If they aren’t familiar with it, business managers are usually reluctant to use mass email marketing. Yes, the idea of having an automated system send emails to potential customers does sound alluring. But it seems like something that only large-scale companies can afford. Well, this is one of many misconceptions that lead moving businesses away from using email marketing to full effectiveness. In this article, we will explore the pros and the cons of utilizing email marketing and hopefully give you an idea of whether it is worth the investment.

The pros

Seeing that they are more notable, we will first list the pros. Keep in mind though that the aspects we will list only work if you tackle your email marketing with due care. Like all aspects of marketing, it is predicated on how well you understand your company and how well you use CRM for packers and movers to understand your audience. If you don’t, no marketing tool can help you. And that includes emails, one of the oldest marketing tools out there.

Good ROI

A graph showing increase in revenue.
Once you see the increase in revenue you’ll understand why mass email marketing was worth the investment.

The first thing to note is that mass email marketing has a terrific average ROI (Return Of Investment). Every dollar that you put into email marketing stands to earn you two or more. It all depends on how well you set it up, and how responsive your customer base is. But, even the companies that don’t tackle email marketing tremendously well stand to get decent ROI. Compared to other types of marketing, the ROI of emails shines. So, if you have a limited marketing budget, which all moving companies do, you’d be smart to make not to risk it and invest it wisely.

An effective way to communicate

Emails stand as one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. Whether you wish to offer them a new deal, ask them about their experience, or set up a meeting. Emails are the preferred platform. There was some worry that emails would go into obscurity once social media platforms came around. But, it soon became obvious that emails are here to stay.

Generate leads

Lead generation is something that moving companies often struggle with. Namely, finding and engaging new customers is seldom easy. Especially if you don’t have a good idea of who they are. Fortunately, with CRM email marketing for movers, you can make lead generation much easier. Through emails, you can effectively sieve through potential customers and engage those that seem most interested. By doing so, you will not only find leads but properly engage them with little trouble.

The cons

Every marketing tool has its cons. And emails are no expectation. While they can be effective, there are certain aspects of them that can make them troublesome to use. Especially if you have never created them before, or set up a platform to manage them.

Can be difficult to set up

Ideally, your email marketing will entail collecting customers’ data, outlining the right emails for different customer segments, and sending them automatically. While all this is possible with CRM with email automation for a moving company, it is by no means easy. You need to understand how to segment your customer base and what emails to create for each segment. A single generic email that you can send to any person simply won’t do in modern marketing. Today, people expect personalized content, and it is up to your to make sure that they get it.

A hand giving out numerous emails, giving a visual representation of mass email marketing.
Handling hundreds of emails is rarely easy.

Furthermore, you need to constantly review and update your email list. Keep in mind that people change their email addresses, or push unwanted emails into spam. And every email that you send to a dead email, or the one that has marked you as spam, is a loss of investment. For your campaign to be effective you need to constantly monitor your customers and adapt your strategy to changes.

Creating noteworthy content

Simply relying on written content can only take you so far. Yes, if you have some valuable info for a specific customer you should present it in written content. But when it comes to promotional content, people are no longer willing to read through an entire email. Even if you offer them something that they’ll find interesting, most of your customers don’t have the patience to read an entire email. Therefore, if you wish to capture their attention, you will need to resort to different types of content. Images, videos, web stories, animations, etc.

A customer reading an email on their phone.
You will likely have to hire a professional to create email content that your customers will find engaging.

These are all viable replacements for boring written emails. Unfortunately, this content can be more expensive to create. Especially when you consider that you need to personalize it according to your customer base.

An email management team

Even if you set you a good email management system, you will need a dedicated team to handle them. In most cases, this is done by the customer management team. But, in order for them to have the time to respond to emails, you need to provide help. Automated answers, FAQ pages and chatbots can be helpful. But keep in mind that all of them require time and money to set up.

Final thoughts about mass email marketing

Our final conclusion is that mass email marketing is well worth the investment. But, for it to pay off, you’ll need to tackle the whole email marketing campaign with due care. Outline what you need, what tools you’ll require, and whether you’ll need extra workers. Don’t shy away from consulting with experienced marketing managers before you make any large investments. Yes, when you combine all of this, it does become apparent that email marketing requires a fair bit of prep work. But, all things considered, it will be well worth your time and effort.

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