5 questions to ask before choosing a CRM solution

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Customer relations management software is one of the most useful tools any business can use today. It helps create customer profiles, track purchases, new leads, and provide a full customer analysis. Implementing tailored CRM moving company software requires thorough planning. Unexperienced companies often go into this without previous research, thinking that all it takes is to purchase a license, do the implementation, and start using the platform. However, there is more to it than you would initially think. With that in mind, here are 5 questions to ask before choosing a CRM solution.

Ask for a complete price breakdown

CRM software prices vary. There are low-end and high-end options, different types of licenses, and a variety of packages or upgrades to choose from. One of the questions to ask before choosing a CRM solution is what options you have.

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A CRM platform price breakdown is necessary for many reasons. You need a solution that will fit your budget, but at the same time provide all the features your business needs.

For example, some vendors charge per user number, or per the number of customer profiles. There are also implementation fees to think about. Furthermore, all CRM platforms have transparent and hidden costs. Before you make a purchase, ask for a complete price breakdown and calculate CRM costs. That will help determine your budget.

Ask for a demo

All vendors should be able to provide a demo presentation. That is a good way to understand the capabilities and features of the platform. Furthermore, this step is crucial, because it will show you if the CRM platform you are choosing has everything your business needs.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when choosing software is not understanding why they need it in the first place. Before you schedule a demo, organize a team meeting and figure out what will the CRM be used for. Create a list of features that are a requirement, and only then contact the vendor.

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A presentation or a quick demo is a good way to get to know the basics of the CRM platforms you picked.

A demo is a good opportunity to see examples of the workflow, complexity of the platform, and all the necessary requirements. Furthermore, you might need add-ons and extra features down the road. A presentation about the software is a good opportunity to ask any questions regarding potential license upgrades in the future. You might need a full package, and this is where you get to ask all the questions about the maximum potential of the platform.

Understand the implementation process

If you decide to purchase the license, it is crucial to learn all the details regarding the implementation process. You want to focus on the:

  • implementation fees;
  • length of the implementation process;
  • data migration and integration with existing platforms the company uses;
  • potential implementation issues that might cause delays;
  • platform testing during and after the implementation;
  • when is to go-live date and is everything functional;

The implementation is a lengthy process that often has a few bumps on the road. By understanding it fully, you will be prepared for everything.

Ask about CRM training and licensing for the employees

CRM vendors often offer employee training after the implementation. That way your employees will learn how to use the platform. First of all, ask how many sessions there are. Second, ask if the training is free or paid. It is common that the first session comes free of charge. However, if the company wants additional sessions, they have to schedule and pay. Vendors also offer licensing courses and tests, so ask about the process and fees. Employees might want to become specialized and earn the license of an administrator.

Furthermore, ask if there are any training manuals or training materials like books or guides. That is a good way for employees to freshen up their memory from time to time. Finally, check if the vendor offers an online learning platform. That is by far the most efficient way of learning because it offers flexibility in terms of location and the available time of your employees. Understand the value of a CRM training program, because it will directly affect the efficiency of your employees.

How to contact customer support

As with any other software, you need customer support, for whatever reason that might be. Whether there is an issue with the platform, or you don’t understand how something works, you need professional assistance. Furthermore, CRM platforms will have updates in the future, and customer support is the first line of contact for any questions you might have.

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Customer support is the first point of contact between your company and the vendor. Learn how to reach out to them in the quickest way possible.

It is a good idea to ask how to contact customer support. The usual customer support options are via opening a ticket, sending an e-mail, calling customer support, or using a live chat option. All options might not be active, so check with the vendor what the preferred method is.

A quick summary of the questions to ask before choosing a CRM solution

With everything said, the 5 most important questions to ask before choosing a CRM solution are:

  • How much will everything cost?
  • Is it possible to get a demo on how the platform is used and what some of the basic features are?
  • How long will the implementation process last, what is the cost, and how does the platform integrate with existing systems?
  • Do you organize training sessions for staff, and is there an online learning platform to use?
  • How can we contact customer support?

These 5 essential questions to ask before choosing a CRM will help you to understand everything about the platform. That way you will know if its features meet business requirements. Without asking these questions, you might end up with a CRM platform that will not be the best solution for what you need. Avoid that problem and make an informed decision by asking everything you want to know. And if you have any additional doubts or questions on your mind, feel free to schedule a consultation with MoversTech.

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