We’ll take a guess and say that every company’s goal is to build some good old trust with their (potential) customers. Without such an objective, why would you even bother doing what you do? A business that doesn’t build a loyal audience will certainly experience failure at some point. However, let’s try not to go into that territory. Instead, we’ll focus on the good stuff. For instance, have you ever wondered how (moving) companies use CRM to build trust with their moving leads and everyday customers? If your answer’s a YES, we’ll take another guess and say that you’re going to what we’ve got in store for today. Keep reading to learn some valuable tips.

Wait, why should you build trust?

Two people shaking hands.
Trust is the key element in your relationship with your new or existing customers.

That doesn’t sound like an authentic question, but it’s very important that we stress the importance of having trusty leads and customers. First things first, let’s define what’s the deal with this building-customer-and-lead-trust syntagm: it actually shows your company’s attitude towards delivering its promises and doing what’s best for every customer. As we’ve said without “customer/lead faith” you’re bound not to succeed. Here we’ll try to count some basic benefits that you’ll get by building steady customer/lead relationships:

  • You’ll be able to foster loyalty right from the start. Your (soon-t0-be) customers are your best advertisers, trust us. They’ll advertise your company without you moving a muscle. The next time someone asks them to recommend a trusty moving company, they’ll probably say your company’s name, either because they’ve hired your services or because they’ve heard you’re good. If all goes well, that is.
  • A deeper connection is exactly what leads/customers want. Nowadays, most folks are looking for more meaningful relationships with their favorite companies. It’s much more than simple “brand loyalty”. Did you know that some studies show that even up to 40% of consumers say that “brand loyalty” actually means having a strong emotional connection to a certain business?
  • It’s all about personalization. Lastly, let’s talk about your (potential) customer’s personal experience. Tell us one thing: how can you expect a lead to know that your moving business is the right option for them if you haven’t targeted them in the correct manner? In order to provide them with a tailored experience, you’ll need some user data, and to obtain some data, you’re going to need to build some trust.

Now that we’ve stressed the importance of building trust with your leads/customers, let’s hear it for the main part.

How to use your CRM to build trust with moving leads?

#1 Centralize (potential) customer information

A person standing in blue light.
CRM software will help you centralize info about your new or existing customers.

That’s right, CRM or customer relationship management software for movers will help you centralize information about your (potential) customers. Here’s the thing: once you’re able to quickly access data about your leads/customers, you’ll notice how your life suddenly became much easier (business-wise). In other words, you’ll see that the sales team asks better questions, while your moving company’s marketing team knows exactly who to target/reach, etc.

By having the data on your customers, you’re able to come up with a template for your ideal customer. That way, you’ll have no trouble identifying your target audience, right? Right. Therefore, the information your collect with CRM software will prove to be pretty valuable.

#2 CRM will help you nurture leads

First of all, let’s define just what it means to nurture leads: it’s the process of cultivating leads that are not ready to buy yet. Therefore, effective lead nurturing (with the help of CRM software for movers) will assist you in anticipating the needs of your potential customers based on their personal traits (title, role, industry, age, etc.) and their location within the buying process. You might be wondering: what are the main attributes that moving companies want to convey via lead nurturing? You’ll want to know that there are two of them: credibility and trust.

As every article on moving tips will tell you at the beginning: choosing the right moving company is a tricky action. There’s always the fear of having your stuff stolen, and so on. That being said, it’s not surprising that folks need to see you’re running a moving company they’re able to trust.

All in all: you’ll use CRM to anticipate any issues or concerns your leads might have, based on up-to-date information you gather. You’ll want to provide them with guidance and recommendations based on their account history.

#3 Gaining loyalty with CRM software for movers

A white dog.
Customer service is where you’ll want to show off and gain some loyalty.

Here’s what’s it all about: you’ll want to gain loyalty by providing your leads with reliable and customer-centric service. You’ll do this by creating intelligent profiles about a certain customer (counting both the account and contact level). They’ll allow your customer service to do their job in the most efficient way possible.

Needless to say, you’re never wrong once you’ve got the right info. Right info inspires the right action and proper customer service builds trust. There’s no doubt about that (as we’ve sure you know from your own personal experience). Given that we’re on the topic of customer service, you might want to check the additional benefits customer service software for movers will provide you with.

#4 Engage your customers

We’ll provide you with something of a summary of all the things we’ve mentioned above in our talk on how to use CRM to build trust. As you could’ve read, forming meaningful and relevant relationships with your leads and customers will certainly raise the levels of their engagement. Also, knowing the current state of your (potential) customer’s business will assist you in making a hefty sales strategy that will ensure you achieve the greatest impact. All in all: CRM software for movers will enable you to:

  • serve your leads and customers better, in accordance with their specific needs. 
  • have a thorough look at your soon-to-be customer. 
  • be consultative in your approach, and not transactional. 

If this ain’t enough to make you realize why leads management for moving companies is important, follow the highlighted text.

Final words on the subject of building trust with CRM

Nowadays, there’s no need to emphasize using CRM is necessary if you’re looking for success. The moving industry’s no exception. Make sure to use CRM in an effective manner and you’ll have no trouble building quality relationships with your new or existing customers.

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