Paid ads are, at the end of the day, a somewhat risky investment. Even pay-per-click ads, which are just about as money efficient as it gets, are a risk. It’s only natural to use everything at your disposal to improve your chances of turning a profit through them. To this end, let’s talk about how to use CRM data to improve paid ads.

What is CRM data?

A presentation on CRM
CRM software just makes data gathering and processing easier.

CRM, or customer relationship management, refers to the system your moving business has set up to deal with any information you collect on your customers. Even past that, a CRM system, and the software which allows it to be implemented, are meant to make customer-to-service provider communication much easier. A good CRM software will let you store all past conversations with a customer, their info, and contact information. Which makes identifying them and reaching them quickly a breeze. Any good moving business needs this since the sheer functionality is invaluable. Especially for reaching a customer quickly in case of an emergency such as a delay or similar.

Understanding your customer base

The first way you can use CRM data to improve paid ads is by more easily defining your target customers. Your CRM data will very easily reveal the type of customer who is most likely to contact your business. Do not discount the importance of this and think ‘but I already know what my target customers are!

You can even figure out which sites you should put your paid ads on.

Sometimes, the type of customers a business wishes to attract and the type of customers they end up getting do not match. The sooner you realize this, the better. After all, it shows that your marketing has failed to attract the right crowd. Using the same approach for your paid ads would potentially be disastrous. Conversely, perhaps this will encourage you to change your target to the type of customers you are getting. This way, your CRM for movers will let you better fine-tune your approach to that particular grouping.

Catching onto customer habits

Another way in which you can use CRM data to improve paid ads is by tracking and using the habits of your customers to your advantage. A good example is figuring out when your customers tend to need the services of movers the most. Some demographics of customers prefer certain months to move.

For example, say that you work primarily to promote your services to young families. They tend to base their moves around the times of summer or winter breaks. This means that you need to make sure your ads are out there and going strong during those months. Additionally, this can even provide you with insight into what you should put on the ads. Following the previous example, you can emphasize in your ads how much time hiring movers can open up for people to spend with their families.

Testing your marketing approach

As we hinted before, your general marketing approach and your paid ads have an inextricable connection. After all, good paid ads are just an extension of your other marketing ventures. So, you need to make sure that the underlying idea is solid before you sink even more resources into paid ads.

Setting marketing goals
You can set marketing goals a lot easier with verified info.

One of the ways you can do this is through CRM email marketing for moving companies. First, you will be able to draw on your CRM data to identify previous customers and mail the marketing material to them. Then, through their response, you can directly gauge how viable the particular marketing approach actually is. Truthfully, you can gauge the viability of pretty much any marketing venture using CRM data. This is just one of the fastest and easiest venues since every step of the process is integrated with the functionality of your preferred CRM software.

Reviewing ad effectiveness

Yet another way CRM data is useful for paid ads is by helping you gouge their effectiveness. After all, you want solid proof that your ads are actually paying off. This can be rather hard to gauge considering that there are typically multiple marketing drives happening at the same time. Attributing your climb in customer numbers to just one of them is difficult. CRM, however, allows you to track customer data a lot more easily and efficiently. Including collating data on which links which customers followed to end up on your site. Thereby allowing you to easily tell whether the numbers are climbing because of your paid ads.

Gauging ad profitability

This is not, however, the only thing you can glean from such data. Once you have the number of site visitors you’ve earned through ads, you can get down to gauging their profitability. After all, if you are paying more money than you are earning back from one of your paid ads, that’s a sure sign you need to either alter them to be more appealing or give up on them entirely. There are plenty of different ways to advertise your business, including multiple types of paid ads, and being too focused on one is typically detrimental.

Fine-tuning ads

The final way to use CRM data to improve paid ads is through their ability to help you fine-tune them. This is, in fact, a product of the two previously discussed advantages of CRM for paid ads. Now, obviously, you can gauge their profitability and effectiveness. This, then, allows you to do something else: compare several different approaches.

It is impossible to hit on a ‘perfect’ ad from the start. It will take some adjustments along the way to truly improve it to that status. Similarly, you might be torn on several different approaches. You can gauge how people respond to each of them using CRM, and then merge them into a single ad. Even besides that, people’s tastes will definitely change over time. And, just like CRM with email automation allows you to keep up with business emails, CRM data lets you notice these shifts and react to them accordingly!

Final comment

Understanding how to use CRM data to improve paid ads will make your marketing a lot more successful! Just remember to take things slow and always keep an eye on how your ads are performing.

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