Purchasing software for your moving company is a great way to improve the business. It leads not only to higher revenue and process simplification but also to better customer care. However, when doing this step, be mindful of potential mistakes you could make. In the ideal scenario, you should aim to make no-regret tech decisions. Software is expensive, and any wrong move you make will only spend the company budget for nothing. Here is how to avoid that mistake.

The software you are purchasing should solve a problem for your company

Person typing on laptop.
The software you choose should make your business operations run smoothly.

When choosing what software to buy, you need to focus on its purpose and functionality. If you find software with “cool” features that do not serve the purpose of your business, buying it would be a mistake. You should not allow the software to dictate your business needs.

With that out of the way, the software you would want to look up should help you with:

  • leads management;
  • customer data management;
  • customer service;

These three groups are the most important, and here is why.

Leads management software

Purchasing software that focuses on leads management for your moving company is the best way to acquire more customers. It is also a tool that will help you with increasing the conversion rate.

The moving industry is a bit specific because you don’t expect to move the same client more than once, eventually twice. That’s why it is crucial to focus on finding new clients, either through customer recommendations or other channels.

Purchasing leads management software will definitely not be a mistake for your business.

Customer data management software

Another useful piece of software you should consider purchasing is a CRM platform. CRM software for movers allows you to create customer profiles, group clients into different categories, manage contacts, and track purchases. This insight into customers’ spending habits and the services they buy will help you to better organize your offers.

Customer service software

No matter what your business is, you will need to deal with customer complaints at one point. Customer service software for movers offers plenty of advantages. First of all, you can record and track customer complaints. Create priorities for every issue and make sure it is resolved within the service level agreement.

Second, you can record customer calls and collect reviews. This will allow you to understand the areas of your business that need improvement. Listen to your clients, their feedback will help you to improve the services you offer.

Guy in an office giving a thumbs up.
With the help of software for movers, your customer support should become better.

Furthermore, by using the reporting and analytics features, you can quickly get the statistics regarding any issue you had in the past. This will guide you in the right direction when it comes to tracking errors.

Finally, you can automate customer communication by introducing IVR, or a ticketing system. This will help save time for your employees, so they can focus on other tasks.

Be transparent towards your customers

Another big mistake you can make when purchasing company software is not to inform the clients if using their personal information. All sorts of software platforms have forms for collecting customer data. Whether it is mobile phones, e-mails, or something else, be transparent if you wish to use it.

Whatever the purpose this software has, your clients need to know about it. If you fail to inform them, you are breaching the ethical rules of doing business. This can eventually lead to a lawsuit.

Software needs to automate your business

If you are purchasing a piece of software for your business, it needs to help with automation. To make no-regret tech decisions, you need to focus on the main goal. Reducing redundant tasks. Imagine a situation where your employees are keeping manual records of customers. If one employee does not know the record exists they can create a duplicate. Or, it can happen that two employees start doing the same task. Software automation helps in solving this problem.

Furthermore, it should reduce human errors. Making mistakes is natural, and it can happen to everyone. However, repeating those mistakes over and over again is what slows down the business. It also wastes employees’ time because they will need to fix the errors.

The software you purchase should help solve all of these issues. If it’s not doing that, you have made a mistake in your selection.

Include your IT department in the decision-making process

You don’t need to be tech-savvy in order to purchase the software. However, it is a good idea to have an IT person next to you. When the implementation starts, they will be doing all the work. In case you are migrating your database to a new platform, you need someone who understands the technical side of it.

IT department will look at the project from a whole other angle. You want their opinion before you commit to a purchase.

Company software should reduce the workload, not increase it

The idea of using company software is to reduce the workload. It should be a helping tool. The first thing to check is if the software will help reduce the number of platforms you use. Companies often have complex requirements, and they need to combine two or three applications to pull it off. The software you are using should help you reduce the number of environments.

CRM software illustration
The main reason to purchase software is to decrease the workload and automate business tasks.

Second, it should be easy to use. If your employees need to spend double time doing some tasks, they are not being productive. The software can be complex, so make sure you understand what you are buying.

Be mindful of your budget

The final mistake we want to cover is the purchase of too expensive software. If you have a budget, try to stay within the limits. It is easy to spend a lot of money on functionalities you don’t need.

Make no-regret tech decisions as a moving company with a smart investment

Follow these steps if you want to make no-regret tech decisions as a moving company. Picking software is not easy. Nevertheless, we hope that this useful guide should help you to make an informed decision. Best of luck in finding the tool that will improve your business!

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