Every moving company recognizes the importance of providing moving quotes to their clients. Both online and onsite quotes are crucial in helping customers plan for their impending move. But, while company managers do understand that providing moving quotes is a must, they often overlook the value that moving quotes bring. Some even question whether moving quotes improve customers’ experience during relocation. We will use this article to correctly answer the question: “How do moving quotes work?”

Types of moving quotes

Depending on what type of moving services you provide, you might want to offer different types of moving quotes. In practice, the most common two are flat-rate and hourly. As the name suggests, a flat rate is when you outline the total cost of the move. The hourly rate is how much you will charge per work hour.

Movers giving a thumbs up showing what happens when you know how do moving quotes really work.
All customers like the ability to choose what type of moving service will best suit them.

From this, it’s evident that offering moving quotes is advantageous. Specifically, there are situations where a flat rate is more favorable for the customer, while other times an hourly rate more aptly covers the moving costs. A customer-centric moving company empowers clients by providing both options, allowing them greater control over their expenses and relocation. This sense of agency undoubtedly boosts overall customer satisfaction. Coupled with robust customer service software tailored for movers, this ensures a delightful experience for clients, making them eager to collaborate with you.

Online and onsite moving quotes

Another key differentiation lies between online and onsite moving quotes. As implied, online quotes are generated when a customer inputs relocation details, which then gets processed through a moving quote calculator to yield an estimate. On the other hand, an onsite quote involves a company representative personally assessing the situation and providing a cost projection. While online and onsite estimates would align perfectly in an ideal world, the reality often sees discrepancies between the two.

Moving quote calculators may not always be accurate due to various reasons. Similarly, customers might not gauge the volume of their belongings correctly. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the moving quotes approximate the eventual cost as closely as possible. This might involve tweaking the calculator or accounting for common oversights by customers. It’s worth noting that clients will only be pleased if the final cost is lower than the initial quote. Pair this with positive feedback and efficient moving leads software, and attracting new customers becomes a smoother process.

A moving making an onsite estimate.
The more you understand how moving quotes work, the more you will realize how important it is that they are as precise as possible.

Why are moving quotes important

Moving quotes are crucial for moving companies. They’re often the first interaction a customer has with your business. So when thinking, “How do moving quotes work?”, remember they’re important for both the company and the customer.

Gathering customer data

To generate a moving quote, you’ll first request customers to share some details. This means basic info like their name and address and specifics about their move—like where and when. For those who’ve dabbled in marketing, you’ll know that such data is like gold. Here’s the fun part: customers don’t need to book a move with you to gain these insights. Simply filling out your quote form does the trick! It’s like getting a sneak peek into someone’s moving day plans without lifting a box.

A person filling out a moving quote on their phone.
You should make your moving quotes accessible and easy to fill out on any device.

If you think of data as puzzle pieces, using a moving company CRM to build relationships is like putting those pieces together to see the whole picture of your customers. By capturing details like their current address, destination, and moving date, you get to tap into their world and anticipate their future needs. Think about it – most moving companies have a go-to crowd: maybe it’s college students, families, locals, or military folks. Starting early with collecting info from your moving quotes is like getting a head start in understanding your crowd better. Fancy diving deeper? You can always add a few more questions alongside your moving quotes. It’s a bit like having a friendly chat and getting to know your customers better!

Providing customers with important data

From a customer’s viewpoint, a moving quote serves a dual purpose. First, it helps them sketch out their moving budget and gear up for the big move. Next, it’s their ticket to shop around, comparing offers from various companies to land the best bang for their buck. Now, some companies might be tempted to lure with lowball quotes only to ramp up the final price. That’s a dangerous game. Customers get it; pinning down the exact cost of a move isn’t always straightforward. But pull the rug too much, and not only will your reputation take a hit, but legal troubles could also be knocking on your door.

Understanding customer choices

By now, you should grasp how do moving quotes work. If many request quotes but few hire your services, it’s a signal to act. read the signs your moving company needs CRM as implementing a CRM system can help you understand your customers better and identify why they might prefer competitors.

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