As time goes by, it only becomes more and more obvious that emails are here to stay. For a multitude of reasons, emails maintain their distinct spot in digital marketing. And seeing that they survived social media platforms, we can hardly imagine that a new trend is to going to push them aside. With this in mind, it isn’t really possible to plan an effective marketing campaign without incorporating emails. And the only long-term solution for email marketing is to build and maintain a healthy database. So, let’s explore what building your email marketing database is all about.

How to build an email marketing database

Having a simple email list is seldom enough to run an effective marketing campaign. After all, what good is a list of emails if you don’t know a thing about who they belong to? A good email marketing database contains both the emails, as well as the info about the people using those emails. Only by combining the two can you establish clear marketing goals, and set out to achieve them.

Gather customer info

The first step in building your email marketing database is to gather customer info. At the bare minimum, you need to collect email info. This is usually done through CTAs that invite your audience to leave their info. As a rule, such CTAs will give you the email info of interested customers. Therefore, engaging those emails will be well worth your time. Will every email be effective? No. But, you will have a decent chance of establishing a long-term relationship with your client.

A happy customer reading an email, showing the result of building your email marketing database,
The main reason for building your email marketing database is to easily engage with your customers.

Apart from email info, you should try to learn what your customers are like. Don’t shy away from asking them about their age, gender, education, or marital status. All of these can be valuable pieces of info for a marketing strategy. Especially if you plan on personalizing your marketing content, which has pretty much become a necessity. All client relationship management software for moving industry is based on gathering and filtering customer data. And the better you are at gathering it, the better it will perform.

Sorting the gathered info

Once you have gathered customer info, you need to sort it out. In the cases of moving companies, this is usually done by customer type and engagement priority. You need to know if you are addressing a potential customer interested in long-distance moving, or local. And you need to know if you are addressing a college student or an elderly couple. The content that you will put in your email should be just as personalized as the timing. Good segmentation is the basics of any CRM email marketing for movers. So, the more you attend to it, the better.

Outlining your marketing goals

Data with various marketing aspects.
You cannot measure your marketing effectiveness if you don’t have clear goals and KPIs.

With your email info gathered and sorted, you can proceed to outline your marketing goals. This includes both your short-term and long-term goals. So, while you may want to grow your brand locally in the long term, you should try to engage with a certain segment of your local demographic in the short term. In both instances, emails can do wonders. But, only if they are well-written and well-timed. You need to know how to weave your brand into your content, and into your overall online presence. By doing so, every short-term goal that you have will also affect your long term goals like building up your brand or engaging a new market.

Setting up KPIs

Having goals is seldom enough to run an effective email marketing campaign, To make the most use out of your database, you need to have clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to follow. Things like:

  • Email response rate.
  • The number of successful conversions.
  • Customer engagement rate.

All can give you insights into how effective your email marketing is. The more closely you follow these KPIs, the better you will run your email marketing.

Updating your email marketing database

A happy customer reading an email, showing the result of building your email marketing database,
Both you and your team need to diligently work on updating your email marketing database.

By now it should be obvious that having an email marketing database is not a one-and-done deal. While you can automate data collection and sorting, you should never put it aside and assume that everything works well. Even if it does, know that email marketing is prone to change. Both your audience and your marketing goals can change over time. And those changes should reflect your data gathering and data sorting. Remember that your marketing can only be as effective as your marketing data allows.

Final thoughts about building your email marketing database

You’d be hard-pressed to find customer management software for movers that won’t rely on the same data that you’ll find in an email marketing database. Every important piece of customer info works best if connected to the customer’s email. After all, what better way to connect with your customer and establish and long-term relationship than through email marketing? So, make sure that you tackle building your email marketing database with due care and attentiveness. There are no shortcuts or tricks that can make it drastically easier.

Proper email marketing

If you have any further questions about email marketing, don’t shy away from contacting a professional. There are plenty of experienced marketing managers that can help you understand email marketing and how to tackle it. You may even want to hire a content creator to help you make suitable emails. What you need to make sure is that both your marketing manager and your content creator fully understand your brand. Only then can you hope that your marketing investment will be worthwhile.

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