Even though B2B companies use lead scoring with efficiency, B2C businesses should also consider using this strategy. It may seem that selling to just anyone will earn profit and that you should be grabbing all leads you can get. Furthermore, if we consider the increase in the number of relocations in the past year, it is only natural that you want to grab a piece of that cake for yourself. While from a certain angle that is true, we need to look at the lead scoring for B2C companies on deeper levels.

What is lead scoring?

Lead scoring is a strategy that uses a quality scale to rank prospects against each other. The goal is to get the value of each lead to the company. Based on the results, your company will engage leads with higher scores before others.

Why is this important for a B2C company, especially in the moving industry? Getting any customer will bring profit, so why bother doing this complex calculation?

A man looking through a magnifying glass.
Put your customers under a magnifying glass. You need to determine the true value of every client for your company and focus on providing the best service.

Well, the point of lead scoring is to help you focus on the best group of customers that will bring the most profit to your company. Moving companies have a wide range of services to offer. If you try to accomplish all, especially as a startup company, you have a higher chance of failing.

What you should do instead is focus only on high-quality leads that belong to a specific group. For example, if your company operates in a college district, your best offers should be for college relocation.

How to set up a lead scoring system?

Let’s continue using our example about college relocations from the previous section. Setting up a lead scoring system will help in ranking your prospects. If you create a simple survey on your website and prompt it to visitors, you can quickly find out what group they belong to. If you ask what their occupation is, and you put one of the options to be “Student”, you can quickly define your targeted audience, and start reaching out.

By following this principle, you can add a couple of important elements for your lead scoring strategy, and assign points to every result. Once the client finishes the survey, it will add the points in the background and assign them to that customer’s contact information.

The next step is to work on leads management for movers and compare the results to see what visitors scored the highest.

Use lead scoring to create offers for clients

Two people holding thumbs up.
Another benefit of lead scoring is that you will be able to create attractive offers and tweak your marketing efforts. Focus only on the most valuable deals.

Doing these surveys will help in creating new offers for your business. You can quickly find out what your clients want, and work towards meeting their requirements. Movers software heavily relies on customer data to provide precise calculations and forecasts.

If you notice that a lot of your leads are scoring lower results, you might want to consider changing your strategy. Maybe the success of your business lies in different offers.

What are the benefits of lead scoring?

With everything we covered so far, here are a couple of the most important benefits of lead scoring for B2C companies:

  • generate a pipeline that focuses on the most valuable leads;
  • reduce the waste of time and resources on low-paying prospects;
  • define the ideal customer base;
  • understand your customers and their pain points;

These four benefits will greatly improve your business. You can also add customer service software for moving companies to the picture. Combine it with the collected data, and create a better customer experience. As a result, your customer service will also greatly improve. By speaking to the clients and asking about their needs and pain points, you are securing a good line of communication.

Cut down the waste of time and resources

A clock and growing stacks of coins from left to right.
Lead scoring will substantially increase your return on investment. Focusing on your most valuable customers is the best way to reduce unnecessary company expenses.

It is a fact that focusing on the wrong customers may hurt your business. Making one sale and missing on than others is not good business. Lead scoring helps avoid this.

As a small business, and especially as a startup, you should be very careful about spending your resources. Finances are always difficult at the beginning, and even the smallest mistake can have terrible consequences.

Also, spending time on customers with a low ROI rate will not do good for your company. You are investing a lot of your time without getting a good profit.

Lead scoring is the way to expand your business in the right way

If you ever had hopes and dreams about expanding your business to multiple locations, lead scoring is the strategy to use. Since it affects the success of your company, it will quickly bring your profit. More valuable deals lead to a successful business year.

This efficient strategy helps you save money and time. Use those resources to jumpstart your second location. The expansion is also expensive, and you need every bit of resources you can find.

Working with valuable clients opens many doors to your business, and secures more quality deals. This is a prerequisite for growing a business. If you try to do it while focusing on the wrong leads, you will quickly spend all of your money without any return.

Lead scoring for B2C companies will improve your business

After thoroughly going through the most important elements of lead scoring for B2C companies, it is obvious that this is a great strategy. It will help you to determine your targeted audience, create attractive offers, and improve customer experience. Furthermore, it will increase your profit. Using lead scoring does not mean being picky about who you work with. This methodology simply helps you to recognize outstanding opportunities for your business.

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