Sales collateral management is an important aspect of any company that wishes to tackle marketing and sales with any degree of success. By using sales collateral you can look to engage your customers in a meaningful way and ensure that they are well-serviced by your company. With all this in mind, we are often surprised at how often people aren’t familiar with sales collateral. So, we will use this article to take a more in-depth look and to emphasize the benefits of sales collateral management in your CRM.

Understanding sales collateral

Sales collateral (or marketing collateral) is the content you use to help boost sales. Traditionally, it refers to brochures that you would give to customers in order to explain your brand. The best way to see them is as sales support tools. That way you can call upon them to increase the odds of a successful sale. As time went on, we moved away from physical to digital content. And in digital format, pretty much anything can be considered sales collateral. And the more you understand your customer base, the better you will outline which type of sales collateral works best with them.

Why you need sales collateral management in your CRM

Once you manage a moving company for a while you will learn that finding and maintaining moving leads is by no means easy. You need to use the right moving leads software. And, you need to ensure that you have a firm grip on your customer base. Fortunately, in this regard and many others, sales collateral management can be quite useful. Especially if you encompass it with your CRM system.

Centralized data

Person looking at an error popup message on screen.
Lowering human error is one of the key benefits of having sales collateral management in your CRM.

The first notable benefit of sales collateral management in your CRM is that you will centralize your content. Without relying on a CRM, you will likely have to rely on separate databases. Customer data, marketing content, sales data, product info… All these are separate databases that your CRM agents will have to sieve through. While this is possible to an extent, it is by no means quick or easy. And once you factor in the human error that naturally occurs when managing large amounts of data, you will soon see why centralization is the key.

Fortunately, centralization is what MoversTech CRM is all about. With a dependable CRM system, you can integrate and centralize all the sales collateral data. This eliminates many downsides of having to manage multiple databases at the same time.

Improved productivity

A woman working on a laptop.
A centralized system is much easier to update, maintain and alter if needed.

Company owners are often surprised at how productive their teams become once they have access to centralized data. Before they had to spend 20%-30% of their time trying to merge various databases to get the necessary information. Now, they can easily access CRM and have the necessary info easily displayed. When looked at in the long run, centralization is quite cost-effective as it saves up the work hours of your employees. That, along with increased satisfaction from customers, is reason enough why having a CRM platform is a must.

Another aspect of centralization that we ought to emphasize is that it brings human error to a minimum. The more databases you need to manage, the more likely it is that your team will make mistakes. Finding and correcting these mistakes is a part of the job. But it can be quite time-consuming and arduous. Well, if you centralize your sales data, you will have much better oversight. As such, your team will be able to outline mistakes and correct them in due time.

Easier optimization

Every moving company needs an optimized sales funnel. You need to understand who your target audience is, how to engage them, and how to convert them. In every step of your sales funnel, sales collateral will play a role. When you try to engage with your audience, you will need to rely on personalized content. Furthermore, if your agents see the potential for conversion, they need to be able to easily showcase collateral sales content. Having everything centralized and interconnected makes your sales funnel much easier to optimize. Every aspect of both marketing and sales can work in tandem to help you see an increase in revenue.

Sales and marketing

People in an office setting, looking at growth graphs.
The sooner you integrate sales with marketing, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

As we’ve already covered the importance of integrating sales and marketing, we won’t go into much detail here. Just know that as time goes on, it will become more and more important to have a single system encompassing both sales and marketing. Your sales team needs to have easy access to marketing content in order to engage your audience. And your marketing teams need to have sales info in order to know how to gear their marketing efforts.

This is why CRM with email automation for movers does wonders, as it effectively connects the two. Through it, managers are able to use sales collateral to great results. By doing so you can track the performance of your sales collateral, and see whether any changes are needed.

Final thoughts

By now it should be obvious that sales collateral management in your CRM is a necessity. Whether you’ve just started running your company, or have done so for years, it is important that update your system to follow modern trends. Understand the capabilities that CRM system brings to trained sales agents. Now understand that your competitors will have that system at their disposal sooner or later. Therefore, it is best that you invest in one as soon as possible, and start enjoying the benefits of a CRM.

Hand holding a smartphone with growth graph emerging from it. | sales collateral management in your CRM
Start taking the steps necessary for your moving business to take off – get a demo from MoversTech.

When it comes to creating content for sales collateral, we would advise consulting with a professional marketing agency. Content trends tend to change, and what was popular a year ago may be obsolete today. So, try to first learn which content is trendy. Then you can make it suitable for your target base. By doing so, your collateral will be far more efficient for sales purposes.

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