Nowadays, if you want to make it in the business game, you’ll need to find a way to generate leads quickly. That’s especially important if you’re running a moving business. Because? Well, because there are plenty of other moving companies trying to win your potential customers’ hearts first. Anyway, there are certain incentives you can offer to your soon-to-be clients in order to make them less hesitant when it comes to hiring your services. In other words, there are ways you can generate moving leads through incentives and that’s exactly what MoversTech CRM will show you in this article.

Why generate moving leads through incentives?

A group of friends smiling.
The more leads you generate, the more customers you’ll have.

Before we answer the question, let’s see what we mean by lead generation, or leads themselves. Told in the simplest manner, leads are prospects who are interested in your business, but who still haven’t hired any of your services or bought any of your products. Needless to say, leads come in many forms & shapes. For instance, we’re able to differentiate between:

  • warm leads – folks who are very interested in your business and prime for a sale.
  • cold leads – folks who show some signs of interest, but are still reluctant to go ahead and hire your services, or buy your products.

Also, we can see the difference between B2C and B2B leads. However, we won’t get into that. Instead, let’s see why should anyone generate (moving) leads through incentives. The answer’s not that hard to grasp. More leads simply mean more (potential) customers your business depends on. Therefore, incentives can come quite nicely as little tributes for enhancing engagement and conversion rates (the rate at which leads turn into customers). Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s see how can you generate moving leads with various incentives!

How to generate moving leads through incentives?

Ready? Here’s the crucial info that you should know!

#1 Offer various gifts certificates or products themselves

Don’t think of this as bribery since there’s another form of trying to generate leads that resemble bribery more, but doesn’t quite achieve what it aimed for. For instance, if you’re looking to generate email addresses or Facebook likes, you can use a so-called contest app. In other words, you’ll propose a contest at the end of which you’ll give $1,500 (or any other sum) to a single lucky winner. Now, this will get you the email addresses you wanted in the first place or enhance your Facebook page’s popularity a bit, but you won’t have any luck in gaining qualified leads. Why that’s so? Well, it’s quite simple folks are in it for the money. They don’t care about your business. As soon as the contest is over, they’ll move on to another thing that catches their attention. Also, they’ll most probably unsubscribe from your mailing list.

So, what’s there to be done? You’ll want to know that businesses find more success once they offer gift certificates or any of your products. That way, you’ll attract folks who are actually interested in your (moving) business. For instance, you can attract folks with a gift certificate for packing supplies or something similar, something that actually has something to do with the moving process.

#2 Or offer coupons

A couple of red coupons.
Coupons are an efficient method to attract new leads.

Coupons are a quick and simple method for your moving business to accumulate leads and make your brand more recognizable. By offering coupons in your line of work, you’ll only attract leads who are interested in what your company has to offer. Therefore, you’ll have a chance to profit from basically every person who gives your business their details. Now, if things don’t go the way you’ve planned, you always find some assistance in the form of moving leads software.

#3 What about ebooks or checklists?

This is most probably the cheapest way to generate leads through incentives. Let’s take a guess and say you already have an experienced content team working on your website’s blog. You could compile some of the blog posts or write about 4-5 new articles on the same subject and put them together. Basically, it’s like writing articles for your website’s blog: make sure that they start out with an introduction and end with some valuable tips & strategies.

An ebook reader next to a cup of coffee.
An ebook is always a nice present, don’t you agree?

Also, don’t forget to make the PDF look aesthetically appealing. Our suggestion is that you always opt for a simple, minimalist design that speaks to a lot of people. The next thing you’ll do is upload the PDF onto your website’s WP (or any other platform that you might be using) as media. Lastly, you’ll want to make a lead-generating landing page. It will have to demand visitors to grant you their email addresses before allowing them to grab hold of the PDF ebook.

Bonus tip – there are always checklists you can offer instead of a PDF ebook. It’s another great way to turn the content you create into actionable advice. Simply put together a how-to text with a 5 or 10-step tutorial for putting your tips into practice.

#4 Webinars are also fine

Lastly, webinars are also a fine way to attract more people into becoming your customers. They’re amazingly helpful pieces of content that your soon-to-be customers will surely know how to appreciate. You’ve got a chance to deliver some advice or the best practices when it comes to the process of moving. Let’s phrase it this way: exclusive info put in a personal format. Combined with a CRM with email automation for movers, offering webinars might be the perfect solution for your moving business.

Final words on the subject of generating moving leads through incentives

These were some of the methods you can utilize to generate moving leads through incentives. None of these require you to invest a fortune into attracting new customers. All it takes is some good old thinking. Consider what you’d want out of a moving company in exchange for your email address. Once you get the answers ready, that will be a sign that you’re ready to implement some of the tips we’ve shared above!

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