There are many ways to improve your moving business. You can try to engage a customer base and hopefully gain extra revenue. Or you can start by offering a brand new service – one that your customers are always inquiring about. But, all of these business ideas come with a fair bit of risk. Fortunately, there are some improvements that don’t require considerable investment and stand to drastically increase your revenue. What we’re discussing is optimizing your sales funnel and how doing so is always a smart move.

Optimizing your sales funnel

A sales funnel with different colored steps.
Every sales funnel has important steps that you need to consider.

Sales funnel is a marketing term that describes the journey your audience takes in order to become a customer. It starts once the audience learns about your brand. And ends when they do business with you (become a customer). Therefore, it is easy to see that a sales funnel is comprised of different steps.

With each step of the journey, your audience member is closer to becoming a customer. And, as luck would have it, almost every step of the sales funnel can be optimized in some way. The trick is to understand what your sales funnel entails, and what is most likely to cause your audience to respond. To help you develop your own sales funnel, we are going to give you a couple of tips to keep in mind.

Tip 1: Segment your audience

While it may seem that each and every member of your audience should go through the same sales funnel, the truth is far from so. As a moving company, you will likely do business with a ton of different people. Old, young, single, married… All of them require moving services at some point in their life. What’s important to understand is that not all of them go through the same process of hiring you. Some will do in-depth research and compare you to other companies. While others will see that you are available in their area, and give you a call. Your job is to help them go through their sales funnel as quickly and smoothly as possible.

To make this possible, you need to outline who your audience is and what their customer journey is like. By doing so, you can separate them, and optimize your sales funnel so that it will fit their need. Ideally, you will personalize your sales funnel according to your customer’s needs. But, the minimum should be to segment your audience so that your sales funnel is more effective.

Tip 2: Nurture leads

A customer management team working on optimizing your sales funnel.
Optimizing your sales funnel is impossible without a good customer management team.

As a moving company, you shouldn’t solely rely on your website to guide your customers. Sure, a well-made, intuitive website is quite valuable and can be quite effective in helping customers. But, never the less, you need to add personal attention and personal touch to customer interaction if you are to have an effective sales funnel. In this instance, we are talking about nurturing leads. By doing so, you will ensure that your customers not only understand your company but are also satisfied with your service. With modern moving leads software, you can tackle this with surprising ease. But, it is vital that you have a well-trained customer management team. And that you free them up from having to deal with everyday problems.

Tip 3: Make CRM a key part of customer acquisition

If you sell packing supplies within your company, it will be paramount that you integrate your CRM with your sales team. By doing so, you make it possible to offer the right supplies at the right time. As such, your customers will happily do business with you, as you seemingly predicted their needs. And, if your moving services are in-line with your sales team, there is a good chance that your customer will spend even more money with your company.

A woman packing.
Selling packing supplies can be a great source of revenue.

The main idea here is to use CRM for movers to gather customer knowledge. Once you do that, you can use that knowledge to predict customer needs. The timing of your offer is just as important as its content. So, the better you become at understanding your customers, the easier it will be to optimize your sales funnel.

Tip 4: Get the right tools for the job

One of the most common mistakes people make when tackling their sales funnel is that they don’t get the right tools. Apart from, customer management software for movers you also need performance tracking software and marketing software. If you understand your sales funnel, you will understand why you need to have hard data on every step of it. If you don’t, you could be missing valuable information that would lead to drastic improvements. Furthermore, you may be making a mistake in your sales funnel, and are simply not aware of it. So, all things considered, consult with your team and see what tools they need. No matter how skilled they are, they simply cannot do their job if you don’t provide the necessary tools.

Final thoughts

It is highly unlikely that you can optimize your sales funnel if you’ve just started your company. Optimizing your sales funnel requires industry experience and a good understanding of your customer base. So, if you feel lost, don’t shy away from finding more experienced professionals to consult with. With good guidance, you can avoid a ton of costly mistakes. This is why, even though they might cost a pretty penny, experienced consultants are well worth it. Our advice is to find someone who specializes in moving companies, and that has experience with your area. Those two things combined usually promise ample knowledge that you can make use of.

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