As a moving company, you want to keep your operational costs at a minimum. After all, among worker wages, fuel costs, and packing supplies, you hardly have the fortune to spend on other expenses. Unfortunately, no moving company can survive by providing service alone. Regardless of how good you are, you need to invest in marketing, analytics, and customer management. Luckily, if you opt for CRM with invoicing, you can pretty much have all of that covered. Here’s how.

Benefits of having CRM with invoicing

Will CRM with invoicing be the end of all your troubles? Of course not. But, a decent CRM system will make running your company much easier and more straightforward. The “under the hood” aspects of company management like researching your target audience, optimizing your marketing, and streamlining your sales will be made much easier. This is why good customer relationship management software for movers is a must-have. Regardless of whether you are a big or a small moving company.

Having all your customer data in one place

A customer service agent.
Your customer service agents will benefit greatly from having all the customer info in one place.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that a CRM is an all-encompassing system. What this means is that all of the data gathered through CRM, which can be quite robust, is stored in one place. This fact alone makes dealing with customers much easier on many fronts. First, your agents are able to pull customer data on the fly. Be it data gathered from marketing or from previous sales, your agents will know what the customer is like and how to approach them.

As you can imagine, this is quite valuable in a customer-oriented industry such as moving. By knowing what your customer prefers, and what their previous experience is like you can look to fill their needs before they are aware of them. When it comes to both marketing and customer management this is quite valuable.

Powerful revenue analytics

The great thing about sending invoices through your CRM is that you immediately know how well your sales are doing. You will know which channels bring conversions and which ones don’t. And you’ll know if there are any outstanding invoices that your customers aren’t taking care of. Knowing all of this gives you a ton of capabilities.

To begin with, you are able to make savvy business decisions. By knowing where your money comes from, you can focus on areas of sales that actually stand to increase your revenue. Secondly, you can outline potential cracks in the financial affairs of your company. Companies are often unaware of which customers don’t follow through on their payments until they rack up quite a noticeable debt. Well, if you use CRM with invoicing, this will no longer be a problem.


Combining invoicing with your CRM makes a lot of processes regarding payment much faster. Namely, before a potential customer becomes a lead, they won’t get invoices but quotes. While giving free moving quotes is great for movers, you really ought to have a fast way of providing invoices. If you combine invoicing with your CRM, going from quotes to invoices won’t take more than a click of a button. This will also enable you to apply any special offers or discounts, straight from your CRM.

A person paying online, showing the benefit of combining CRM with invoicing.
One of the main benefits of combining CRM with invoicing is that your online customers will be able to pay you directly.

Another thing to note is that you’ll be able to take care of different currencies and conversions. If you offer international moving, this can be quite beneficial as your customers won’t have to use third-party services to deal with conversions. In effect, this can save money for your customers. This is because they don’t have to rely on third-party payment processors. All you have to do is to allow your customers to take care of payments by clicking on their invoices.

New ways to engage with customers

By using invoices you can look for new ways to engage with customers. You can separate your moving services according to those that have fixed costs. And then offer invoices as easy payment methods. This, of course, will require that you both understand your customers’ needs and that you outline which services are profitable when they have a fixed rate. But, all things considered, invoicing can be quite a beneficial tool in both sales and marketing. If you also use CRM email tracking for movers, you can make getting and paying for moving services easy and straightforward. And, regardless of who your customers are, we are sure that they will like this.

Connecting sales and marketing

A team of employees.
Both sales and marketing teams benefit from using a CRM system.

It shouldn’t go without mentioning that the combination of sales and marketing is pretty much a necessity in modern business. To tackle the needs and expectations of modern customers you need to have an easy way to combine sales and marketing data. Both your sales teams need to make use of marketing data in order to gain revenue. And your marketing teams need to really on sales data in order to make long-term plans. So, the sooner you utilize a CRM system to combine sales and marketing, the better.

Getting the most out of CRM and invoicing integration

By now it should be obvious that you can get a ton of benefits by combining CRM with invoicing. If you also make use of CRM email integration for movers, you will pretty much have your customer base dealt with. But, to make this possible it is paramount that you keep your customer database squeaky clean. Even if you don’t integrate other aspects, a reliable database is the cornerstone of any CRM system. And this is only made more evident once you integrate invoicing. So, before you start integration, make sure that you have a tried and true system of tackling data errors, duplicates, and inactive customer profiles.

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