Are you looking for ways to increase your conversion rate and aren’t sure where to start? With so many different options for boosting your ability to convert leads to customers, it’s important to choose the right path. And one of the more efficient solutions is opting for lead magnets. In this article, MoversTech looks into how lead magnets boost conversions and how you can implement them.

What are lead magnets?

An e-book reader next to a cup of coffee.
One of the common examples of a lead magnet is a free e-book.

A lead magnet is a free resource that you’ll use to turn leads inside your niche into customers. They’re something you’d call a cornerstone for enhancing your conversion rates; a sine qua non of establishing a good first impression. Basically, you’ll offer something for free (whether it’s an e-book or an app) in return for a sign-up on your website. Once they’re on your mailing list, leads might become paying customers. That’s exactly why lead magnets boost conversions and are one of the crucial parts of your entire content marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of looking for lead magnets?

You’ll want to know that lead magnets can take on many shapes and forms, but they share some core characteristics without which they wouldn’t be so appealing. Here are those attributes:

  • They promote what your business does (they generate leads).
  • They’re free to deliver (they don’t require anyone to invest anything).
  • They’ve got high perceived value (seen as both useful and engaging).

If you’ve ever seen one of those all-you-have-to-do-is-type-your-email-address-here banners, there’s a good chance you’ve either clicked on or ignored a so-called lead magnet. If they ask so little of you (e-mail address only), then there must be a lead magnet somewhere nearby.

How do lead magnets boost conversions for every successful business?

Needless to say, if you want to generate moving leads online, your business will require you to utilize a lead magnet. There’s no doubt about it. Whatever branch your business belongs to, whether it’s a small blog or an e-commerce website – it simply doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get those e-mail addresses. You might ask: what’s so important about an ordinary e-mail? Here’s your answer:

An e-mail address is considered private data. You wouldn’t give in to everyone, right? Anyway, folks aren’t that keen on giving their e-mail addresses without a good reason, even if they find your business quite appealing in the first place. As a marketing expert, you’ll have to provide a good enough reason for them to type their address in the little box you’ve up there.

An example of how you’ll utilize a lead magnet to boost conversions

A person typing on their laptop keyboard.
How many times have you signed up for a newsletter?

Okay, so imagine you’re running a blog on your moving company’s website. Let’s say that it’s become something of a tradition to end the text with an offer: sign up for our mailing list to get the latest updates. Needless to say, there’s a chance not many folks would like to do that (you know how they like to uncheck the “subscribe to our newsletter” box).

Now, instead of the above example, imagine you ask your readers to give you their e-mail address for a free PDF moving checklist in return. Needless to say, you’ll surely get more addresses in that manner. And speaking of relocating, you’ll want to know that organizing leads management for your moving company is about as crucial as the lead magnets we’ll show you below. Without a solid lead generation strategy, businesses are, unfortunately, doomed to fail (what a way to end the paragraph…).

How to come up with a good lead magnet?

There is a set of tips we’ve gathered to help you come up with solid lead magnets that will boost your conversion rate sky-high:

A good lead magnet should be easy and quick to digest

Now, we’ve talked about e-books being one of the more popular lead magnets. However, they can sometimes seem too tough to handle. People today lead fast lives, and they can be easily turned off by a large sum of text. PDF checklists sometimes rank better than e-books since they’re pretty easy to digest.

Let’s say you’ve given your readers that PDF moving checklist we’ve mentioned above. Once your soon-to-be customers have signed up, you’ll be able to utilize all the power of CRM email marketing for moving companies. By doing so, you will be in a much better position to improve your conversion rate.

A good lead magnet should solve a real problem

If you’re offering a lead magnet in the form of an unusable item, there’s a good chance no one will take the bait. A good lead magnet should solve a real problem and help your future customers achieve something. 

A good lead magnet needs to be instantly accessible

A child holding a polaroid camera.
Customers like their lead magnets just like they like their polaroids: instant.

In other words: it needs to be delivered right away. Audiences today have a short attention span – it’s important to not neglect that fact. Remember all those “as a free member, you’ll have to wait for another…”. That’s not something that modern consumers want to hear. Otherwise, you’d have to utilize some good old CRM software for movers to help you out of that sinkhole. If you’re in the moving industry like we’ve assumed above, that is.

The bottom line

Much like every moving company needs proper CRM software to ensure that everything is running smoothly, it also needs leads to manage and work with. Lead magnets boost conversions and your business can only benefit from using them. All that you need to remember is that there is a proper way of doing things and that it takes a professional approach in order to generate an optimal volume of leads.

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