The goal of every commercial website is to draw in customers. Sure, you want to educate them about your moving services, and you may want to help them tackle their move with a greater sense of ease. But, at the end of the day, the goal of your website should be to draw in an audience and convert them into customers. When audience members do come to your website, but soon leave, we call it a bounce. The higher your bounce rate is, the worst off your website is because it means that people are leaving without taking any action.

Different ways to reduce your bounce rate

There could be plenty of reasons why you have a high bounce rate. And, in the same token, there are numerous ways in which you can potentially reduce it. So, instead of trying to incorporate all of them, try to first outline why your bounce rate is high in the first place. The better you understand the customer experience on your website, the better you will know how to optimize it.

Reduce load time

In the modern-day and age, nobody has the patience for a slow website. Even if you have top-notch content presented in a well-crafted manner, no viewer is going to stick around long enough to witness it. So, if you believe that your website is taking too long to load, consider improving it. It may be something simple as a plugin update. Or you may need to hire a web developer to redo your website. All in all, you cannot allow your audience to wait to view your website. Simply because they won’t.

Improve navigation

Most of your audience members will come to your website for information. Perhaps they wish to learn more about your company. Or they want to learn how to make their relocation easier. In either case, it is your job to make navigating your website easy and intuitive.

A frustrated person viewing a website.
If your customers are frustrated while viewing your website, they are likely to leave.

Firstly, make sure that you have a working search bar. If the viewer has to go to Google in order to look something up on your website, you are doing something wrong. Secondly, try to connect info on your website in an intuitive way. Know that what is intuitive for you won’t be intuitive for your customers. To learn about their experience you need to first gather data with CRM for packers and movers, and then monitor their online presence. Only by knowing who you are dealing with, and how they interact with your website can you look to improve navigation.

Avoid ads and popups

If there is one thing we all hate seeing on websites, it’s ads and popups. Yes, ads can bring you a bit of revenue, especially if they are related to the moving industry. And popups can be helpful if they are well-timed and well-designed. But, in most cases, ads and popups simply drive people away from an otherwise decent website. We all are bombarded with marketing everywhere we turn. And the last thing we need is more ads and popups trying to grab our attention. So, unless you really know what you are doing, try to avoid incorporating ads and popups into your website. They are far more likely to do harm than good, especially when it comes to bounce rates.

Be careful with CTAs

Older couple making an online purchase.
A good CTA overhaul can be all you need to bring people back to your brand.

In order to convince your audience members to convert into customers, you will have to utilize CTAs. A good Call To Action will bring the audience’s attention to your service. But, if you push it too soon, or you don’t plan it well enough, you can easily cause your audience to bounce. A good CTA is a well-crafted end to a carefully constructed customer journey. And if you apply them without much forethought, they can easily increase your bounce rate instead of improving your conversion rate.

Focus on website design

A high bounce rate doesn’t have to be due to loading speed or poor navigation. You can have a well-running, properly optimized website that is simply ugly. And, this lack of website design will be all you need to turn away potential customers. Know that your customers will judge you in every interaction they have with your brand. Whether you are using CRM email marketing for moving companies to engage them through emails, or whether they are viewing your blog posts. Your customers will not only look at what you are saying but how you are presenting yourself. So, if you didn’t invest much in website design, and you have a high bounce rate, consider redoing your website.

Optimize for mobile devices

A person using a phone, showing that mobile optimization is one of the best ways to reduce your bounce rate.
If you haven’t done it so far, mobile optimization can be one of the best ways to reduce your bounce rate.

No matter who your target demographic is, a big segment of them will use mobile devices to view your website. Therefore, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you should hardly be surprised by a high bounce rate. Every website, if they wish to find a sizable audience, needs to be optimized for mobile devices. Your content, your brand and your messages need to be easily readable from small, verticle screens. Fail at this, and you will easily ostracize a big part of your audience.

Improve your targeting

A high bounce rate may have nothing to do with your website. After all, even a top-notch website won’t do you much good if you don’t target the right people. So, if you believe that you have a well-designed website, try to rethink your target audience. All marketers are prone to change. And moving companies are not exempt from this by a long shot. You need to carefully pay attention to market changes, and make sure that your marketing is focused on the right audience. Without doing so, no lead tracking software for moving companies can help you find leads and turn them into customers.

Final takeaway

While there are numerous other ways to reduce your bounce rate, these should serve as a decent guide. If you don’t recognize any of them within your website, and you still have a high bounce rate, consider doing further research. The sooner you identify the problem, the sooner you can precisely address it. We advise you against the trial and error method of applying solutions to a high bounce rate, as it can be quite lengthy.

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