CDP or customer data platform is software designed to collect information about the behavior of your clients from the first interaction. This is a very broad yet extremely useful group of information that can help your moving business in many ways. The goal of this article is to show how customer data platforms benefit movers, and why you should consider installing one as soon as possible.

Is CDP the same as CRM?

Before we go into any further talk about customer data platforms, we must explain the difference between CDP and CRM. If you already have a CRM system, you might ask “Why do I need a customer data platform when I already have CRM?”.

While CRM builds customer relations by analyzing purchases, customer support tickets, and overall communication with the sales team, CDP focuses more on customer behavior and how they see your products.

Both systems collect customer information, but from a whole other angle and for different purposes.

What teams will benefit from customer data platforms?

People exploring customer data.
Using CDP will help both your and your clients. You can create a solution and deliver it to your customers in the right way.

If you are thinking about implementing a customer data platform for your business, you need to know what teams will use it the most. Customer data platforms are for non-customer-facing teams, like marketing, leadership, or product team. Sales can use them as well, but they benefit more from CRM.

How do customer data platforms benefit movers?

A customer data platform track customer behavior from the first contact. It gives you the info about:

  • how the customer found your business;
  • what are they looking at on your website;
  • how they interact with your products;

Let’s see how this relates specifically to your moving business.

Get more clients

CDP can measure whether the majority of your clients visits the website from a mobile phone or PC. By knowing this, you can invest more in improving either mobile layout or PC layout. Furthermore, it also gathers information about whether customers found you on social media, or by accident just searching for moving companies.

This information shows you where to focus when it comes to getting more clients. This is very important, especially now during the pandemic. You cannot waste resources on the wrong customer channels.

What services are used the most?

Every time a customer clicks on a page on your website, the information about what they visited goes directly into the CDP. By analyzing this data you can see what services are in demand. For example, if more people are looking at storage services, you know that pushing more storage offers will bring you more business.

You can also create pop-up widgets that ask important questions about customers’ interests, and what they would like to see in the offer.

Providing valuable service to the customers

Besides getting more customers and closing more deals, a customer data platform also helps in giving your clients exactly what they need. The level of customer satisfaction will go up. Furthermore, customer support will also be easier. By analyzing your clients’ behavior, you can find quick and efficient ways to solve their problems.

Re-analyze the market

Whether you are a startup moving company or you are already in business for a long period of time, you need to re-analyze the market. People’s behavior changes as time goes by. For example, if the people in your area predominantly booked local moving services, that can change.

An illustration of people doing market analysis
By analyzing the market, you can tell if there is a change in customer behavior and their needs.

A customer data platform will tell you what the most sought-after services are. If you notice that the market is changing, your business needs to adapt quickly.

How does CDP function?

One important thing to know is that a customer data platform collects data automatically. There is no manual data entry, the system is fully automatable. Another great benefit is that all of the data is stored in a single platform and distributed between teams.

Should I pick a CRM or CDP for my business?

Customer relations management software is heavily in use today. Almost all large businesses have this software. Customer data platform services are a novelty that is not yet that familiar. However, there are some predictions that CDP will replace CRM at one point. The functionalities of customer data platforms are more complex and they provide more in return.

If you don’t have any of the two, a good suggestion would be to implement CDP. In case you have a limited budget, focus on two things:

  • What functionalities does your business need?
  • How much are you willing to pay?

Based on the answers, you need to do the research and figure out the best solution for your current requirements. Still, a long-term goal should be to migrate to CDP at one point.

Customer understanding brought to another level – business strategy of the future!

The moving business changed during the pandemic. People are selling homes in large cities and moving to the suburbs. Furthermore, moving companies also saw a wave of corporate relocations in search of new markets and better business opportunities. Who can tell what the next change will be, and when it will happen.

A happy girl sitting between moving boxes.
The ultimate goal of implementing CDP in your moving business is to increase customer satisfaction.

That’s why you need a customer data platform. It is your silent partner that meticulously works in the background, collecting data and analyzing. This approach is very efficient when it comes to discovering changes in customer behavior or market fluctuations. If you cannot guess when the next big change is coming, you can at least monitor metrics. This research can save your company a lot of money, and create strong business opportunities.

Customer data platforms benefit movers in many ways. It is important to know that the technology progresses at a constant pace, and CDPs’ is only becoming better. You need a piece of that cake for your business. Have in mind that, if you don’t do it, your competitors will!

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