Once you start managing the marketing aspect of your company, you will soon learn that emails are a valuable tool. When it comes to customer retention and effective personalization, emails are the go-to option. And when if you want an easy way to handle B2B promotions, you will likely consider an email marketing campaign. But, while emails can be powerful, you need to know how and when to use them effectively. So, in this article, we will give you ten effective email management tips. With luck, these should help you utilize emails to their fullest potential.

Effective email management tips

While there are many ways to make use of emails, moving companies tend to mostly rely on them for customer management. This is why CRM email integration for movers is paramount and why, if you haven’t so far, you need to start relying on emails. Once you do start relying on emails for customer management, here is what you need to keep in mind:

1: Process your emails on a daily basis

Emails are your go-to way to communicate with your customers. Therefore, you need to check on them regularly. Most company managers check their emails several times a day. But, even if you are experiencing a slow period and there aren’t many customers to speak of, you still need to check yours at least once per day. Doing so is the only way to avoid piling up your emails and missing out on valuable opportunities.

A woman checking emails on her phone.
Answering emails should become a daily habit.

2: Proper prioritization

Trying to answer every single of your customers is a full-time job. Therefore you, as a company manager, can hardly expect to treat every email with the same care. The usual rule of thumb is that only around 20% of your emails actually require your response. The remaining 80% is either email that needs to be dealt with through automatic responses. Or require input that you cannot effectively give through emails. In either case, you need to have a reliable way to prioritize emails and only tackle those that are worth your time.

3: Create a “Reply by XX date” folder

Even if you manage your priorities properly, you will likely have to deal with a fair share of emails. This is why a good idea is to further prioritize your emails according to when you need to reply. Having folders with specific dates makes staying on top of your emails much easier.

4: Create template replies

A woman answering emails while talking on her phone, showing the value of effective email management tips.
Having template emails makes answering them quicker and easier.

This simple form for gathering declared data is one of many template replies you can use for your emails. Namely, as you’ll soon see, there will be a lot of emails asking you the same questions, or requesting the same answer. In this case, having to write out every single email is simply a waste of time. Instead, you need to outline specific templates for the most common emails.

5: Separate customers

After a while, you should get a fairly good idea of who constitutes your customer base. For more specific marketing data, you can resort to using CRM email tracking for movers. But, for the porpuses of answering emails, you will likely develop customers categories according to your own experience. A good idea is to then separate your customers according to those categories as soon as they contact you.

6: Add email protection

Just because you are a moving company doesn’t mean that you won’t get spam emails, or even get hacked. To avoid this from happening, you need to do your part in keeping your emails safe. First, only use safe email platforms. Then, make sure that your password is safe, and that you change it on a regular basis. The name of your company, or simply “password” does not constitute a safety measure. Instead, make sure that your password has capital letters, numbers, and small letters.

7: Avoid needless emails through a FAQ page

Creating a FAQ page is one of the lesser-known effective email management tips.

If you find yourself time and time again answering emails that you don’t want to, then what you might need is an FAQ page. Experienced companies usually tend to have one, as it makes customer management much easier. Having one does not only help with answering customers’ questions but also helps them understand how your company works.

8: The one-minute reply rule

Another thing you will soon learn is how long it will take you to answer specific emails. A good idea is to immediately answer an email if answering it will take you less than a minute. If it will take a while to write out an answer, it is natural to postpone answering until you have enough time to focus. But, if you run into a simple email, that requires a simple answer, get to it right away.

9: Gather data from people that email you

The crux of CRM email marketing for moving companies is to know who your target audience is. By doing so, you can look to address them at a personal level, and offer the right moving services at the right time. So, if you already established an email communication with your customers, don’t shy away from gathering some declared data. A simple form can be all you need to learn who you are doing business with. You can even ask them to give you suggestions on how to improve your service.

10: Limit your time in your inbox

Answering emails can be surprisingly time-consuming. Once you start, you can easily find yourself losing hours going back and forth with difficult customers. This is why the last of our effective email management tips is to time yourself. See how long it takes you to answer your emails, and determine whether you are wasting time on certain customers. Remember, not every customer is worth hours of your time. And you need to know when to either postpone answering or forgo it if the need arises.

Start optimizing your email management process today

These are just ten out of the countless ways to manage your email marketing and distribution. Of course, it all becomes all the easier when you utilize tailored moving company CRM software such as MoversTech. Simplify your day-to-day tasks and automate your marketing and sales efforts with our customizable and intuitive platform.

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