When running a moving company, the dispatching process is one of the most important aspects of the business. Moving companies face a lot of challenges in this area. Dispatchers organize everyone’s tasks, and they coordinate movers and equipment. One way to solve their problems and increase efficiency is by purchasing customer relationship management software. Let’s look at the most common dispatching challenges solved by CRM software and why you should make it a standard addition to the toolset of your employees.

Why is dispatching so important for moving companies?

Before we look at dispatching challenges solved by CRM software, let’s understand why dispatching is so important. We mentioned how dispatchers are coordinators of the business. They need to have an in-depth view of all operations to efficiently coordinate resources to complete all tasks on time. By improving the dispatching process, you are ensuring:

  • Higher efficiency and productivity of your employees
  • Happier customers
  • Lower operational costs
  • A profit increase

We will now see how MoversTech CRM can help you achieve the above and significantly improve your business. Once you understand CRM’s impact on the dispatching process, you will be closer to finding the perfect tool for managing your business.

A mover carrying a couch.
CRM helps with employee allocation to ensure coverage for all sizes of relocation.

Moving CRM helps to cut down operational costs

CRM is a very efficient tool that will help you to reduce business expenses and increase efficiency. For example, you need to do multiple relocations in a single day. Your moving crew needs to deliver the same level of quality for all relocations.

Since CRM helps manage moving crews, a dispatcher can use the software to allocate the right amount of employees depending on the size of the relocation. Also, they can calculate the most optimal routes to conserve gasoline and save time. By increasing efficiency through accurate resource relocation, you are cutting down operational costs.

Manage moving crews more easily

Thanks to CRM software, you can quickly build a detailed database of all customers. Once you have that in place, you will have visibility of all the relocations within the next period. We already mentioned how the size of the relocation would affect the number of assigned employees. Assigning the needed number of employees to each relocation will not only help cut operational costs. At the same time, you are ensuring a timely relocation for your clients, which affects their experience.

From the dispatching perspective, a dispatcher will know exactly what available resources. This will prevent further issues with insufficient employees to handle all relocations. Also, you will avoid situations where you have underutilized resources because of improper allocation of movers to their tasks. If your dispatchers see this as a common issue, that could be one of the signs your moving company needs a CRM.

Prevent double booking

Another situation you have to consider is double booking. You should never be in a situation with two moving jobs simultaneously, different locations, and insufficient crew members. This will poorly reflect on your business and customer satisfaction. Thanks to CRM software, your dispatchers can correctly allocate resources to handle all relocations.

A man carrying a box labeled "fragile".
Some relocations require additional tools and equipment. Dispatchers will have an insight into that thanks to CRM software.

Know the availability of all trucks

As a moving business, you must rely on moving trucks to handle all relocations. Since you have a limited number of trucks, ensure they are appropriately distributed to cover all tasks. For example, if you schedule multiple relocations and have enough people to cover everything but not enough trucks, you are again at a problem. Besides managing crew members, CRM also helps dispatchers to consider the number of available trucks.

Business automation

Besides task coordination, dispatchers also have a lot of manual work. For example, they need to notify crew members any time there is a new upcoming relocation or if a truck is now available for the next move. They also assign individual tasks to each employee. All of that takes a lot of time, and there is a high chance of human error at one moment.

Luckily, user-friendly moving CRM efficiently solves that problem. It allows you to automate most manual tasks and ensure they are always completed on time. For example, you can easily set notifications to let movers know they are assigned a new job. This automation ensures the timely execution of all tasks.

Real-time visibility

We discussed how CRM for movers helps dispatchers know precisely what resources are available and how to coordinate them properly. It is important to mention that all of that happens in real time. For example, when a moving truck becomes available, the system notifies the dispatcher. The same happens when the movers finish a job if a client schedules a moving estimate, etc.

This real-time visibility provides more control over the dispatching processes. It also improves coordination because there are no unnecessary delays that waste time.

CRM also improves sales processes

Even though we are talking about improving the dispatching process with CRM, it is also important to mention that this affects other teams. For example, the sales team must know the exact dispatch schedule and all current assignments. If they need to make a new sale, it is important to have that in mind so that they can book the next available date.

Furthermore, all the data fed into the system can be analyzed and displayed in a report or dashboard. This is crucial for forecasts and market analysis. Data analysis plays a vital role in any business, and CRM makes it simple to analyze.

The most common dispatching challenges solved by CRM Software

CRM Software solves many dispatching challenges. Properly using this valuable moving resource will significantly impact your business and help dispatchers efficiently do their jobs. If you want to invest in your moving business’s future, CRM is the way to go!

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