The integration of software with other software and the teams that use it makes everyday business operations easier and boosts performance. Imagine being able to take the everyday chaos of using spreadsheets, calendars, phone calls, emails, comments, and reports – and unifying all that data within a centralized system. That is what the introduction of a moving company CRM software brings to business owners. And integration is an essential part of creating that perfect system that will centralize all your tasks and data. In this article, we explore the very definition of CRM integration, how it aids your business, and what are CRM integrations every moving company needs.

CRM integration what is it?

CRM integration is an optimal way to combine your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with third-party tools and applications. By achieving a smooth integration with other software solutions that moving companies use, a business can save time and resources while improving overall productivity in the process.

How CRM integrations strengthen your business

People in a company putting pieces of puzzle together
CRM integration can bring different aspects of your business together.

Look at your moving business as a large and complex puzzle. The centerpiece of the puzzle is the CRM platform that your company uses. It offers a large fragment of the puzzle on its own. However, it is still missing other pieces to give you the entire picture:

Now, all these (and other) parts of your business are by themselves very important parts of the puzzle. And for you to get the full image of your business, you need to have all the pieces. However, simply looking at each individual part of the puzzle is not enough. Instead, you need to put it all together into a fully functional and visually whole picture. And that is where CRM integrations that moving businesses need come into play – to solidify your entire business as a whole and offer it the integrity to operate at full capacity.

How do moving companies benefit from integrating other pieces of the puzzle with the CRM?

  • Establishes a steady flow of accurate information. By integrating every aspect of your business with your CRM, you can have all the data flow into one central database.
  • Solidifies internal communication. With your employees having access to all the information through the CRM platform your business uses, it is much easier to communicate and coordinate shared efforts.
  • Helps define your target customers. The more insight a business has into its customers, the more chances it will have to generate high-quality leads and increase its conversion rate. Integration helps a company combine different behavioral patterns of site visitors. This can help shape your content and marketing campaigns.

Eleven CRM integrations every moving business needs

The need for integration goes well beyond the need for boosting the performance of your moving business. It also serves to help avoid missing out on opportunities to convert leads. When you have miscommunication in a company or a lack of sufficient data at a crucial moment, it can result in losing out on a potential moving job. CRM integration can help reduce such risks and eliminate some completely. So, let’s take a look at the top eleven integrations that a moving company should focus on:

1. Emails

Sales reps for moving companies still rely heavily on the use of their inbox. Whether you are looking at quote requests, sending marketing campaigns, responding to comments and reviews from customers, or communicating with other departments – emails are still the dominant medium for communication. Therefore, gaining the ability to integrate your Gmail or Outlook inbox with your CRM platform can give you instant access to all correspondences. You will be able to use templates and sequences to respond to all contacts without having to leave your CRM or your inbox.

2. Calendar

Keeping track of your daily schedule with CRM software is a huge time-saver. However, in order to do that, you first need to integrate it with your Google or Outlook calendar. And this is something that you can easily achieve with the use of two-way integration with your CRM and online calendar. Some of the most basic advantages of this integration would be the ability to:

  • Instantly log meetings in your CRM.
  • Create notices for each meeting.
  • Send invites to meeting attendees.
  • Make notes from the meetings.
  • Create historical data to track projects through meetings.

3. Connectors

By automating everyday processes, you can generate more time for your employees to devote their efforts to tasks that matter. And one of the ways to achieve this is through connector integrations. You can use custom integrations to facilitate specific repetitive tasks to expand the functionality of your CRM to automated workflows. And we recently explored the benefits of sales automation software for moving companies. It declutters the everyday manual labor of your teams to create a more productive environment.

4. Social media accounts

As far as CRM integrations every moving company needs are regarded, the ability to access your social media accounts can take you far. By connecting popular platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to your CRM platform, you can gain valuable insight into your audiences. And this can lead to improving the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns as well. Additionally, social media integrations with your CRM can help streamline and automate your posting efforts.

5. Prospecting software

Why waste more time than you have to on identifying and engaging with leads when you can use a third-party tool for it. And once you integrate that prospecting tool with your CRM, you will be able to streamline communication with moving leads. Personalized and intelligent outreach will be much simpler when you have the support of your CRM to add to the prospecting tool you use.

6. Team communication

Slack is a well-known and established international solution for team communication and coordination that companies use. And by integrating Slack with your CRM, you can bypass having to switch between these two platforms to communicate. The results of this integration will be in speeding up internal processes and response rates between different departments.

7. Web forms integration

For a moving company, the ability to generate leads through online moving estimates is a crucial way to secure moving jobs. And so, a lot can depend on the way your forms and surveys work with your CRM platform. Integrating quote forms with your CRM can provide your sales reps with contact data and references for potential leads. This can speed up the callback to customers asking for quotes and increase engagement and conversion rates.

8. Calling software

With the pandemic having marked 2020, the ability to communicate through conference calls and online meetings has become a standard for conducting business. And this can become complex when you use several different tools to communicate internally and with potential customers. However, that is why calling software falls under the CRM integrations every moving company needs. You can host conference calls with colleagues or reach out directly to moving leads and streamline the phone and video calls for sales reps. Integration brings up all the relevant data about leads from your CRM and logs any new data that your sales department might need to close the deal.

9. Digital documentation and contracts

Contracts and insurance claims are a vital part of the moving and storage process. That is why it would be more than useful to have a documentation software tool integrated with your CRM platform. That way, you will be able to send proposals and contracts through a single central interface. You will be able to log signed contracts and sync them with details about moving jobs and customers in your CRM database.

10. Live chat

Live chat options on websites can bring in a lot of additional leads for moving companies. Consumers are always more open to negotiating directly rather than simply submitting information and waiting for a response. And so, having a live chat integration to your CRM platform can provide you with an additional flow of leads. You can easily capture contact information and conversation history so you are prepared when engaging with those leads.

12. Video

Video marketing can have a significant influence on modern consumers. As a moving company, sharing useful guidelines and promoting your services through video can be very beneficial. Therefore, integrating a video platform s such as YouTube with your CRM platform can boost your ability to generate leads. Integrations are powerful resources that can help you save time manually working with systems and data. With a powerful CRM at the center of your processes and integrations helping systems run smoothly, you can focus on doing what you do best — selling.

Start improving your moving business through CRM today

Despite being a powerful tool on its own, CRM is still only a larger central part of the puzzle. And you need to invest in CRM integrations every moving company needs to get the most out of your business. Start working on getting the most out of your moving company with a strong CRM platform tailored for moving companies. And if you need any additional information, contact MoversTech for additional insight!

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