Every year, millions of folks investigate something you’d call their franchise opportunities. However, not all of them become buyers. Only a few of them do, actually. According to some studies, out of the 1-2 million people who require some info about a franchise each year, only somewhere around 13-20k of them will become actual franchise buyers. For a business to grow its brand into an iconic and recognizable one, its lead generation efforts will have to be directed at those 13-20k people. In this article, we explore the efforts necessary for increasing your franchise leads. You’ll learn how you can align your recruitment methods and strategies with the way your potential franchise buyers think!

#1 Figure out who your target prospects are

A target for darts.
You’ll need to define who your ideal franchise buyers are.

Here at MoversTech, as you probably know, we’re all about customer satisfaction. Besides utilizing customer service software for movers, there are other things you can do to help your business. Anyway, you can’t sell something if you don’t know who you’re selling to. In other words: you’ll need to come up with a so-called franchisee buyer persona. That’s a crucial part of any franchise sales and marketing method or strategy. By figuring out just what type of franchisees are good for your organization, you’ll be able to form a targeted approach. We’re talking about knowing when or where or how to reach qualified leads. That way, you’ll guarantee that you’re spending money trying to reach the right folks.

#2 Focus your website on franchise recruitment

It goes without saying that you should possess a website solely dedicated to franchise recruitment. Your potential franchise buyers will need to be able to check if your brand “works” for them through non-complicated website navigation, all the useful information, and engaging content. Also, the website you’ll create should have content that “talks” directly to a certain audience (your franchisee buyer personas, like we’ve named them in the previous paragraph).

For example: if one of your target groups is millennials, the content on your franchise recruitment website should be able to explain why joining your franchise is the number one option for them and their peers, instead of raising their business out of nothing.

#3 Customize your marketing efforts accordingly

Now, once your website is up and running, it’s not like your franchise buyer personas will somehow magically come. Your sale and marketing teams will have to work together to help during the process of increasing your franchise leads. In this section, we’ll show you some marketing practices that you can employ in order to generate targeted leads.

Practice A: Email communications

Okay, so first we’ll consider the topic of email communications. The email campaigns you’ll make (eighter with or without¬†customer relationship management software for movers, if you’re a part of the moving industry and we guess you are) will update your leads on relevant company news, invite them to various events, and “inspire” them to reach your company with various questions. Imagine if a certain lead shows genuine interest, but they never hear from your again. Needless to say, that would only be your loss.

Practice B: Content marketing

A person typing on a white keyboard.
Without proper content marketing methods, you won’t exactly strike gold.

Yup, you ain’t goin’ nowhere without proper content marketing. All content marketing strategies that include blog posts, e-books, videos, etc. – they’re all made to bring leads to your franchise. For instance, by creating some good content pieces gated assets (such as the good old “you’ll need to fill out this or that form to get this or that”), you’ll receive some contact info that will enable you to place each of those leads into the correct workflow.

Practice C: Events

You’ve probably well aware of this, but there are many franchise events throughout the whole year (Franchise Expo being only one of them). By attending these, you’ll have a chance to enjoy face-to-face communication with your potential candidates. These events do serve a great purpose since you can’t really stumble upon a franchise expo, everyone’s there because they’re interested.¬†

Practice D: Use social media for increasing your franchise leads

Last but not least, we’ll talk about the way social media will help you sell your franchise to potential buyers. Needless to say, social media became an integral part of every company you’ll find in today’s market. Also, its storytelling attributes have been widely agreed upon. You’ll use social media to showcase your franchises in the best possible manner and show why is it so good to be a part of your brand. Lastly, think about paid advertising on certain platforms, the ones that are something you’d call the most engaging for your brand.¬†

A smartphone display.
There’s no need to emphasize the importance of social media for your brand’s “well-being”.

#4 Hire a franchise development consultant

Did you know that there are franchise development companies out there that will work with your sales, finance, and operations teams to help build your franchise/brand? That’s right, they’ll assist you in attracting qualified leads. Also, they’ll help your candidates find a brand that’s a brand to their liking. So, what’s there to be done about it? Simply do some good ol’ research and see if you can find a development company that might be good for you.

#5 Explore different software solutions for increasing your franchise leads

The bigger your firm gets, the harder you’ll keep track of all your leads. Luckily, there is software to help us out there. For instance, if you’re in the moving industry and, just like we said earlier, we kinda think you are, there is fantastic leads management for moving companies that you’ll find pretty useful. A good lead management system will possess a CRM and also have automated workflows, email campaigns, etc.

The bottom line

Okay, so that’s about all there’s to say about increasing your franchise leads! Hopefully, you’ll utilize some of the info we’ve shared with you above and find the best way to your franchise leads. We’re quite sure you’ll make the best out of it!

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