The main goal of every marketing campaign is to increase revenue. Whether it is through improved brand recognition, engaging in new markets or finding new ways to establish better customer relations. The end goal is always to yield more revenue. Well, to that goal, we will explore the basics of driving revenue with your CRM.

How to succeed in driving revenue with your CRM

In order to bring in new revenue with your CRM, it is paramount that you already have a well-functioning moving company. No type of marketing will bring you any form of decent revenue if your services are subpar. After all, your customers are bound to check out reviews and ratings that you have on independent sites. And if those aren’t good, your marketing won’t save you. So, try to first use customer management software for moving companies to improve your business, and only after doing so to improve your marketing and see better revenue.

Gathering customer data

A customer service team learning about customers.
The main idea behind driving revenue with your CRM is to learn as much as you can about your customers.

The first thing you’ll notice once you start using a CRM system is that gathering customer data is made surprisingly easy. Through a CRM system, you can establish important parameters for individual clients, and gather them automatically. The age, the gender, the employment status, and the common relocation needs. All can be efficiently outlined and stored. Furthermore, your employees will have a fairly easy time sorting, updating, and copying customer data, if need be. And, as you’ll soon learn, this type of data is invaluable when it comes to driving revenue with your CRM.

Getting leads and referrals

With the right data by your side, you can look to acquire leads are referrals. As we’ve mentioned before, lead management is surprisingly efficient if you use the right lead tracking software for moving companies. And, as it turns out, that is precisely what a decent CRM can provide. Through it, you will know who to target, and how to propose your targeting. By doing so you are bound to get healthy leads that soon turn into paying customers.

Besides lead tracking and gathering, you can also use your CRM for referrals. By keeping in touch with your customer, you can motivate them to refer you to their friends and family. While this may seem simple, it is a surprisingly effective marketing strategy. After all, who better to recommend you than someone who has previous experience with your services.

Making your customer management team more efficient

Whether or not your company is able to bring revenue is largely based on how effective your customer management team is. If they do their job correctly, they can properly outline what your target demographic is like and how to engage it. But, if they have to answer trivial questions from different customers time and time again, they will hardly have the time to do the necessary research for customer management. Fortunately, this is where a CRM system can be of great help.

An effective customer service agent driving revenue with your CRM.
Every customer service team works better with a proper CRM system at hand.

It automates a big part of the more repetitive customer service jobs. Therefore,  it enables your agents to focus on the more complicated aspects of customer management. In most cases, this also means that customer services teams shrink down, which also stands to bring your revenue. After all, the fewer customer complaints you have to address, the fewer customer service agents you’ll need.

Incorporating sales team

In modern companies, sales teams are practically inseparable from customer service teams. The point of a sales team isn’t to come up with a new product, or a new offer from thin air. Those days are long gone. Modern sales teams need to acquire customer data, predict customer needs and come out with a business solution that is likely to have a good ROI. Well, there isn’t a more seamless way to combine the sales team and your customer support than through a CRM system. The main idea behind it is that all your customer data is centralized. Therefore, each member of your team can easily access and alter any data that they might need.

Personalized marketing

Finally, we come to the main point of driving revenue with your CRM. Namely, the main way in which you will increase your revenue is through personalized marketing. What it entails is creating personalized marketing content for different segments of your audience. Every target audience, no matter how homogenous it seems, has different segments. And the better you can address those segments, the easier it will be to yield revenue from them.

Digital marketing.
Almost every aspect of modern digital marketing will involve personalization.

Ideally, you would address every customer on a completely personalized level. But, this is the ideal version of personalized marketing, that only B2B companies can strive for. In every case, personalized marketing is the future of marketing. And the sooner you start using your CRM system to better address it, the better.

Final thoughts

The final point we have is that driving revenue with your CRM is only possible if you have the right CRM software for movers. Different companies have different needs and different ways of addressing customers. Therefore, it is paramount that you outline what your needs are, and where a CRM can help you out. Even among moving companies, there can be different business needs. For instance, a B2B moving company can work entirely differently from a B2C. And a company that only offers local moving will function entirely different from a company that also offers storage and international transport.

Keep in mind that certain CRM systems can be expensive and that you can end up paying for something that you only use a fraction of. So, don’t shy away from doing your homework. The better you can understand your business, the easier it will be to outline what kind of a CRM system you’ll need.

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