There is hardly a business manager out that wouldn’t like to have a motivated team. After all, what’s better than having a group of people ready and eager to roll up their sleeves and do the work. But, unfortunately, motivating employees is easier said than done, especially in the modern age where teams work remotely and plenty of employees work from home. To help you tackle this, we will cover different ways in which you can use monthly reports to motivate employees.

Why is motivation so important?

Before we delve deeper into the potential use of dashboards for employee motivation, it is useful to note why motivation is so important. After all, to properly motivate your employees, you will have to do a fair bit of research. Furthermore, you will likely have to invest in a system that helps you maintain and rekindle worker motivation. So, instead of looking to invest in better client relationship management software for moving companies and further developing your company, should you bother with employee motivation?


The more experienced business managers already know the answer to this question. Namely, you cannot seriously tackle worker productivity without first addressing their motivation. Without proper motivation, your employees will only work as much as needed to keep their jobs. This not only brings the overall productivity to a minimum but also created an abysmal business atmosphere.

Satisfied employees working.
You need to have a positive work atmosphere if your company is going to function well.

Employee motivation is a fuel that you use to run your company. If you manage it well, employees will not only be productive but also glad to work for you. Mismanage it, and you’ll soon see a drop in productivity and likely witness an exodus of employees.

Mental and physical health

Another important aspect to consider is the mental and physical health of your employees. Multiple studies have shown that motivated employees not only work harder but are also healthier and more resistant to negative emotions. This overall health is one of the main reasons why motivated workers are so productive. So, even if productivity isn’t reason enough to invest in employee motivation, try to consider their overall health and the benefit that it brings to your company.

Different ways to use monthly reports to motivate employees

With that out of the way, let’s consider different ways in which you can use monthly reports to boost and maintain employee motivation. While we feel all of them are effective, we don’t recommend that you use them all at once. Instead, try to see which ones are easiest to incorporate in your company. Then, once you do incorporate them, try to follow their performance. That way you will learn what works for your employees. And, what changes, if any are needed.

Showing workers where they stand

A well-made monthly report will clearly outline which workers performed better than others. This alone can be a great motivation as it boosts the natural competitive urge between your employees. Try to praise the workers that performed well, and see that they are compensated for their effort in some way.

People running a marathoon. showing that competitinvess is one way to use monthly reports to motivate employees.
Competitiveness is a natural part of our lives. So, why not use it to help motivate employees.

Here it is vital that you boost competitiveness, but not animosity. At the end of the day, your employees should be glad that their colleagues worked well. If they are not, the competition will likely bring bad energy between employees. And it might even lead to them sabotaging one another. It is important to keep the team spirit in mind, even if your employees don’t rely much on each other. The more they feel that each of them is contributing, the more likely they are to work harder for the company.

Comparing old and new reports

Another way to go is to submit private monthly reports to your employees. There you can use project management software for movers to outline their KPI (Key Performace Indicators) and show how they are progressing. For some employees, there is far more motivation in improving themselves than in competing with others. And your employees stand to learn much more from personalized reports than from general praises of “You did better than him”. It is vital that your employees can get further feedback on these reports if they find something unclear. And once they see that their performance is getting better, they are bound to feel even more motivated to improve.

Team level reports

Satisfied employees working.
If your employees are happy to see their report, you’ll know that you’ve done something right by trying to use monthly reports to motivate employees.

If your employees need to work in teams, it is useful to motivate them through team-level reports. Here you can combine the aspects of the previous two. On the one hand, you outline how the KPIs of the whole team, and outline what they can improve. On the other, you motivate different teams to compete with one another. Here you’ll have little trouble with boosting the team spirit, as team members will be motivated to heal each other.

For instance, there is little harm in customer management teams from different shifts when it competing in leads management for movers. In effect, your employees might look to motivate each other to work harder, as the performance of their employees will impact their reports.

Final thoughts

The three we’ve outlined are the most common ways to use monthly reports to motivate employees. But, keep in mind that work motivation is not something you can handle with simple monthly reports. For your workers to remain motivated you need to understand their drives and handle them effectively. Good managers develop a feel for worker motivation and don’t shy away from boosting it when need be. Team building exercises, office parties, pay bonuses, extended vacations… All of these are powerful tools at your disposal. Your job is to recognize when they are needed and see that they are used effectively.

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