As technology continues to progress, so does the potential for growth continue to increase. No matter what niche your company competes in, following news and trends is an essential part of finding innovative ways to expand your enterprise. The moving industry is changing “faster than ever” thanks to breakthroughs in technology and there are plenty of companies that are missing out. Here at MoversTech, we understand the importance of keeping up with all of those changes. In this article, we explore the current moving industry tech trends worth investing in!

How does staying up-to-date help your moving business?

To start off, it’s really not a question of choice.┬áIf your competitors are doing it, there’s a good reason you’ll need to do it, too. Even though it doesn’t always look like that, technology makes our lives easier. By introducing the moving industry tech trends we’ll mention below, you’re doing something good for your potential customers. In other words: you’re making the whole relocation process a bit easier and less stressful. All in all: you’ll want to stay up-to-date in order to keep your customers satisfied and your competition at bay.

#1 Online quote calculators

A calculator.
Not having an instant moving cost calculator on your moving company’s website is costing you leads as you’re reading this article.

Here’s the thing: you’ll rarely find a moving company’s website that doesn’t have a pinned digital quote calculator on its homepage. Instead of wasting precious time talking on the phone with a moving company representative and outlining the details of your upcoming relocation, you can just enter some data into the moving cost calculator and get the much-needed info in less than a couple of minutes. Worried about how customers will react? Since they are pretty used to this kind of service, a moving company without this option will most likely stand out (in a negative manner). That’s why this is something you’d call a moving industry tech trend that’s worth investing in.

#2 Automatic tracking of goods

It’s a pretty good thing, if not necessary, for your customers to be totally up-to-date with the status of the relocation process. Today, we have GPS technology that enables us to track the whole moving process without much hassle. With it, your customers have all the freedom in the world to check the status of their goods at any given moment, without having to inquire about it by calling the moving provider of their choice. Also, this helps the movers, too.

Imagine what they had to deal with before this innovation came to be. All those neverending queries about the whereabouts of this or that. It is a waste of time and resources. On the other hand, automatic tracking technology counts among moving tech trends that can change all that.

#3 Customer support tools (callback software, chatbots, etc.)

A couple of customer support agents.
Instead of investing in 24/7 live customer support, turn to technological advancements and look into callback systems and chat options.

Needless to say, communication is crucial in today’s world. For a person to enjoy a successful relocation process, communication with the moving service provider needs to be available at all times. Since we have the technology and infrastructure to enable this mode of operation, there’s not a single reason to avoid introducing this service to your offer. And with callback widgets, site visitors can schedule phone calls with sales representatives at their own convenience. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should have dozens of employees sitting by the phone working the night shift. That’s where the scheduling comes into play.

Another option would be to introduce chatbots to your website. Even though they’re not so efficient at handling “the hard stuff”, they’re pretty good at answering some of the most common queries customers can start. This kind of support will enable your “non-AI” support team to have more time to handle tasks that are more difficult.

#4 Moving leads software

There are platforms that will help you generate leads without much hassle. Want to be the best in the business? If that’s so, you’ll want to use moving leads management software such as CRM platforms to generate user profiles, find and analyze your leads, and handle targeted research. Without this type of software, you’re nowhere near a good moving company growth. So, yeah, adding some moving leads software to your business strategy is a moving industry tech trend that’s absolutely worth every penny invested.

#5 Self-booking

A person typing on a laptop keyboard.
Enabling your website visitors to book your services without much hassle will put them in greater control. Now, that can’t be a bad thing, right?

A “thoughtful” moving company is one that keeps its service up-to-date with all the current trends inside the industry. One of the newest trends on the market is the so-called self-booking option. With it, your clients are able to book a short-notice relocation (or schedule any other type of service) without much hassle by using a variety of apps that enable this kind of service. Also, they’ll enjoy the advantage of being able to change their service or cancel it anytime using the aforementioned apps. Why do clients find this useful? Because they’re in a position of power, and their user experience is something you’d call hassle-free.

#6 E-mail sales automation software

Last but not least on our list of moving industry tech trends you don’t want to miss out on is, of course, the e-mail sales automation software. Here’s the thing: if you choose to automate this or that part of your sales process with CRM with email automation for movers, you’ll greatly decrease the need for extra employees. Also, your current employees will probably enjoy some additional free time. This type of software also assists your team in identifying user behavior and intent, which will eventually boost your conversions greatly.

Start looking into moving industry tech improvements today!

Of course, these are just some of the numerous tech innovations available. It’s simply a matter of keeping up and constantly searching for new ways to bolster your moving business. Tech improvements can help you lower operational costs, boost productivity, minimize errors, increase conversion rates, and much more. MoversTech CRM software is an obvious example of this, but we offer a plethora of other options as well.

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