Consumers evolve together with the ever-changing technological trends and innovations. And so, businesses need to constantly come up with ways to improve their existing approach to marketing and sales. Certainly, it all starts from building a healthy sales pipeline for your business. And this is a process in which the implementation of a tailored CRM solution can definitely come in handy. But today, we are here to walk through the process of modernizing your B2C sales funnel and why this matters so much.

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Modernizing your B2C sales funnel through content

Businesses rely on sales funnels to guide target audiences into becoming paying customers. They are a detailed map of the journey that an average customer takes from showing interest to converting into a customer. And so, sales funnels are essential when it comes to generating brand awareness and learning how to better target audiences. It is also a great way to monitor your sales workflow and improve the overall process.

We recently discussed the role of content in CRM software, and how it connects all the dots between different elements. In addition to that, content is also important when it comes to modernizing your B2C sales funnel. By creating multi-channel content, companies are able to engage with a wide range of audiences and attract more traffic to their websites. Despite this making it challenging to navigate through the sales funnel, there are ways to integrate it all with your CRM to ensure a smooth and easily readable map.

5 elements of a modern sales funnel

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What are the five elements necessary for modernizing your B2C sales funnel?

As we know, content is widely used to not only establish customer relationships but to also nurture them from the role of a prospect to the role of a customer. And while each company builds its own unique sales funnel, there are specific elements that are commonly shared. Here, we look at the 5 shared elements when modernizing your B2C sales funnel:

#1: Advertising

As we’ve already mentioned, engaging as many customers as possible through your sales funnel should be your priority. And you can only achieve that goal by modernizing the entire process. And there are plenty of ways to go about this:

  • Email marketing;
  • Social media marketing;
  • Google Ads;
  • SEO strategizing, etc.

The more channels of advertising you find, the more there will be for your CRM software to process. And this also includes traditional marketing tactics. So long as people can see it and end up contacting your business, it’s worth the effort. This is one of the essential ways of modernizing your B2C sales funnel.

#2: Review Verification

According to recent studies, over 78% of customers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family members and friends. That is why getting verified as a brand through reviews plays such an important role when it comes to modernizing your B2C sales funnel. Modern consumers will want to confirm the quality of your brand through testimonials, social media comments, news stories, articles, etc. Basically, anything that can verify the strength of your brand bolds well for your B2C efforts.

#3: Your Sales Pitch

Once customers end up on your website, they need to be sold into buying your product based on what they see and read. That is where your online sales pitch in the form of content comes into play. That is where your story brand comes into play. And so, you need to make sure that your entire website offers a very clear and detailed representation of the services that your brand offers. That way, customers will be able to better understand your offer and take the journey from visiting to converting.

#4: Initial Interaction

Once prospects see your advertising, read up on your company and its reviews, the next step will be to reach out to you. And that is a process that you need to take the time to plan out properly. It is the next logical step in your sales funnel, and one that can have a vital influence on the success of your business.

#5: Personal Pitch

The final stage of modernizing your B2C sales funnel is to create a presentation of your product and to train your sales team to follow that plan of action. This is where you lay it all out, by using a centralized system that can optimize your internal processes and collaborations between separate teams. All of it put together is meant to point customers in the direction of your business at the end of the day. While an important last step, too often, organizations focus all their resources to the top of the funnel and don’t concentrate enough on this one last step.

5 tools for modernizing your B2C sales funnel

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There are always tools that you can rely on to help you take your B2C sales to the next level.

A business’ specific sales funnel will change depending on how the business functions and the specific strategies it deems most effective, but by applying the strategies detailed above, companies will be sure to get the most out of their content while providing employees with a map towards successful selling. Now, more than ever, companies are creating compelling content that will generate sales. Modernizing your B2C sales funnels means maximizing their effectiveness. And these are the top five tools that you can use to achieve that:

  • Messaging apps – moving to your customer’s preferred channel.
  • Chatbots – automating basic communication for better engagement.
  • Post-service surveys & reporting – listening to the voice of the customer.
  • Remote visual support – ensuring the issue is fixed the first time.
  • Geo-location apps – saving valuable customer time.

Let us help you optimize your B2C sales with our CRM

For MoversTech, creating the perfect sales funnel requires an organized approach. You need to establish a system that offers holistic images of your internal processes and the performance of your business. With the data that you can get from our moving company CRM software, modernizing your B2C sales funnel is merely one of the benefits. To learn about the others, feel free to contact our team and schedule a consultation!

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