A properly managed CRM system can be used in a variety of different ways. You can integrate it with your sales team and help their efficiency. You can connect it to your marketing team and help them come up with future marketing campaigns. But, one of the most common uses of CRM is to increase and maintain your customer base. So, how should you go about increasing your customer base with CRM? Well, that is what we’re here to find out.

Different ways of increasing your customer base with CRM

No CRM system will increase your customer base on its own. After all, no matter how complex it is, a CRM is only a tool. And as a tool, it requires a skilled user that will make full use of its functionality. So, to show you the functionality of a moving company CRM, we are going to go over different ways in which you can use it to increase your customer base.

Getting a better understanding of the customer base

The good thing about dealing with your customer base is that you never have to start stretch. If you have a website, it will naturally draw in people that are interested in it. Of course, if you don’t tackle marketing and customer management with due care, that number is going to be relatively small. But, non the less, you will have a small base to work with.

A woman working on a laptop.
The better you understand your customers, the easier it will be to grow your customer base.

One of the best uses of a CRM system is to get a better understanding of your customers. The way you do this is by monitoring their online behavior, mostly through shopping habits and interest indicators. After a while, you should get an idea of what your customers are like and where their interests lie. By knowing this you can orient your marketing efforts to your target audience. That way you will draw in customers that were previously unaware of your website.

Maintaining relationships

The common rule of customer growth is that satisfied customers bring new customers. If your customers are happy with your service and your overall attitude, they are likely to mention you to their friends and family. This, as it turns out, is a great way to build your customers base. After all, you are essentially getting free promotions from your customers. So, all in all, keeping your customers happy should always be among your top priorities.

The way in which CRM helps you here is that with it you can automate a bit part of your customer relations. Different types of offers, seasonal promotions, and emails can all be automated. That way you can keep your customers engaged with your company, even if they aren’t currently visiting your website.

Improve customers service

Having top-notch customer service is practically a must in today’s market. Before, people were satisfied to have their complaints and requests answered within a couple of days. Nowadays, you have 12 hours at the most to answer customer complaints. If you were to rely solely on your agents, this would be an impossible standard to meet. Luckily, through CRM most of your customer service can be automatized.

Customer service agents, indicating that helping them is one way of increasing your customer base with CRM.
You should always do whatever possible to help your customer service agents.

Even something as simple as “Thank you for your input, we are currently looking into it.” can managing customers a whole lot easier. The reason for this is that you don’t have to actually start handling the customer request right off the bat. You can easily buy yourself some time by saying that you are. So, even this little trick can help your customer service handle the requests coming their way.

Using social media

The two main ways in which you grow your customer base online is through SEO and through social media. Without social media, you can hardly hope to reach your audience, even if you have a terrific website. So, whether you like it or not, tackling social media is a must.

The way in which CRM helps you here is that through it you can get valuable info on whether your social media efforts are fruitful. When it comes to managing social media, it can be surprisingly difficult to figure out what works. Through proper CRM use, you can set your specific metrics and get precise data of how well your posts are doing. The better you can track the performance of your posts, the better you will know which posts to create and when to post them.

Developing partnerships with other businesses

A clever way to increase your customer base is to partner up with another business. Even if you create a decent product, answer customers in due time, and tackle your marketing with care, you are still only reaching only a part of your potential audience. But, if you manage to expand your business and connect it to other businesses, you will easily get a share of their customer base.

People in professional attire shaking hands.
Growing partnerships with other businesses is one of the best ways of increasing your customer base with CRM.

For instance, say that you are running a fitness store. You can naturally look to connect with customers in order to sell your products. But, you should also look to connect to fitness trainers and have them promote you. That way you will easily get a share of their customer base and increase your revenue.

So, how does CRM help with this? Well, there is a whole segment of CRM that you can use for B2B practices. Through it, you can easily content with other businesses and maintain your relationship for a long time.

Final thoughts

All things considered, increasing your customer base with CRM will be a process. While CRM is a powerful tool, it cannot provide you with new customers overnight. But, if you outline where you are falling behind on customer engagement you will easily increase your customer number within a month or two.

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