While it is possible to run a moving company without a CRM system, doing so is becoming less and less viable. If you want to tackle the needs and requirements of the modern moving industry, you need to rely on a good CRM system. Unfortunately, not all moving company owners and managers have the necessary know-how to introduce CRM into a company without professional support. Or what the benefits of doing so are. This article will show you how to introduce CRM in your moving company.

Why it is important to properly introduce CRM in your moving company

One of the first things people ask when considering a CRM system is when is the right time to introduce it. Especially when every CRM system is viewed as an investment and you need to budget its purchase. And a growing moving company has to be careful with its budgeting. So, should you introduce a CRM system immediately, or should you wait?

detailed reports
Budget concerns are quite common when people consider introducing CRM into their company.

Ideally, you will introduce a CRM system from the start. That way, your data will grow along with your company. And you will be able to gradually learn how to manage and use it. If you cannot afford a CRM system right now, you should try to get it at your earliest convenience. Poor customer management. The trouble with moving leads. Lack of direction in marketing. These are common issues that moving companies face. But they are also clear signs your moving company needs a CRM, so you need to take a step back and evaluate your position and objectively pinpoint aspects of your business that need to be improved.

Setting up your company for moving CRM introduction

Because CRM is a complex system, you cannot hope that your company will adopt it at the drop of a hat. Instead, understand that you must prepare your office staff and crew for CRM introduction. If you have prior customer data, you must review it and ensure it is healthy. You must also teach your staff how to use your CRM system and avoid errors. Understand that both these processes require time and effort. And that you need to plan for them to have proper CRM implementation. But worry not. Our specialists at MoversTech CRM will be more than happy to aid you in introducing CRM to your employees, whether through group training sessions or catering to a more individual approach. Access to the right service support will aid you in being successful in implementing changes to your moving company operations.

Benefits of introducing CRM into your moving business

When we say a CRM system is a must-have, we don’t say that lightly. There are good reasons why modern moving companies cannot keep up unless they have a reliable CRM system. To help illustrate this further, we will list the top benefits of introducing a CRM.

white moving van and a mover carrying boxes
Put your efforts into making your day-to-day easier with the right CRM tools.

Improved marketing

One of the most prevalent trends in modern marketing is marketing personalization. Companies must create content to suit customers’ needs and requests (a.k.a, personalize it) to reach customers. And you cannot hope to tackle personalization without first gathering and analyzing customer data.

CRM essentially allows you to determine what your customers are like. With that knowledge, modern marketing is made much more accessible. A common practice is using CRM with email automation for moving company requirements. Doing so lets you send the correct email at the right time and see your moving leads flourish. Through CRM, you can also learn how to orient your marketing efforts and whether you have a firm grip on your target audience.

Better customer service

Implementing a CRM is one of the best ways to automate the sales process for movers. It is the only way to utilize customer data and management software to meet the needs of modern customers.

Before, it was pretty understandable that a moving company would take some time to respond to your question or request; today, it is far from so. Nowdays customers expect that you respond to their demands at a moment’s notice. And they hope that you predict their needs before they even voice them. Effective communication with customers is a fundamental requirement for any contemporary moving company. Through it, you can automate a fair bit of your customer management. This will allow your agents to focus on data management and analytics and bring you closer to your target demographic.

two movers unloading boxes
You’ll be surprised at your customer service effectiveness once you introduce CRM in your moving company.

Data-driven analytics

The benefits of knowing your customers are not limited to marketing and customer management. Remember that you use a cloud-based, centralized database to gather data through CRM and generate moving reports. This means that every department in your company can rely on the collected data to make business decisions.

Sales, for instance, benefit significantly from a well-managed CRM database. Through it, your sales team can outline what items your customers might need for their relocation and restock beforehand. The benefit of centralized data is that various groups within your company can easily rely upon one another. If there is an issue with a move, your customer management team can respond quickly. And if your sales team wants to send promotional items, they can quickly look up exciting prospects. Overall, a well-managed CRM system steps up your company and allows it to function at a higher level.

Final thoughts

We would advise that you first fully get acquainted with what a moving CRM can provide and how your company can benefit from it in the long run. Then, you will be motivated to overcome the obstacles of introducing a CRM in your moving company.  Our team is happy to provide guidance and professional support in training your employees while ensuring your CRM implementation process is as smooth as possible.

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