It is in every company’s interest to grow its customer base as much as possible. After all, the bigger your customer base is, the more likely you are to gain revenue from them. But, it can often be the case that simply growing your customers base isn’t the most cost-effective option. Furthermore, it is quite common that businesses don’t make full use of the audiences that they already have. So, with this in mind, we are going to give you a couple of ways to drive more business with your customer base as it is.

Ways to drive more business with your customer base

At first glance, it might seem that you are somehow tricking your existing customers into helping you drive more business. After all, we’ve all seen the obnoxious recommendations and pyramid schemes, where customers work on earning money for the employer while trying to gain some benefits. While these tactics can be effective, most of them are in poor taste and have short-lived success rates. So, for the sake of this article, we will try to avoid getting into such tactics. Instead, we will focus on tried and true methods for moving companies that help bring in new customers and get the most from the current ones.

Collaborate with customers

When utilized properly, customer collaboration can be a great benefit to your overall business. Not only will you yield further promotion from them, but you can give them an easy way to repay you for satisfactory service. If you’ve gone above and beyond what was required of you in helping your customer, they will likely be more than willing to help you out. The best way to use this enthusiasm is to have them praise you and your service.

A crew shooting a video with a girl, showing how to drive more business with your customer base.
After relocation videos are a great way to drive more business with your customer base.

In the case of moving companies, this is best done by filming a short video after relocation. Once you’ve fully completed the move, and your customers are satisfied with your performance, simply film a video where they outline their experience. For marketing purposes, the video shouldn’t be longer than 10 seconds. And in those 10 seconds, they should say who they are (if they feel comfortable identifying themselves). Where they moved from, and what their move entailed. The genuineness of their retelling and the enthusiasm of the finished relocation is impossible to replicate with actors. So, their story will likely do terrific things for your overall marketing.

Actively ask for reviews and references

In the modern-day and age, most customers will do extensive research before hiring a moving company. And the most reliable way to conduct the research is to check for reviews of previous customers. Unfortunately, not all customers leave reviews. In fact, most customers won’t leave one, unless you specifically ask them. So, once you are done working with a customer, have them rate and review you on an official website.

A crew shooting a video with a girl, showing how to drive more business with your customer base.
You can even use customer reviews as a marketing tool.

Another way in which customers research moving companies is through references. Namely, if they are looking for a company to hire, they likely want to hear what the previous customers have to say. Here, it is best to offer a discount if the customer is willing to give their info (usually email) for reference. Offering everyone discounts for reference is usually not a good idea. Instead, you need to keep track of how satisfied the customers were with your service. Then, you can offer that the satisfied ones give reference. Even with a rudimentary project management software for movers, this should be fairly easy to set up. Therefore, all you need to calculate is how much of a discount will be cost-effective as reference compensation.

Using social media influencers

Using social media influencers is hardly a new idea when it comes to marketing. After all, when you consider the impact of social media, you’d be hard-pressed not to use it in your marketing campaign. But, there is a common mistake that people make when looking for social media influencers. Namely, they solely focus on their following. While the following that the influencer has is important, you first need to consider whether or not the influencer is a part of your customer base.

An alderly influencer shooting a vlog.
You’d be surprised at how impactful influencers can be.

An influence that is also a customer can recommend your company much more naturally, and with greater detail. Again, if you managed to make a good impression, they will likely be more than happy to promote you. If they are really happy, they might not even ask for compensation. But, assume that they will (especially if social media is their only source of income). All things considered, don’t shy away from engaging social media influencers and having them promote you.

Nurture customers

Depending on which moving services you offer, you might be able to work with the same customers more than once. A person that relocated long-distance might need storage services. Or a person that relocated locally, might do so again after a couple of months. So, all things considered, you really ought to try and nurture your customers as much as possible. With MoversTech CRM for moving companies, this can be done fairly easy. But, it will be up to you to learn what your customer base is truly like, and which is the best way to engage them.

Final thoughts

Before we part, it is important to keep in mind that you need not use all of these methods in order to drive more business with your customer base. In fact, it is far better to implement one properly, than to try and implement all at once. A good idea is to first figure out what your customers are like. Different customers bases respond to different methods. And with decent customer service software for movers, you ought to be able to figure out what your customer base is like. All in all, try to tackle this issue with due care and research as it can yield you great ROI.

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