One of the common struggles of sales managers is assessing the performance of their employees. That is not an exact science, and each employee is special in their own way. If you are looking for a way to improve employee evaluation, you need a solid system in place Рa way to track their performance, efficiency, and productivity. Furthermore, performance can be measured in many different ways, and you cannot do it by looking at a single factor. You need to observe an array of various factors as a whole in order to make an informed decision. CRM is a system that will help you with this process. In this article, we look at how to evaluate employee performance with CRM and avoid making mistakes.

Why is employee performance evaluation complex?

A person looking at performance review with a stopwatch in the background.
CRM will help you to quickly and precisely do an employee performance review.

Let’s say two of your sales representatives speak with two different clients. The first sales rep makes a deal and sells a moving service to their client. The second sales rep spent the same amount of time and gave even more effort than the first sales rep, but they didn’t make a sale. Looking at that example, would it be correct to assume that the second sales rep did not do a good job?

There might be a number of reasons why the second sales rep did not sell a service to the customer. They could have made a communication mistake, forgotten to follow up, or simply didn’t advertise the service in the right way. Or they might have done everything correctly, but the customer didn’t want the service. There is no way to tell without taking a deeper look at the entire communication, which is where a CRM platform comes in handy.

With the help of a CRM system such as MoversTech CRM, you can have full insight into the communication between a sales rep and a customer. Based on the data you gather, you can analyze all metrics and make an informed decision. You should not be rash when doing employee performance reviews.

What data can you track through your CRM?

Besides collecting customer data, a CRM system can also:

  • keep track of calls with customers. Know exactly how many calls a sales rep made to their leads;
  • check if sales reps are doing regular follow-ups with the clients. A follow-up is necessary for the moving business. Sometimes a client cannot make the decision, or they simply forget. Your sales reps need to stay in touch with them all the time;
  • tell you how sales reps contact clients. Are they using a phone, or an email, a website form, social media apps, or something else? Understanding what communication channels are used the most will help with future advertising campaigns;
  • help with keeping track of where the clients in the customer journey cycle are. A sales rep leads a customer through all the cycles of the customer journey. Understanding this cycle is very important because it helps with doing reports and figuring out what steps are causing problems with customer conversions;

All of this data is valuable when it comes to evaluating the performance of your employees.

Customer care software

Another important part of CRM is full customer care support. You can link your CRM with whatever customer support system you are using, and feed the results directly into the database. Customer care software for movers furthermore allows you to capture clients’ questions, requests, complaints, or praises.

At the same time, you are tracking the responses of the employees. Know how they communicate with clients, and if they are helping them solve the problems. This is a crucial part of the performance evaluation.

How to approach the process of employee performance evaluation?

A smiling employee sitting in front of a laptop.
If you do the performance review correctly, your employees will be happy.

Now that you have all the data you need, it is crucial to apply the best approach when speaking with employees. This is especially important if they are not showing positive results. Assigning blame and pointing out all the negative things is not a good approach. Even though employees need to know the truth, it is extremely important how you tell them.

If you focus on the negative results, the employee in question will become defensive, or they will lose motivation and passion for the job. Instead, when doing employee performance reviews, you should focus on helping the employee solve their problems. This is the right way to do it.

If you notice a drop in the performance or productivity of your employees, try to figure out why that’s happening.

Always remember to also talk about the good things

Feedback on wooden table, with smile face sticky notes.
Give your employees suggestions on how to improve their performance.

Just focusing on the negative sides of employee performance will not bring good results. Remember to commend employees for a job well done, or if they are showing exceptional effort. They will appreciate this and know that you do look at their performance in great detail.

A positive performance review will motivate employees to work harder and to be more productive. Their efficiency will jump, and you will definitely see improvement.

Also, remember that most employees cannot split their focus on improving in different areas at the same time. Pick one thing they can work on, and be patient. Once they show progress, you can move on to something else.

Listen to the feedback when you evaluate employee performance with CRM

Besides giving your review, it is also crucial to listen to the employee feedback. A performance review should be a conversation between the manager and the employee, not a monolog. You should also add employee feedback to their CRM profile account. You can use that data to do reports and keep track of employee performance.

Help your employees grow with CRM data

Evaluation on tablet.
Use our CRM to improve your evaluation process.

A CRM database is full of invaluable customer data. To precisely evaluate employee performance with CRM, make sure to look at all factors. Furthermore, focus on helping the employees become better. Solving their issues will improve their performance. The element of organization is also in favor of CRM. You will have clean, concise data to use. And, all of that on a single platform. With that in mind, best of luck in running your business. And remember, a good employee is a base for a strong business. Without them, your business will collapse.

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