writing headlines for articles. They need to capture the attention of the reader in an instant. With that in mind, treat this short step as a separate project. Understand how to write good subject lines, and you will substantially increase the engagement via email.

Every email should have a CTA button

The Call-to-Action (CTA) button is a vital element that is in charge of all of your conversions. Every email you send should have one. However, it is important to provide some context before asking customers to convert. Just sending an email with some information and an unrelated CTA button at the end will not do the job.

The entire length of the content should build towards converting your audiences. You first need to show the value and relevance you provide and only then hit them with the CTA button.

Another important thing to understand is that a CTA button should attract attention. It should look like a black dot on a white piece of paper. Do not try to hide it between other elements of the email. Understand the design behind CTA buttons.

Email tracking is essential

We already spoke at the beginning about how sending personalized content to your clients plays a crucial role. Grouping your customers is the best way to create personalized groups. You need to segment your email list based on multiple factors:

  • Customer demographics;
  • Purchase history;
  • Geographic location;
  • Browsing behavior on the website;

These are just some of the factors that will help you to build your groups of clients.

An illustration of an email on a laptop under a magnifying glass.
Email tracking will give you an insight into the potential mistakes of your campaign.

Another important element is email tracking. CRM email tracking for moving companies analyses how your clients interact with the emails you send. This is how you will know the percentage of opened emails, clicks on emails, and the increase or decrease of the bounce, subscribe, and unsubscribe rates.

Segmentation will give you an insight into the efficiency of your email campaigns. It will also show you the issues and areas where you can improve.

Email automation

Sending emails to each individual client is impossible. It will just take too much time. That’s why you need to implement email automation. Once you have your segmented groups of customers, you can schedule the email sending process.

The email tracking will help you to understand when to send emails. Observe the change of the open emails every hour, and try to find the best time for sending emails. Some people like to read them early in the morning while others prefer to open emails before they go to bed. And then there are those that don’t open emails for two or three days after they receive them. That’s why you need to invest in CRM with email automation.

Optimize your emails for mobile phones

This is probably the most important rule in this list. Almost everyone reads emails on their mobile phones. There is a small percentage of people that prefer PC over mobile, but you cannot focus on them. All of your emails need to look good on mobile or you will rapidly lose customers.

If a client opens the email on their mobile device and cannot read it because it is not optimized, the company ends up losing out on a potential lead forever.

Avoid clickbait emails

This should go without saying, but it is important to mention. Clickbait emails are not the way to improve user engagement. They might seem like a good way to attract attention, but you should still avoid them. There are so many bad examples of clickbait emails that seem to look good. In some cases, the sender even apologizes in the very first sentence of the email,  saying something like “We know it is absolutely preposterous to use such a strategy, but we needed to gain your attention!”. This is such a bad move that will only destroy your chance to build a trustworthy connection with your clients.

Random Gmail account on tablet.
The newsletter should be used to inform your clients, not bait them into converting.

Driving email engagement with content – the right way!

Understand that driving email engagement with content takes time, effort, and energy. However, it is the right way to do things. You want organic traffic and real customers. Success rarely happens overnight. That’s why it is important to take your time and follow the right approach.

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